Journey To Wellness

We are all on this journey together and we want to encourage you to share your stories. We offer two ways for you to share: Your Personal Journal to Wellness and contributing to our Potluck Series.

Your Personal Journey to Wellness

This is where we invite you to share your tips and tricks, your discoveries, your frustrations and joys. What has made the biggest difference for you on your low FODMAP journey? Is it a certain low FODMAP snack that you have discovered that has saved you time and time again from raiding the office vending machine? How about a recipe that is easy enough to memorize that has become your go-to weeknight meal? Do you have tips for low FODMAP eating while traveling? We want to hear it all. Nothing is too trivial. If it has helped you, it could help others. We will highlight stories or simple ideas here on this page every month – one of them could be yours. Anything goes from a sentence to 500 words (no images please). Please use our Contact page to get in touch with us; please make sure to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s an example:

“I was in so much pain and my GI doc told me to go on the low FODMAP diet. I kept reading and reading and frankly, kept feeling more and more confused. Then I found a RD who understood the diet and understood me! It was scary at first, but my IBS symptoms have all but disappeared and I feel like I have a new life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true!” – Susan P.



Copy of journey to health

Our Potluck Series is where we celebrate the meaning of food in our lives and culture – finding the joy again, or for the first time. We’d love to hear your stories about what food has meant to you. The good, the hard, the painful, the joyful. We all have something to share…so bring your story to our Potluck and share with all of us. Robin has written the first entry, which beautifully presents how food was a significant aspect of her childhood and has colored her positive relationship with it today. These entries are meant to be longer and more in-depth than the Journey to Wellness entries mentioned above. Oftentimes our relationship with food is complex!

Use our Contact page to propose your idea, which should be a minimum of 300 words. Dédé and Robin will be in touch to discuss your story. Please make sure to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We look forward to hearing from you!


Erica Ilton RDN CDN and Dédé will be co-hosting a series of podcasts where they talk about what’s what in the world of FODMAPs, interview guests and just generally have a great time talking about food. Stay tuned for launch of this feature.