Are You Sabotaging Your Gut Health? 

8 Things to Stop Doing Now


Do Not Self Diagnose

We cannot stress this enough. Please work with a medical doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist.

Don't Go It Alone

It can be very difficult to approach your IBS alone – but you do not have to! Registered Dietitians (RDs) are the medical professionals to seek out once you have a diagnosis.

Work with Professionals Only

Dietitians and “nutritionists” are not the same thing. In the US the designation “nutritionist” is an unregulated term.

Don't Be  Afraid of the  Low FODMAP Diet

The Low FODMAP Diet can eliminate, or greatly reduce, IBS symptoms, in up to 75% of those who try it. The key is to work with a dietitian who can tailor the diet to you specifically.

Don't Follow What Others are Doing

The diet is not one size fits all and will look different for everyone. Work with a dietitian who will take your unique issues into account and tailor an approach that will work for YOU.

Social Media is Not Your Doctor

Social media is packed with health information – and the great majority is from non-medical sources. Please stick with your gastroenterologist and dietitian.

Don't Underestimate  the Effects of Stress on Your Gut

IBS is considered a gut-brain disorder. Stress and anxiety can affect your IBS symptoms.

Don't Lose Hope

Your gastrointestinal tract is not static. The symptoms you are experiencing today will change.

The Takeaway

The light at the end of the tunnel is that there are many ways to manage IBS. Working with a dietitian is statistically the most direct way to becoming IBS symptom-free.

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