Explore An Ingredient: Radishes & FODMAPs

This Explore an Ingredient entry covers several kinds of radishes. Many recipes and traditions suggest that radishes be eaten raw, but they are also cooked on occasion, an example of which you can see in our Low FODMAP Sautéed Radishes.

Left to Right: Red radishes; white daikon; purple daikon; watermelon radishes. Only red radishes and white daikon have been lab tested as of Spring 2020 by Monash. In Spring 2021 FODMAP Friendly lab tested watermelon radishes. You need use BOTH resources..

Red Radishes Contain No FODMAPs

Red radishes (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus), have been lab tested by both Monash University and FODMAP Friendly.

what to eat watercress & radish salad

Monash states that they contain no FODMAPs, while FODMAP Friendly gives them a “Pass” at 2 radishes or 40 g.

About White Daikon

Monash has lab tested white daikon radishes and they are low FODMAP in amounts of ½ cup or 75 g.

Other Radishes

Purple daikon and watermelon radishes have not been lab tested by Monash as of Spring 2020. We find that we tolerate them very well. Please read our article, What If A Food has Not Been Lab Tested? for more information. You could Challenge yourself with these radishes to assess your own tolerance.

FODMAP Friendly lab tested watermelon radish and says they are low FODMAP at a 150g serve (about 3 medium watermelon radish).

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Taste & Texture Of Radishes

All radishes are crisp and crunchy, when at their freshest best. Some have more of a peppery bite than others. Some are quite mild. This can vary variety to variety but can also vary from one batch to the next, depending on growing conditions.


How to Buy

All radishes should be firm, heavy for their size and never spongy. All will most likely have their root end intact and some will also have their leaves attached. Both of these go a long way to ensuring a fresher bunch of radishes.

If the greens are attached, they should be perky and green with no yellowing or wilting.

How to Store

Store radishes in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks in your produce drawer.

How to Prep

Scrub clean under cool water, as they may have dirt attached. Trim greens away (and discard, since we do not know FODMAP content). Trim the root end close to the radish itself. Time to eat!

How to Eat

Radishes are great raw. A classic French approach is to serve peppery red radishes with fresh butter and salt. Might seem odd but try it.

They also work well on any crudité platter you might be preparing. Or use to dip into hummus.

hummus on a white plate with low FODMAP vegetables and gluten-free pretzels

We have a recipe for sautéed radishes that is super simple. You can roast them too, like other root vegetables.

vertical image of bouquet of lilacs with sauteed radishes in foreground in blue bowl

Radish leaves are cooked and enjoyed in some cultures, but we do not know their FODMAP content at this time.

Radish Recipes

We have many low FODMAP radishes recipes for you, including: