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Transform Your Favorite Recipe into a Low FODMAP Version!

Have a recipe that your grandmother handed down that you remember loving but can no longer eat? Or that special dish your best friend always makes for parties but you can’t eat it without spending the rest of the party in the bathroom? What about that recipe you found in a cookbook that looks amazing but you can’t figure out how to make it low FODMAP? Well, send it to us!

We’ll do our best to offer you back a low FODMAP version that retains the flavor and hopefully the overall feel of the dish! We can’t promise that we can transform every recipe but we certainly will try! And in the process we hope to teach you all how to do the same for yourself for other recipes. And if we succeed we’d love to post the FODMAP IT!™ recipe on our site- with your approved name attached. To submit a recipe for review and revision please fill out the form here.