Julia Celestini RD. BSc

Meet Julia

To say I am passionate about food is probably an understatement. My passion and love of food is strong enough that a good bowl of gnocchi will easily bring a tear to my eye.

Meet Julia Celestini RD

I was always fascinated by food growing up and wanted to work in the health & science field. When I found out that you could not only study food but teach people about food as a job – I was sold. As soon as I learned about the career of a dietitian early in University I switched into the food and nutrition program and haven’t looked back since.

To me food is so much more than a composition of macro and micronutrients – food is personal, food is a form of self-expression, food is social, food is family, food is love, and everyone has a unique relationship to food.

During my internship at SickKids hospital, I realized the true power of food and nutrition to change lives. It was incredible to see the impact nutrition had to improve health outcomes, enhance the quality of life and even be an important medical treatment for little ones.

I am determined to help others find food freedom and symptom relief through science-based nutrition therapy. My practice is inclusive of all individuals and a judgement-free space. I want to empower individuals managing health conditions to find foods that make them feel their best, promote their health, and make mealtimes an enjoyable experience.

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Professional bio:

Julia Celestini. RD. BSc is a Registered Dietitian based out of Ontario, Canada. She earned her bachelor of science specializing in nutrition and dietetics at Western University and completed her dietetic internship at SickKids hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

Throughout her internship at SickKids, Julia had the unique experience of training in a wide variety of pediatric specialties. She completed intensive clinical rotations in hematology and oncology, general pediatrics, genetics and metabolics, gastroenterology (Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment – GIFT), and cardiac critical care. Training and learning from world-renowned experts in the field of pediatrics.

Following her internship, she was eager to get her career started in digestive health and pediatrics. She opened her private practice in fall of 2019 and offers individual and family counselling both in-person and virtually. 

Some of Julia’s qualifications include:
  • Dietitians of Canada Member (#141869)
  • Registered with College of Dietitians of Ontario
  • FODMAP and IBS Training for Dietitians – Monash University (2020)
  • Swallow Screens and Assessments Course – Dietitians of Canada (2019)
  • Herbal Supplements Course – Dietitians of Canada (2018)

Description of practice: 

Julia currently provides individual and family nutrition counselling in the Greater Toronto Area and provides virtual services across most Canadian provinces. Virtual and in-person services are eligible for insurance coverage for those with extended health insurance. Book a free discovery call today to see how Julia can support your nutrition journey: https://www.happybelliesnutrition.com/

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Services include:

  • Individual nutrition counselling
  • Parent & baby nutrition counselling
  • Family nutrition counselling
  • Customized meal planning 


  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Irritable bowel disease (IBD)
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Celiac disease & gluten sensitivity
  • Food protein enterocolitis syndromes (FPIES)
  • Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)
  • Cow’s milk protein allergy
  • Infant and childhood food allergies and intolerances
  • Complex care (failure to thrive, developmental delay, tube feeding etc.)
  • Infant feeding
  • Healthy body weight
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It’s not just what you eat but HOW you eat. Food choices are crucial to success with the low FODMAP diet however it is also important to consider that how we are eating affects our digestion as well.

Are you eating in a rush in the car? Are you taking enough time to properly chew your food? Are you watching tv, doing a crossword, or sending e-mails during meals and snacks?

As important as it is to consume low FODMAP foods during the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet, it is equally as important to remember the impact our mind-gut connection can have on digestion. During your next meal reflect on HOW you ate and if there are any strategies you can implement to be present at meals and eat more mindfully.

My favourite tip is to take 3 deep breaths before every meal and snack!

My Favorite Low FODMAP Recipe Header

I love snacks and always have at least 1 snack with me at all times. These energy balls are not only delicious but make the perfect grab and go snack – https://www.fodmapeveryday.com/recipes/chocolate-peanut-butter-energy-balls/. I make a variation of these all the time and keep extras in my freezer so I always have a yummy snack handy. They also can be adapted depending on what ingredients you have on hand!

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