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Meet Rachel

Rachel Meltzer Warren, RD - FODMAP Everyday Success Team MemberGoing vegetarian at age 12 sparked a lifelong love of nutrition for me. At that time, however, I thought that being healthy was all about what you took out of your diet—and I assumed that not eating meat, but relying on pasta, French fries, and the occasional colorful veggie was OK. When I went to college to study journalism, I signed up for a nutrition course to fulfill my basic science requirement. I learned so much about my own wellbeing in that class—and was so enamored by the content—that I signed up for another nutrition course…and another…I couldn’t get enough. Eventually I finished my journalism degree and headed back to school for a master’s in nutrition! I’ve spent every day since at the intersection of the worlds of food, health, and communication.

These days I spend most of my time writing about nutrition—for magazines, online, and books (I’ve now published two!). I also run a small private practice in Jersey City, New Jersey.

My main goals in my work with clients are to help empower young people to identify and love the food that loves them back, and to assist clients in turning times of transition (like adjusting to a restrictive diet, going to college, or becoming a mom) into launch pads for living nutritious, delicious lives.

Professional Bio

Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RDN, is a nutrition writer, educator, and counselor based in Jersey City, NJ. She has a master’s in nutrition communication from Tufts University and completed her dietetic internship through Utah State University, at sites in and around New York City. Some of her experiences include:

  • Author of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian and A Teen’s Guide to Gut Health
  • Freelance writer for publications like Consumer Reports, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, SHAPE, and more.
  • Private practice focusing on teens, kids, and moms in Jersey City, NJ
  • Associate nutrition editor at Prevention Magazine
  • Nutrition Specialist at Harlem Children’s Zone
  • Nutrition blogger for
  • Nutrition Education consultant for various organizations including HealthBarn USA, FAN4Kids, and Kids Eat Right

Rachel Meltzer Warren, RD - FODMAP Everyday Success Team Member

Description of practice

RMW nutrition is a private practice specializing in helping people turn transitional times like going vegetarian, adapting to a low FODMAP diet, or welcoming a new baby into a launch pad for lifelong health. Teens, kids, and moms are our focus, though we work with people of all ages on issues ranging from digestive health to diabetes to weight loss and more. Services include:

  • In-person sessions in downtown Jersey City, NJ office
  • At-home visits for new moms
  • Virtual consults
  • Grocery store tours
  • Pantry makeovers
  • Seminars/cooking demos for groups
  • Interactive classes for kids through adults
  • Communication services include consumer and professional writing, copy writing, content development, and more.

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My Favorite Low FODMAP Lifestyle Tip Header

Never go hungry when you’re FODMAPping! If you’re on a restricted diet and head out to a party, eat before you go to take the pressure off finding the “perfect” meal away from home. That way, if you find something low FODMAP to munch on, great—but you’re not relying on a busy restaurant or catering kitchen to meet your very specific needs.

My Favorite Low FODMAP Recipe Tip Header

I love turning my favorite flavors into bowl meals. It’s a smart way to ensure a meal is low FODMAPs, or tailor it to people with different individual needs—everyone can get the ingredients that are safe/right for them, and it’s easy to make sure you’re serving them in the appropriate amounts. I do a mean deconstructed sushi roll bowl!