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We are so glad you found us! We are here to help you THRIVE as you undertake the Low FODMAP diet and beyond.  Not only live the rest of your life IBS pain-free but LEARN TO LOVE FOOD AGAIN.

You can find out all about us and our mission in the ABOUT section. Or just start looking around. We are here to help. And we hope you will join us in helping others.

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Eat Delicious Food

There is no excuse to not love food again! We are here to help you stay gut healthy and live your life to the fullest. Find recipes and food information for your EVERYDAY life right here.

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Live Well

Being gut healthy is not just about food. It's about loving yourself and making good choices that support your body, mind and spirit. Our community and Success Team are here to help do just that! Learn more here.

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Meet Us

We are here to support your journey! Our "Success Team" and Contributors are committed to bringing you our best guidance and support in a variety of ways to meet your needs. Come meet us here.

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Dédé headshot

Dédé Wilson

Co-Founder, Recipe Developer, Content Creator, Author & Photographer

Robin Jaffin, Co Founder, FODMAP Everyday

Robin Jaffin

Co-Founder, Business & Content Developer, Photographer, Home Farmer

Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN - Success Team Leader at FODMAP Everyday

Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Counselor, Consultant, Writer Specializing in adult & pediatric gastrointestinal disorders

Rachel Meltzer Warren

Rachel Meltzer Warren MS, RDN

Dietitian, Author, Nutrition Writer, Educator, Counselor Specializing in Teen Gut Health

Pregnancy and The Low FODMAP Diet- The Rachelle Mallik RD, LDN Interview

Rachelle LaCroix Mallik MA, RD, LDN

Dietitian, Educator, Speaker, Counselor Specializing in Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal Wellness

Jody Garlick, RD, LD

Jody Garlick, RDN, LDN

Dietitian, Author, Integrative Health Focus

Jennifer Sprung, FODMAP Everyday Success Team Member

Jennifer Sprung, LMT, CZB

Integrative Massage Therapist and Zero Balancer, Wellness and Nutrition Coach

Verena Smith, Acupuncturist - FODMAP Everyday Contributor

Verena Smith, Lic AC, NCCAOM

Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Phil Nicholas

Philip Nicholas

Gastronomic Adventurer, Recipe Contributor

Leslie Cerier

Leslie Cerier

"The Organic Gourmet" Chef, Author, Educator, Speaker and Health Coach

Kiera Jaffin

Certified Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Writer

Freeman Wilson tossing gnocchi 4

Recipe Developers, Cooks & Chefs!

Focused on Healthy Eating? Excited by challenges? Love food!? Join us!

By Thunderchild7 from uk (Venus Mons) [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Complementary Health Practitioner?

Skilled in dealing with gut health in a holistic manner? We would love to add your voice to our team!

Are you a RD or RDN?

We welcome your voice to our community! If you would like to contribute or become a member of our team contact us!

By Ann Larie Valentine - Flickr: Bartender at Luke, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Mixologist? Creative Bartender? Wine Expert?

Let's show our readers how they can enjoy Low FODMAP cocktails & wines that will keep the party going!



Join us in sharing the latest medical approaches to IBS.

Join our Community

Dealing with IBS can be isolating and overwhelming. We believe that having a community that understands that challenge and who are there to support each other is key, Join us!

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Our team has curated a fantastic selection of foods and wares to help you thrive and to support your journey to great health! And when you shop through us you support our ability to keep supporting you!

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FODY Cinnamon Seed Crunch Breakfast Cereal


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Modula Defrosting & Marinating Tray
Modula Defrosting & Marinating Tray


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Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls - Nordic Green, Shallow (Set of 4)
Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls


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The Low-FODMAP Diet for Beginners


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FODY Low FODMAP Chicken Soup Base


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