Souper Cubes


What are “Souper Cubes”? Well, let us tell you, they are for a whole lot more than soup! Yes, you can use these silicone “cubes” to freeze your homemade low FODMAP stocksand broths but what about your Low FODMAP Garlic or Onion Infused Oils? You can freeze your homemade oils into cubes and draw upon them from the freezer as needed. Great for pestos of every sort, too.

Last updated on May 31, 2023 10:59 am

The last thaw.

The scenario: You have plenty of homemade stock in your freezer, but it’s stored in large freezer bags or containers, and your recipe only calls for one cup. Enter: these ingenious silicone trays that allow you to freeze your soups, sauces and stocks in half-cup, 1-cup, or 2-cup proportions. (There’s even a 2-tablespoon size for that extra tomato paste you have lying around.) The silicone makes it extra easy to pop out what you need when you’re ready to thaw. And the included lid? Say so long to odors and freezer burn.

Can’t decide? Grab the set of 4 (it comes with a tray in each size), and you’ll be freezing pop-right-out portions of all your favorites in no time flat.

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