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19 Of The World’s Most Overrated Foods

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We have foods we love, and those we won’t touch. We all have our own likes and dislikes, but what are the most overrated foods? That was the question posed on this online and there were a lot of opinions. Some made sense to us, and some were things we had never thought of before!

What is the most overrated food in your opinion?


milk shakes.
Photo credit: Elena Schweitzer via DepositPhotos. Frankly, we don’t find these appetizing either.

Right out of the gate, the first thread addressed milkshakes. Particularly “loaded” milkshakes. You know, those towering creations that are part milkshake, and part cake/candy/sundae/nuts/sprinkles/fruit/more candy/hot fudge and just about anything else you can perch on top. Here are some comments:

  •  Loaded milkshakes. Generally a whole lot of smoke & mirrors to mask a very average milkshake.
  • I have a thing with milkshakes. I love them, but man 90% of milkshakes you order is just chocolate milk. It’s so infuriating that I rarely order them.
  • I got one with cotton candy, an entire slice of cheesecake, and a small rubber ducky on top. You better believe I ate the whole thing.
  • The worst thing is when they put chocolate and stuff on the OUTSIDE of the glass.

Cheerwine Floats – That’s Cherry Cola to the Uninitiated

Cherry cola float
Graphic credit: Robin Jaffin.

And then there was something we had never heard of. “Cheerwine”. It is a cherry-flavored cola and a southern US staple. Apparently a Cheerwine Float is cherry cola and vanilla ice cream, with many embellishing it further with whipped cream and a cherry on top. There were those who thought they were overrated, and then those who couldn’t wait to get back down south to have another. You could also make it with Cherry Coke, although purists might have a fit. Have you had one?

“Super Tall” Burgers

tall burger
Photo credit: indexnazim via Canva.

Burgers are often served along with a milkshakes and several Redditors think “super tall burgers” are overrated. Hard to eat. Make a mess. We want the food in our mouths, not falling all over our plate, table and lap.

Tall Cupcakes

tall cupcake.
Photo credit: Tim Douglas via Canva.

We guess tall foods offend people, because tall cupcakes made the list, too. As one person put it, “It’s annoying to get frosting up your nose with every bite”.

But here was a brilliant suggestion: “My trick that kinda works… cut off the bottom half of the cake part, put it on top of the frosting and make a cupcake sandwich of sorts. Emphasis on ‘kinda works.’”

Some folks suggested eating with a fork and knife. That didn’t go over well.

The most popular suggestion was to cut them in half vertically. Somehow having the vertical slice through it makes it easier to bite chunks out of it, compared to when it’s whole. Many agreed.

Don’t Serve Me Food I Can’t Eat Without Disassembly!

tall sandwich
Photo credit: LuckyLife11 via Canva.

On the other hand, any food that needs to be altered is considered a pain. A common perspective was that if any food needs to be changed in order to eat it, it isn’t worth it.

Many agreed that he whole point of burger or sandwich was that you could hold it in your hands and eat it without utensils.

As one commenter said, “If you need demolition charges to disassemble the pile of meat and bun you got in front of you, it’s not a burger. It’s a structure reminiscent of a burger.”

Fondant Covered Cakes

fondant covered cake.
Photo credit: Brent Keane via Canva.

Desserts didn’t fare well either, with cakes covered in fondant being a big target. The agreement was fondant was used to make cakes look “cool”, but the taste was not appreciated. Apparently there is an entire Reddit thread: /r/fondanthate. The haters exclaimed, “Fondant is barely food”. We agree. Now, if you covered a cake in chocolate ganache, we would be thrilled!

How Do You Feel About Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

flamin' hot Cheetos.
Photo credit: PBT via DepositPhotos.

We love snacking, but sometimes trends go too far. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are one thing, but grinding them up into dust and coating everything with it was not appreciated. Most commenters agreed that, “The novelty was fun at first, but now we’ve taken it too far”.

We agree. Just look at these recipes (because looking is fine. We don’t want to eat them): Flamin’ Hot Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Marshmallow Crispy Treats, Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Ice Cream – need we go on?

Starbucks = Charbucks?

starbucks cup.
Photo credit: Adrianna Calvo Via Canva.

Folks had strong words for Starbucks coffee. Many said it was good, but that “people treat it like it was milked from a cow sent from heaven”. Okay…

Others concurred calling it “Charbucks”, which we thought was kind of inventive. And to the point.

Perfect Food

blemished apples.
Photo credit: Elizabeth Makes Photos via Canva.

What is perfect food? Things like fruits and vegetables that have to be “perfect” and blemish free. Food waste is a concern and a few commenters thought blemished fruits and vegetables were underrated, and in fact, could often taste even better than their “perfect” cousins.


red caviar.
Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch via Canva.

Caviar had bashers and supporters. It boiled down to a discussion about high end caviar (many supporters) versus poorly prepared caviar. And then, if you are buying the good stuff, you still have the expense to deal with. Maybe if someone else is paying…

Truffles. Well, They Are A Fungus

cross section of truffle.
Photo credit: WikiImages via Canva.

The mere concept of eating fungus is a turn-off some folks can’t get over. Truffles and anything truffle flavored prompted a pro/con discussion and boiled down to flavored truffle oils and foods (not liked and overrated), and real truffles, which can be delectable. 

Here is one such comment: “I used to hate truffle, then one day I ate a truffle-based dish in one of the black truffle regions of my country and it was HEAVENLY. Turns out I just didn’t like preserved truffle, but I love fresh truffle”. Well, not all of us have this kind of access.

Hard Seltzer, Mead & More

hard cider in glass on barrel.
SPhoto credit: tockSnap via Canva.

While the original poster asked about foods, beverages popped up in the discussion. One person said, ” I’m looking at you, Hard Seltzer. You taste like sadness”. This made us laugh.

Another commenter agreed. After tasting a cherry hard seltzer, they said, “it smelled AMAZING, took a sip and it was the most disappointing drink of my life. Tasted like chemicals”.

Hard ciders and sparkling mead were also a disappointment for many.

Bloody Mary’s That Are Over-Loaded

bloody mary.
Photo credit: bhofack2 via DepositPhotos.

How about over-loaded Bloody Mary’s? Some places are making them with over the top ‘garnishes’ like full on burgers, wings and shrimp. One person said a place in their town throws a whole fried chicken on top. We’d actually like to see that. But seriously, it’s supposed to be a drink, not a meal.

Nutella: Not Universally Loved

woman holding Nutella.
Photo credit: Engin Akyurt via Canva.

Nutella, that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread has detractors, with comments such as, ” it’s good but some people treat it like crack cocaine”, and “Nutella is disgusting. I really do not get the appeal. Claggy, cloying, too sweet. At least something like Jam has a lovely tartness and fruity flavor. Nutella just tastes like sugar to me”.

Others pointed out that when they have traveled to France and Italy that the chocolate-hazelnut spreads are delicious, and not made with palm oil. Some wondered if it was that ingredient that they disliked?

One person said, “I can’t even stand to look at Nutella”. Alrighty then.

Kale Haters Unite

eating kale noodles.
Photo credit: r._.f via Canva.

“Kale sucks”, says one Redditor. We love this retort: “I remember when I was a kid, I would eat it and my parents would scoff at me for eating the garnish. Who’s laughing now? Still them. It is not good. No idea why I would do it”.

Or how about this “recipe”: ” I have a good recipe for kale. Use coconut oil and fry the kale in that. That makes it slide right out of the pan in to the trash where it belongs”.

Another poster had a kale story: “I had a friend that was in fairly bad shape and health. Middle aged, overweight, diabetes and drank a lot. He decided to clean his life up and get in shape. Started eating healthy, exercising, limiting drinking, etc. He was trying to be funny and posted on Facebook, ‘If I die, blame the kale.’. Well, he had a heart attack that night and died. Seriously, frig Kale from all of us, for Paul.”

RIP Paul. Would it be wrong to suggest some flowering kale at his grave?

Gluten-Free Tastes Like…

gluten free bread.
Photo credit: kamilla211 via Canva.

Gluten-Free took a hit. We kinda liked this comment: “Gluten Free tastes like disappointment every time…”.

This comment was, well, quite pointed: “Been there; eaten that. I’d rather have the celiac sh*ts from eating wheat than the gut-wrenching gas, bloating, and sulphur farts that I get from bean flours”.

Pop-Tarts® – Delicious Toaster Pastries

Pop tarts.
Photo credit: dcwcreations via DepositPhotos.

Apparently they are not delicious to everyone, particularly if you are over kindergarten age. Here is our favorite comment: “Guaranteed to dry your mouth quicker than the saliva-sucker at the dentist”.

But maybe it is just a kid versus adult thing, as this commenter suggests: “I loved Pop-Tarts as a kid. I tried them decades later as an adult. Some things should just be left in your childhood”.

Gold Jewelry? Yes. In My Food? No Thank You.

gold necklace on woman.
Photo credit: Ron Lach via Canva.

Gold plated food was dissed, although one person claimed that, “eating mango with a gold spoon is the greatest sensory experience. Until then you do not realize how much ordinary utensils actually influence flavor of whatever you’re eating.” Hmm, we have never heard of gold and mango together. We’ll take a nice gold necklace though.

Hands-Off Our Beloved Bacon…maybe…

Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch via Canva.

Bacon was mentioned, as a joke: “Bacon. Edit: just kidding. Bacon is gods bookmark”. 

However, many agreed that the bacon-craze can be over-done: “I love bacon.. but I got annoyed with it being included inside everything for awhile… waffles with bacon in it, donuts with bacon, chocolates with bacon, etc. I rather have my waffles like waffles and bacon in its untarnished glorious state, the way god intended it!”

This article was inspired by a thread on Reddit.

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