FODMAP Friendly & The Low FODMAP Diet

FODMAP Friendly Food Program

FODMAP Friendly, one of the leaders in the low FODMAP landscape, was founded by Tim Mottin and Sue Shepherd. Sue had previously been on the research team at Monash University that developed the low FODMAP diet.

FODMAP Friendly is best known for their certification trademark. The round logo (seen below left), featuring interlocking green “Fs”, signifies to consumers that the product bearing the logo has been laboratory tested to be low in FODMAPs and safe to consume when following the low FODMAP diet, even during Elimination.

FODMAP Friendly uses DTS Food Assurance, an independent lab and Australia’s largest food testing organization for their FODMAP testing.

Their similar, but square logo (seen below right), is used for Accreditation to identify those organizations and persons who demonstrate expertise, knowledge and practical understanding of FODMAPs. For instance, FODMAP Everyday® is Accredited by FODMAP Friendly and Dédé Wilson, our co-Founder, is also individually Accredited.

A graphic with the two FODMAP Friendly Logos displayed

FODMAP Friendly Low FODMAP App

The FODMAP Friendly smartphone app (seen below) has a database of over 600 foods including FODMAP Friendly certified products. With the app you can check if a food is high or low in FODMAPs from the convenience of your smart phone device.

The app has recently been completely overhauled (2022); it is more robust than ever! Please read these companion articles: FODMAP Friendly Lab Testing Explained, and also How To Use The FODMAP Friendly App.


 FODMAP Friendly Educational Support

FODMAP Friendly provides educational seminars for dietitians and health professionals who want to specialize in the low FODMAP diet. They are dedicated to bringing awareness of the diet to consumers, health professionals and food manufacturers with the objective of assisting those inflicted with IBS symptoms.

Certified Products

FODMAP Friendly is continuously lab testing and certifying products for their suitability for consumption while following the low FODMAP diet. They have hundreds of products available in Australia and the United States, as well as the UK and EU. Below we have highlighted some of the companies that we are working and use regularly with that are low FODMAP certified by FODMAP Friendly. For the most up to date listing of products visit their website. 

Meet FODMAP Friendly

We have interviewed Founder Tim Mottin and Charmaine Duong, former Business Development and Marketing Manager, to learn more about the FODMAP Friendly brand. You can read their interview here. 

We also had the pleasure of conducting a Q & A with Charmaine for a Facebook Live Interview. Which you can watch below!

More Information About FODMAP Friendly

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