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I am a mother, a friend, partner in life, Certified Zero Balancer and Neurosomatic Therapist that holds focused intention and detailed attention to my patients.

Jenny Sprung

When diagnosed with IBS and Ulcerative Colitis a decade ago I coupled my passion for wellness and bodywork therapy with my desire to eat organic whole non inflammatory foods to cure my gut.

In my practice I am driven to find solutions and easy options for self help healing therapies to alleviate pain.

Neurosomatic Therapy is the future of pain treatment. It is an integrative form of manual manipulation that identifies and corrects structural and biomechanical patterns in the body that cause chronic pain. I create a comprehensive therapy program using careful analysis of dysfunctional posture and movement patterns.

We can live pain free by creating our own individual physical and emotional balance. We have the innate ability within us to address illness and pain. By familiarizing ourselves with our anatomy, its functions and paying attention to its energetic component we can tune into our bodies on a cellular level to enhance healing. Our anatomy is our energy and it is accessible to us.Jennifer Sprung, FODMAP Everyday Success Team Member

The techniques formulated are efficient and effective when dealing with discomfort in the abdominal area. Knowing the function of your vital organs, their location in your body and how they FEEL will help you ‘read’ them and feed them much better. We have to listen carefully to how we feel.

I am excited to be a part of the FODMAP Everyday Success team and to work with you as we explore our anatomy and how to manipulate it gently and effectively.  There will be short easy videos that are designed as home reference guides for you. I look forward to this time with you.

You can find out more about Jenny or work with her through her website Treat Yourself Naturally

Professional Bio

Instructor, Educator, Trainer, Co-Founder of the Center for Neurosomatic Studies in Clearwater Florida

Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy;  Zero Balancing;  Kripalu Massage;  Bhakti Massage;  LaStone Therapy;  Neuromuscular Therapy;  Bach Flower Essences;   Neurosomatic Therapy including TMJ, Viscera, Atlas, Axis, Cranial Work;   Structural Therapy;  Posturology;  Gait Analysis;  Jenny Sprung’s Energy and Structure Work; Instructor at the Center For Neurosomatic Studies.
My early anatomy education as a personal trainer with American College of Sports Medicine;  compassion and passion regarding all living beings;  certification in Zero Balancing with Dr. Michele Doucette;  Neuromuscular Protocol;  Anatomy and Training with Paul St. John;  Bach Flower Training with Paul St. John;  Neurosomatic Training with Paul St. John, Randall Clark, Tracy Jones, JR Bachman, Brunella Lucchi;  Integrated Neurosomatic Training with Paul St. John, Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, Tracy Jones, Brunella Lucci, Ramona Parmantie (invaluable motivators, teachers and innovators);  Myofascial Training with John Barnes; LaStone Therapy with Jill Dew Chinnery; Kripalu Massage Training with Rebecca Kronladge and Arti; Instructing at Bhakti Academe and Bhakti Massage with Dale and Julie McNitt;  Pyramid Soul work with Imsara;  Acupuncture and conversations on theory and practice with Eva Chang, Barbara Dobron and Greg Jones; hours of research and development with Lloyd Fisher and the all-encompassing opportunity to teach Allied Modalities at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies with Randy, Paul, Kevin and Ramona.

Member of NCBTMB, ABMP, ZB Association

I also want to give a huge hug and big thanks out to my therapy patients, my fitness clients. All have contributed to my spirit and my soul work. The way these teachers and colleagues work, live and conduct themselves inspire me. I am deeply grateful for their faith in me and thankful to be walking this earth the same time as they.

Please check out Jenny’s article on Neurosomatic Massage to learn more about Jenny and this technique.

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My Favorite Low FODMAP Recipe Tip

Getting rid of gas pains by gently massaging the descending colon. That is super fun to me!

My Favorite Low FODMAP Recipe TipCooking and roasting organic whole foods in advance and packing ‘to go’ meals for my workday, I even take them to social events when I am not sure of what food will be offered. Most of the time, everyone wants a ‘bite’ of what I is soooo good! Oh and let’s not forget frozen slightly under ripe bananas for a sweet yummy treat any time of the day or in the evening when we want our sweets!


Jennifer Sprung, FODMAP Everyday Success Team Member