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12 Of The Worst Tasting Foods People Find Disgusting

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Food. We all have foods we love, foods we cannot stand – and then there are the foods that have people deeply divided. While wandering about an online forum we came across a discussion about foods that people find disgusting.

And yes, it made for entertaining reading so we thought we’d share the highlights. Hint: You are about to learn more about circus peanuts, chitterlings, and popcorn with ketchup than you ever knew existed. (Yeah, that last one had us scratching our head, too). Agree or disagree with the list? What would you add to this list?


Photo credit: David Silbert via Canva.

Chitterlings were part of several poster’s childhoods. And most are more than happy that the memories are just that: not present tense.

“TIL (today I learned) chitlins = chitterlings.” Always a bit humbling when Reddit is the teacher.

“I am going to head over to wikipedia and find out what kind of food they are. Edit: Oh I see, they’re hog large intestines.”

“My mom-in-law made some at my house, and it smelled like a grown man pooped all over my home and walls.”

“I’ve heard it said that chitlins has a smell that gets in your soul.”

“They are intestines, so if they’re not cleaned properly you’re literally eating fried pig poop. You might like them if the cook had prepared them properly.”

“Chitlins literally touched feces.”


Popcorn, Ketchup, Together, WHAT?

Graphic of popcorn and ketchup.
Photo credit: Graphic by Dédé Wilson via Canva.

We stumbled upon a very large thread about eating popcorn with ketchup. we have to admit to being intrigued. We had never heard of this. Have you? Apparently, it’s a thing.

“Popcorn with ketchup… I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“Who does this?”

“Who does this? People who should be ignored, that’s who.”

“When I worked at a movie theater in California, a lot of Mexicans would do this. They’d get their popcorn and a little cup of ketchup to dip it into.”

“I’m surprised at the level of disgust for this. I thought this was a regular thing. A lot of people I know do this. Dipping salty popcorn into ketchup is basically like dipping salty french fries into ketchup, which is totally commonplace. You should try it sometime, I’m sure you’ll see it tastes like pretty standard junk food.”

“You can get ketchup flavour seasoning in Ontario for your popcorn.”

“I do this. Best decision ever. With extra butter and extra ketchup.”

“Are you human? If not, at least try to blend in.”

Circus Peanuts

Photo credit: Mark Bonica.

Candy. Who doesn’t like candy? Well, if its orange, spongy circus peanuts, a lot of people don’t.

“There’s no way people are actually out there enjoying those things, but enough people pretend to keep them in business.”

“They kinda remind me of the material earplugs are made of…”

“…or the styrofoam peanuts.”

“I’ve eaten several styrofoam peanuts when I was younger, because I liked circus peanuts, and so i thought that they would taste like them.”

“Earplugs taste better… especially after a few uses.”

“I think we’ve found Satan. :)”

“I like squishing them lightly, like walk by the display and gently squeeze one. But never buy them or eat them. Nope.”

“As an American I can assure you they’re not even food…”

“Circus peanuts are God-tier candy, and I’m going to the store to get some to spite you.”

Cooked Cabbage

stuffed cabbage.
Photo credit: HeikeRau via DepositPhotos.

Cabbage. Raw made into slaw is one thing, but cooked? And cooked for a long time? It is a completely different experience, especially aroma-wise.

“My mom made stuffed cabbage once. I kinda like stuffed cabbage now, but I didn’t like cabbage anything as a kid. She left it cooking while we went out somewhere. When we came back the cabbage smell whacked us in the nose and I said I think the dog pooped on the carpet. She believed me for a second before realizing it was cabbage stank.”

“Stuffed cabbage smells like farts while it is cooking, but it is soo good.”

“Left the crock on overnight with a cabbage dish. It dehydrated and got burnt. That stank is like a three day stank.”

“I once threw up at the smell. I came downstairs and when that smell hit me, I ran to the bathroom. My mom never cooked cabbage again.”

“The first time I smelled cabbage being cooked I thought it was my grandpa who was prone to poopies now and then. Cabbage being cooked still makes me think of him lol.” Good times.

Are We Talking About Pineapple, Pizza, or Hawaiians?

pineapple pizza.
Photo credit: denio109 via DepositPhotos.

Many folks love pineapple. Then there are the pineapple pizza fanatics. And those who don’t like pineapple pizza get very vocal about it.

“I don’t like pineapple on pizza, but I won’t judge you for eating it.”

“I didn’t like pineapple on pizza until someone gave me a pineapple jalapeño pizza. OMG it is magic.”

“It truly is, favorite pizza of all time: Hot Hawaiian.”

“Favorite pizza and person. I could go for a hot hawaiian right now.”

“Border-to-Border is what we call it.”

“Because it’s not good. Pineapple is great, don’t get me wrong, and I understand the craving for something salty and sweet, but the way that the pineapple juice soaks the pizza, the texture, and honestly, I think the taste is a major throw off too.”

Tripe: The Stomach Lining of Ruminants

Photo credit: denio109 via DepositPhotos.

Ruminants include cattle, sheep, deer, antelope, goat, ox, giraffes, and their relatives, but here we are really talking about beef cattle. Also called menudo, folks love it – or hate it.

“Tripe, the smell of it makes me gag. My dad loves it, because his dad loved it.”


“I always thought tripe was fish, I wish I hadn’t googled it.”

“I had tripe once and it tasted so disgusting that I wanted to die. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not squeamish about offal, it’s just that tripe is gross. It’s like eating shoe soles in both taste and texture, and the raised hexagons don’t help.”

“This post gave me e coli.”


Photo credit: HandmadePicture via DepositPhotos.

A few years ago stevia seemed to be the new alt sweetener; the darling of the non-sugars. But there are haters.

“Stevia…there’s absolutely no way someone enjoys that aftertaste. It’s a weird cult that I’m not willing to join and such a dominant flavor.”

“I get a very bitter aftertaste. I’m not sure I’d call it metallic, but I am sure I can’t be bothered to try again for science.”

“God yes, reminds me of putting a pill in your mouth, then realizing your water is empty. You get more & wash it down, but that half dissolved pill is still on your tongue.”

“Why would I add that experience to eating?”

“I bought a 12 pack of Zevia soda because I saw so many people saying it was the best sugar-free soda on the market, and my god it’s just undrinkable. My wife and I haven’t managed to make it through a single can in its entirety. We still have at least 4-5 more in the fridge and I bought it about a year ago. I crack one every few months, take a sip, hand it to her for a taste, and then dump it down the drain. At least now I know those other reviewers probably weren’t lying, but just have different taste buds than I do.”

Jell-O: If You Are From Utah, We Apologize

Ads for Jello.
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Jell-O is a brand of flavored gelatin that at once point was so popular, that Americans use the term “jello” to mean any kind of gelatinized thing. Eating is as a sweet dessert is one thing, but the Internet has some hate for savory Jell-O salads. Except for those from Utah.

“Some of the Jello salads out there. Green Jello with carrots (and sometimes raisins) is an abomination. Also, whatever the hell my mom used to make with cottage cheese and orange jello.”

“My family had this weird notion that if you put healthy stuff in Jello that it was a side dish and not a dessert. Nope, you just ruined two foods by making unnatural combinations with them. Mom never did come across a Jello recipe that she thought was a bad idea though. Edit: Since it’s a frequently asked question. I’m not from Utah or the Midwest. Mom and grandma aren’t either — they’re from Los Angeles.”

“I feel understood here. My grandma once made ‘salmon jello’ as a refreshing summer dinner. Plain gelatin with chunks of salmon in it. However bad it sounds, it was worse.”

“If she fed that to enemy troops it would be considered a war crime.”

“It’s called salmon aspic and it was a real ‘trendy’ dinner or party item, along with other forms of jello-suspended foodstuffs.”

“My Granddad used to make shrimp aspic. It was canned mini shrimp, celery, onions, V8 juice, gelatin (sometimes lemon Jello) and also sometimes Spaghetti-Os. I miss him, but oof…”

“Utah Mormons must feel personally attacked by this.”

“I feel this in my bones. I don’t eat it because of the taste though. I eat it for the nostalgia. Green jello with carrots and whipped cream was a guarantee at every family function growing up in Utah.”


Photo credit: madvideos via DepositPhotos.

The label says it all. Velveeta is described as “Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product”. Hmm, not just “cheese?”

“Oh dear, I don’t know what Velveeta is…”

“It’s a block of yellow that tastes yellow and has the consistency and texture of yellow.”

“Hey hey, it tastes like yellow and the idea of cheddar.”

“The faint whisperings of an imagined cheddar.”

“The sad pondering of ‘what if.’ And the texture of too-warm, hungover, Brie.”

“It also vaguely smells of yellow.”

Leave The Cauliflower Alone

Photo credit: 1195798 via Canva.

Cauliflower as a vegetable has lovers and haters. But a lot of folks really don’t like when it is pretending to be something else.

“People who try to make cauliflower pizza or rice…. Grim.”

“Man, I feel bad for cauliflower. It didn’t ask to be horrible chicken wings or fart flavoured rice. It’s just trying to be broccoli’s dropout brother and live in the attic playing Halo.”

“For real! I love cauliflower, but it’s gross when it’s riced and made into other stuff.”

“Wait, what are cauliflower ‘wings’?”

Vegan “Cheese”

woman curly hair disgusted.
Polina Zimmerman via Canva.

We know a lot of vegans spend a lot of time trying to find foods that taste like the non-vegan foods they left behind…

“I tried to make spaghetti with this stuff once. 90% of it curled around the fork I used to mix it in, and was so stuck to it that I had to soak that thing for a full day in hot soapy water to get the rest off. What the heck is that stuff made out of?”

“The souls of meat eaters.”

“Okay vegan here, so I’ll be as honest as I can. 90% of the vegan cheeses are either straight up bad or just tolerable.”


Play Doh.
Photo credit: Fotikfoto via DepositPhotos.

Play-Doh, the colorful, smelly, children’s squishable, clay-like substance has been around since, well, it depends on how you look at it. It was developed in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner. That’s right! It was used to get soot off of wallpaper. By the 1950s, it was falling out of its original use. The concept of it as a children’s toy was born. Generations of Americans have grown up eating it. Wait a minute…

This person doesn’t like “the food my nephew makes. It’s too salty, and it’s always made out of play-doh.”

“My three year old must’ve studied at the same culinary academy. My two year old though is worse. I’d rather have play dough over a plate full of sand and whatever pee is in the sandbox.”

“There’s two kinds of people: those who ate Play-Doh, and liars.”

“When I was 5 I made a play-doh cookie for my uncle. He thought it was real and ate the whole thing.”

“Stop being so picky.”

“Yes. I used to hide under the lunch table so my teacher wouldn’t see.”

“All the freakin’ time, I could have won an Olympic medal, and let me tell you, it keeps its colour on the way out…”

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