8+ Fish Recipes to Transport You to the Coast


Fish is a lean, healthy, delicious, and versatile protein, but we always hear people say they don’t know how to cook it!

We have recipes from cod to trout to salmon. Whether simple (one-pot and sheet-pan) or fancy – even ones using your Instant Pot, we've got you covered!

Whole Roast Fish

Our Whole Roast Fish is easier than it seems! All you need is fresh fish, a sturdy sheet pan, some olive oil, salt and pepper and herbs – and a hot oven.


Cooking flat fish whole takes advantage of the flavor that the bones provide. Follow along with Darina Allen as she takes you through the steps.

Adorn with cucumber scales for extra flair!


Smoked Trout Salad Nicoise

Pair with jammy eggs and crisp veggies!


Meaty, salty smoked trout for added interest.


Air fryer Gluten-free fish sticks

These gluten-free fish sticks are our absolute hands down favorite recipe to make in an air fryer.


Miso Lime Glazed Salmon

This easy Miso Lime Glazed Salmon dish is super-quick to make, thanks to a 5-ingredient glaze!

Miso Cod Ramen

This soothing, warming comfort-food in a bowl is Inspired by miso black cod and packed with delicious umami flavor.