8 Simple Salmon Recipes You Can Make In A Flash!


Eating nutritiously can be delicious, with heart-healthy salmon!

Salmon is high in potassium, iron and vitamins D, and B12, as well an excellent protein source.

Salmon Burgers

Fresh salmon is combined with tangy capers, scallions, mustard, and lemon juice AND the patties in under 10 minutes.

One-Pot Salmon With Snap Peas

Salmon and veggies all cooked in one pan with soy sauce, a little brown sugar, ginger, scallions and toasted sesame oil. Served in 30 minutes.

Pull out a large skillet and this dish with feta cheese and bell peppers is simple, elegant and delicious.

Salmon Salade Nicoise

Oven-roasted salmon, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, capers, radish and frisée.

Salmon & Brown Rice Nourish Bowl

Light, nourishing and easy enough for a weeknight. You can even make pickles in the time it takes to prep the other ingredients,

Salmon Rillettes

An easy to make appetizer combining fresh as well as smoked salmon for an elegant spread to serve with bread or even crudité.

Salmon with Basil-Caper Pesto

Salmon is such a great weeknight dinner and this one combines the heart-healthy fish with a tangy fresh basil and caper dressing.

Citrus & Herb Oil Poached Salmon

The salmon slow roasts in the oven bathed in oil at a low heat. The result is a silky, smooth flesh texture that is simply sublime.