FODMAP IT!™ is our exclusive regular column where we feature recipes that we gather from our pre-FODMAP life, sourced from Grandma, our favorite cookbooks, magazines, friends, restaurants and YOU!
Then we recreate them to comply with the low FODMAP diet.
FODMAP IT! - send us your favorite recipe and we will make it into a low FODMAP version.

 We ‘FODMAP’ them so that we can all enjoy them –

and we want recipes from YOU, too!

  • Do you want your Dad’s pot roast re-worked to fit your new life?
  • How about that cookie recipe that you have been making since you were a kid?
  • Want to remake your grandmother’s cake recipe Low FODMAP, and have it look and taste like hers?

Fourth of July - a table full of Low FODMAP deliciousness.

Not every recipe is FODMAP-able, but for those that are our Test Kitchen will not only show you how you can still enjoy your old favorites, and in the process, we will teach you how to turn your other faves low-FODMAP as well. All of the dishes in the party picture above were FODMAPed recipes.

If we are successful at turning your recipe into a Low FODMAP version it may become a part of the FODMAP Everyday Recipe archive for others to enjoy! And will be highlighted on our site and social media. Ready?

Send us your recipes and we will do our best to re-create them to comply with the low-FODMAP diet. Let’s FODMAP IT!™

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