Smithey Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Roaster


Looking for a luxury item? Just take a look at this Smithey Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Roaster. If you are not familiar with carbon steel, just ask any professional chef and they will tell you how durable and even heating this material is. It is used for knives, as well as pans such as this oval beauty that just begs for a chicken to be roasted within. This one is pre-seasoned and easy to care for: simply wash with warm water and a few drops of dish soap, if needed. Dry and wipe with cooking oil after each use. Beautiful enough to keep on display.r

Last updated on June 15, 2024 1:25 am

From roast to roast.

Every roast chicken should dream of calling this pan home. It’s hand-forged from lightweight carbon steel—see the hammered texture?—so it heats quickly and oh-so evenly. What’s more, it’s pre-seasoned and only gets slicker with every use, perfect for keeping that bird intact. The low sides allow for extra airflow (hello, crispy skin). Plus, since it might as well be hanging in an art gallery, it’ll steal the show all the way from oven or stovetop to table. Also on our list for this roaster: browned veggies, casseroles, slow-cooked salmon…