Robin Jaffin & Dédé Wilson, co founders of FODMAP Everyday

FODMAP Everyday® was founded by lifelong friends Robin JaffinDédé Wilson

Most likely you have found us because you have been suffering with IBS and you want answers. Maybe you have heard about the low FODMAP diet, but aren’t sure how to integrate it into your life. You want to be pain and symptom free and you want to be able to eat delicious whole foods, cook for friends and family and stay healthy. We get it. We developed FODMAP Everyday® for people just like you – because we needed a resource like this, too!

We, along with our Success Team of experts, are here to help you thrive.



First, OUR GOALS: We want to help you every step of the way from The Elimination Phase, through The Challenge Phase and most of all for the extended Integration Phase.

We put the lusciousness and excitement back into your meals.

Our approach isn’t about just getting by. It is about being able to get in the kitchen and cook your Nana’s pot roast and throw kick-ass dinner parties. To be able to go to the farmer’s market, or your own garden, and revel in the colors, flavors and textures of what is ripe and of the moment. To be able to shop with confidence for foods that will nourish and sustain you without causing you IBS symptoms.

We want you to be able to thrive and love food again, because the food you are eating is loving you back.


We know how challenging it can be to find reliable, credible and accurate information on the internet. And how important it is especially if you are seeking health related information and guidance. The low FODMAP diet is a science based and tested approach to managing the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome– and potentially other illnesses and conditions.

We take our credibility seriously (see below). We are vigorous with our research and alignment with the research conducted mainly by Monash University. We have curated a team of highly qualified and experienced RDNs and complimentary health practitioners and recipe developers to bring you appropriate guidance and information to help you successfully navigate the journey towards improved health.

We promise to always do the best we can to ensure anything we are offering here is accurate to the best of our knowledge and if we find we have made a mistake we will correct it.


Starting with our Co-Founders, Dédé Wilson and Robin Jaffin and extending through our Success Team – we are a group of professional individuals who have a lifetime of experience in various fields including recipe developement, health & wellness, nutrition, medical, business, media and marketing. We are working together to bring to our readers the best of the best. And to support the good work and effort of other experts in the low FODMAP community.

Dédé individually, and FODMAP Everyday® as a brand, are both accredited by FODMAP Friendly as reputable and reliable FODMAP educators. Dédé is also trained on the use of the low FODMAP diet by Monash University, the originators of the diet.

We believe we are stronger together than alone. FODMAP Everyday® seeks to offer not only a home for our readers to find helpful information and resources but a platform for others to share what they know. 


We are NOT providing medical advice. We are offering expert guidance and access to information and resources but we are not diagnosing your health. Please read our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You will hear us repeatedly suggest you work with a low FODMAP trained Registered Dietary Nutritionist – preferably one trained by Monash University – as this will help ensure you have the greatest opportunity at succeeding at the low FODMAP diet as per your unique body needs.


We invite you to look around the website. Click on something new and then click again. You may find a new recipe, a new idea or even a new friend! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Yummly! We are having alot of fun in those communities – where we have giveaways and conversations. So please join us there too!


We’ve got a very vibrant social community! Over 50,000+ followers on Instagram! Over 25,000 on Facebook and our pins on Pinterest are are seen over a MILLION times a month! Instagram is where we have lots of giveaways. Facebook is where we talk “shop” on both our business page and our Low FODMAP For Foodies page (tons of great cooking talk going on here! If you love to cook or want to learn, this is the place!) And our Pinterest boards are chock full of our own recipes and content and we have curated the best of the best low FODMAP content from around the world in some of our other boards. Come on over!

We’ve also been building quite a library of fun low FODMAP videos over on Youtube! If that’s your jam then join us there!


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