Jessica J. Roocroft, RD

jessica in kitchen

Meet Jessica (just call her “Jess” or “JJ”)

I’m a Registered Dietitian, Online IBS Coach, and I’ve completed FODMAP Training with Monash University.

Most importantly, I know first-hand what it’s like to deal with gut drama due to IBS. 

My Three-Fold Mission

  1. Translate tricky IBS science into plain English, so people understand exactly why their digestion might be behaving the way it is.
  2. Guide those with specific subtypes of IBS through a step-by-step process as to how to soothe symptoms with my library of effective, science-based, client-tested IBS tools, such as the low FODMAP diet.
  3. Get busy, food-loving humans feeling comfortable in their body (finally).

It’s my life’s work to combine my lived experience with IBS with my hundreds of hours of research, recipe development, and continuing education over the years and direct it right back at supporting clients navigate the overwhelming world of food intolerances and IBS.

I love sharing my IBS-related knowledge with family doctors, nurse practitioners, fellow RDs and the public, because if 1 in 7 humans on this planet have IBS, we all need to pull together to facilitate the best care possible (millions of people feeling better? Sign me up for that version of Earth always)!

A little More About Me

I am based in the mountains of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I run my private practice Jess Nourishes, and my signature online IBS-D program to help busy, food-loving people frustrated with their crampy, and bloating diarrhea drama nourish themselves, break up with uncomfortable toilet time, and get back to living life on their own terms (not on their digestion’s terms)!

When I don’t have my two kiddos hanging off my legs (mamas out there, you feel me), you’ll find me on the soccer pitch, walking my two geriatric dogs, or in the kitchen whipping up low FODMAP, sensitive tummy recipes.

I’m psyched to be part of the FODMAP Everyday® Success Team because when I first was struggling with the utterly “sparkle-dampening” symptoms of IBS, the first book I bought was Dédé and Kate Scarlata’s book The Low Fodmap Diet: Step by Step, and it changed my world. I still make recipes from that book. Then I happened to speak at a webinar for FODZYME which Dédé was hosting, and I was in awe: I got to collaborate with one of my hero’s…whaaat?! 

After that moment, it felt like my health journey with IBS and my IBS-focussed practice, and my life, really, had just come full circle, if that makes sense. I just wish I lived closer so Dédé and I could cook together one day! 

Professional Bio

Jessica Roocroft is a Registered Dietitian based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She earned both her science degrees (Biology, 2008, and Food, Nutrition & Health, Dietetics Major, with Honours) from The University of British Columbia.

  • After Jessica completed her Dietetic internship at the Vancouver Island Health Authority she was awarded a role in the remote North of Vancouver Island, in charge of three hospitals, managing all inpatient clinical and food service operations.
  • After taking on other roles in management and leadership, Jessica moved into the private practice space.
  • In 2019 she founded Jess Nourishes, which quickly became known in BC for helping clients with IBS; something Jessica has lived experience with. 
  • In 2021 she launched her first online IBS program My Bloat Code, and in 2022 she completed FODMAP Training with Monash University. 
  • That same year, she created her signature program for busy, food loving people with diarrhea-predominant IBS (IBS-D).
  • She matches her client’s IBS subtype, dietary and lifestyle preferences with her science-based curated IBS tools and strategies in order to manage IBS symptoms as effectively and sustainably as possible.
  • Jessica truly believes that a combination of lived experience with IBS, plus ongoing research, curiosity and training allow her to bring about the most heart-based, empathetic care for her fellow “IBS Comrades” through her small (but mighty) practice.


Description of Practice

Jessica’s mission is to translate tricky IBS science into plain English, give clients a step-by-step process as to how to soothe symptoms with her library of effective, science-based, client-tested IBS tools, and get busy food-loving people with IBS feeling comfortable in their bodies (finally). She does this through one-on-one counseling, posting free IBS self-help resources, and through her online programs.

She practices in the following conditions/issues:

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