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Monash University Launches Low FODMAP Knowledge Hub!

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Check Out Monash’s New Knowledge Hub for FODMAP Diet Education!

The team at Monash University have recently launched, a website and knowledge hub to facilitate improved education related to the low FODMAP diet globally.

Online Training Now Available for Dietitians

Dietitians and associated health professionals around the world can now undertake online training through Monash University to become trained in the low FODMAP diet for the management and treatment of IBS.

Dédé has taken the training as have several of our Success Team RDs as we are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date, accurate FODMAP information possible.

This is why our recipes and articles here at FODMAP Everyday® are the best you will find anywhere.

A global approach means that health professionals pursuing low FODMAP as a treatment option will no longer be restricted by location.

The program is specially designed to help you support patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This is the first online program of its kind, developed at Monash University – the research team that pioneered FODMAP research.

Delivered as an online course, the program covers:

    • a comprehensive overview of the pathophysiology of IBS, its causes, symptoms, related conditions and diagnostic techniques;
    • the complete FODMAP concept and the FODMAP composition of food;
    • the principles of the low FODMAP diet protocol and how to deliver it for optimum patient outcomes;
    • guidance on complementary therapies that may help people with IBS;
    • the low FODMAP diet for children, breastfeeding mothers and women with endometriosis; and
    • further resources for ongoing education and clinical reference.

No matter where you’re located or what your current schedule is, you can now apply to become trained in the low FODMAP diet.

The program has now been released at, alongside resources you can share with your patients.

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