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Start Smart: Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes & Expert Tips 

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Our Low FODMAP Breakfast recipes and low FODMAP breakfast ideas will start your day right! Egg dishes, muffins, cereals, smoothies – they are all here, and more.

You know the old adage, that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? We feel better all day long when we eat a good breakfast. And now that we are eating low FODMAP, we have to pick and choose suitably. Luckily, we have many low FODMAP breakfast ideas for you! Our low FODMAP breakfasts are suitable for those with IBS, who are following the low FODMAP diet.

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Morning – or whenever you start your day – can mean dashing out the door, or sometimes on our days off we can take a leisurely approach. Any which way, we know you want some fortifying food. Delicious foods. Low FODMAP breakfast food that doesn’t taste like “diet” food.

We have hundreds of low FODMAP recipes for you. All of them created and tested in our FODMAP Everyday® Test Kitchen (with a small smattering from other cookbook authors and vetted by us).

Use the Table of Contents below to jump to the section you want to read.

Low FODMAP Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond

This article is about breakfasts: healthy-ish, indulgent, simple and fancy. Some are great for breakfast or lunch – and some are perfect brunch picks.

And don’t overlook some of our lunch and dinner – or snack – recipes. They can work well for breakfast, too.

What Do You LIKE To Eat For Breakfast?

woman eating breakfast.
Photo credit: Pavel Danilyuk via Canva.

When people first start following the low FODMAP diet, they often set a day to begin the diet, and the first question that comes up is, “what can I eat for breakfast?”. A fun and helpful way to approach this, is to think about what you typically like to eat for breakfast?

Is it cold cereal with milk, or a hot cereal with a sweetener and maybe some fruit, or eggs and toast, or perhaps waffles or pancakes? Or maybe you like a savory breakfast (try our Low FODMAP Breakfast Sausage)? Many people like to eat leftovers, and many cultures will suggest soup, or rice.

The point we want to make right away is that you might have to tweak versions of what you were eating before, but you can still enjoy your breakfast comfort foods. In other words, if every morning you like to have granola, you can have low FODMAP granola. If you liked to have eggs, bacon and toast, there’s a way for you to have those still. Keep reading! The low FODMAP diet does not have to be about deprivation.

Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice & The Low FODMAP Diet

For many people, breakfast begins with coffee, tea, or a glass of orange juice, even before solid food passes their lips. Now that you are following the low FODMAP diet, there are a few things to know about these beverages.

Coffee, and caffeine, can be gut irritants. They are not FODMAP issues, but they may upset your digestion. Always know your tolerances.

And here is our article on Tea & FODMAPs.

Coffee & Tea

man holding mug of hot beverage.
Photo credit: StockSnap via Canva.

If coffee or tea sit well with you, then there is no reason why you cannot enjoy it while following the low FODMAP diet, even during the Elimination Phase. We also have a huge article for you on Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts low FODMAP options, but here we will detail some basics:

As always, use your Monash University smartphone app and FODMAP Friendly smart phone app for specifics on serving size.

The following are low FODMAP:

Orange Juice

woman holding orange juice.
Photo credit: JESHOOTS-com via Canva.

There is so much to say about orange juice. Before you go any further, please read this article: Why 100% Orange Juice Is Still Artificial. The title says it all, and the article will help you understand what I am about to say, which is that I suggest you DO NOT use the Monash app information as a guide. Here’s why.

Monash University researchers are not culinary people, and as such, don’t think about foods from that perspective. We have to think critically about the oranges and orange products that they show in the app.

Fresh Oranges & Fresh Orange Juice

Fist of all, for 5+ years, oranges were listed in the Monash University app as containing no FODMAPs whatsoever. We had private correspondence from Monash researchers at that time with the Monash researchers stating that “freshly squeezed orange juice contains no FODMAPs”.

FODMAP Variability

In subsequent lab testing navel oranges were shown to contain FODMAPs; they can become Moderate for fructose at 155 g, which is about a 1 ¼ medium size oranges.

Now let’s move to “orange juice”, as listed in the app presently. There is 98% reconstituted orange juice, with no low FODMAP amount (no explanation for what 98% represents); 99% reconstituted fresh blend, with a low FODMAP serving size of 120 ml (again, no idea what the 99% is); and the “freshly squeezed” orange juice, which lab tested as low FODMAP at 70 g (approx. 70 ml), with Moderate FODMAP levels at 95 g. Here’s the problem. The juice was not fresh squeezed in the lab. It was purchased. I have had conversations with the Monash researchers, explaining about purchased orange juice that is referred to as “fresh”, and “100%”, etc. as referenced in the linked article.

Here is my takeaway: We know that oranges can contain no FODMAPs. We also know that juice made from those oranges can contain no FODMAPs. In addition, we know that some oranges do contain FODMAPs. We also know that any prepared orange juice at the market can be more (or less) than what it appears and the FODMAP content is suspect. Therefore, treat oranges and orange juice as an unknown. If you are very sensitive to fructose, be careful, but, know that there is a possibility that no FODMAPs might be involved.

Low FODMAP Orange Carrot Juice in a clear glass

PS: This Low FODMAP Orange Carrot Juice is delightful in the morning.

Got Milk?

milk splashing in glass.
Photo credit: matthiaskost via Canva.

Whether you are eating hot or cold cereal, chances are you will need some milk. Conventional cow’s milk is low FODMAP only in 1 Australian tablespoon amounts, which might be enough to drizzle over cooked oatmeal, but is not enough for a bowl of cold cereal. So what kind of low FODMAP milk is available?

Check those apps again. You will find gems, such as Sanitarium Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk, and you will also find specific serving sizes, but many are generous enough for your bowl of cereal.

Low FODMAP Dairy Milks

The low FODMAP diet is not a dairy-free diet; it is lower in lactose. Let’s first look at what dairy milks are low FODMAP:

  • Lactose-free cow’s milk
  • a2 Lactose-Free Light Milk
  • a2 Lactose-Free Full Cream Milk
  • Small amounts of conventional cow’s milk
  • Small amounts of conventional goat’s milk
  • Small amounts of conventional evaporated cow’s milk

Low FODMAP Alt Milks

If you are looking for non-dairy milk, there are options:

Sugar, Liquid Sweeteners & Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

pile of sugar.
Photo credit: 955169 via Canva.

We thought we would address sugar and non-nutritive sweeteners in this article because some of you like to add them to your morning hot beverage, sprinkle them on cereal, or somehow incorporate them in another way into your breakfast.

Sugar, Rice Malt Syrup, & Maple Syrup

First things first, white granulated sugar contains no FODMAP at all. From a FODMAP perspective this is a very good sweetener choice. Rice malt syrup and maple syrup are very good liquid low FODMAP sweetener choices. You can read more in our articles, Explore an Ingredient: Sugar, and Explore an Ingredient: Maple Syrup.

Some non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) have low FODMAP serving sizes, but they can also create digestive distress. Again, always know your tolerances.

NNS: Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

The following section was written by a Monash trained dietitian:

Sugar substitutes.
Photo credit: TeriVirbickis via DepositPhotos.

Non-nutritive sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have a low-calorie content and are usually several hundred thousand times sweeter than regular white sugar. Their consumption is growing because of their low-calorie content and the health concerns about products with high sugar content.

They include synthetic sweeteners such as acesulfame K, aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin and sucralose as well as natural sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia. Although non-nutritive sweeteners are considered low FODMAP, their effects on glucose intolerance, the activation of sweet taste receptors, and alterations to the composition of the intestinal microbiota are controversial. According to studies, only saccharin (found in Sweet’N Low and SugarTwin), sucralose (found in Splenda) and stevia have been found to change the composition of the gut microbiota.

While it is possible that this might cause glucose intolerance and dysbiosis, more human studies are needed. It is also interesting to know that only 15% of the consumed saccharin reaches the colon, compared to 85% for sucralose, so saccharin needs to be consumed in large amounts to potentially alter the gut. Also, sucralose is not metabolized by intestinal bacteria, while stevia directly interacts with the intestinal microbiota and needs bacteria to be metabolized, so stevia might cause greater alteration to the bacterial population in the gut.

Since we still don’t know how exactly saccharin, sucralose, stevia and monk fruit affect gut health, especially long term, and that there is a possibility that they can negatively impact it, it is preferable to use caution and consume those sweeteners in moderation, even if they are considered low FODMAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cereal Low FODMAP?

Yes, there are many cereals, both hot and cold, that are appropriate for the low FODMAP diet, even during the Elimination Phase. Some are mentioned in this article, and you can find more in our Monash University dietitian curated Shopping Lists.

What Cereals Are Low FODMAP?

To determine which cereals are low FODMAP, we suggest that you first check the certified brands area of the Monash university smart phone app and the FODMAP friendly smart phone app. After that, you can peruse the apps for generic cereals that are listed, then you can also reference this article, as well as our Monash University dietitian curated Shopping Lists.

Can I Eat Cereal for Breakfast on the Low FODMAP Diet?

You can eat cereal for breakfast on the low FODMAP diet, even during the Elimination Phase. The information above in this article will guide you.

Are Eggs Low FODMAP?

Yes, eggs are low FODMAP. Monash University considers eggs to contain no FODMAPs whatsoever, so yes, they would be considered low FODMAP and appropriate during any phase of the diet.

Are Omelets Low FODMAP?

Yes, omelets can be low FODMAP. Omelets can be low FODMAP as long as whatever you’re adding to your eggs are low FODMAP ingredients. For instance, you can make a cheese omelette, you could have an omelet with various low FODMAP vegetables, you could add diced low FODMAP ham, etc.
Here is our recipe for a Low FODMAP Mushroom Omelet.

fork cutting into a low FODMAP mushroom omelet on white plate

Is Toast Low FODMAP?

Yes, toast can be low FODMAP. Any toast made from low FODMAP bread would be low FODMAP toast! Please refer to our article, How To choose Low FODMAP Bread, which takes you through the process. There are many gluten-free breads, sourdough breads, spelt breads, and even wheat-based breads that are low FODMAP.

Is Avocado Toast Low FODMAP?

Avocado toast can be low FODMAP, and it all comes down to your choices of ingredients and paying attention to the quantity of ingredients. Check out our recipe for Low FODMAP Avocado Toast. You might also want to review our article about avocados and FODMAPs.

Avocado Toast with Bacon, Eggs and Tomato

Is Jam Low FODMAP?

Yes, jam can be low FODMAP. Between Monash University and FODMAP Friendly, several jams and marmalades have been lab tested. Please check the apps for specific serving size information, but know that you can enjoy strawberry jam, raspberry jam, mixed berry jam, and citrus marmalade.

Is Peanut Butter Low FODMAP?

Yes, peanut butter is low FODMAP. Please check your Monash University and FODMAP Friendly Apps for specific serving size information. You can also read our article, Explore an Ingredient: Peanut Butter.

Are Bagels Low FODMAP?

Yes, bagels can be low FODMAP. It all comes down to choosing ones with appropriate ingredients. We have a section above in this article that delves into low FODMAP bagel choices.

Is Cream Cheese Low FODMAP?

Conventional cream cheese has a small low FODMAP serving size (check your apps). Remember, the diet is not dairy free it is just lower in lactose. There are several lactose-free cream cheese brands on the market that are low FODMAP as well. They vary greatly and you have to check specific brands and labels for ingredients. We are partial to Green Vallery Creamery brand.

Is Plant-Based Cream Cheese Low FODMAP?

The many plant-based cream cheese products that we have seen on the market are all quite different from one another. You will have to check ingredients. There are certainly many that are not low FODMAP, and there are also some that could be considered low FODMAP, which does not mean they are proven to be so. Know your tolerances and try them when you are stable.

Are English Muffins Low FODMAP?

Yes, English muffins can be low FODMAP. It all comes down to choosing ones with appropriate ingredients. We have a section above in this article that delves into low FODMAP English muffin choices.

Are Blueberry Muffins Low FODMAP?

There are both commercially prepared blueberry muffins (like Udi’s) that are low FODMAP, as well as recipes. We think our recipe for The Best Low FODMAP Blueberry Muffins is very, very good, and many community members agree. Why not give it a try?

fresh low FODMAP blueberry muffins are a perfect breakfast or snack

Are Bran Muffins Low FODMAP?

Only 5 g of wheat bran is low FODMAP, so bran muffins would not be considered low FODMAP. You could literally probably only take one bite.

Are Corn Muffins Low FODMAP?

Yes, corn muffins can be Low FODMAP if the ingredients are appropriate for the low FODMAP diet. We have a recipe for Low FODMAP Cornbread Muffins for you to try.low FODMAP cornbread muffins

All About Low FODMAP Cereal: Hot & Cold

Cereal is a very popular breakfast, and when you are told to follow the low FODMAP diet, folks want to know what cereals are low FODMAP? Luckily the answer is many, both for hot and cold!

Our first suggestion is to check the Monash University smartphone app, and the FODMAP Friendly smartphone app, particularly in the areas of the apps that show certified brand products. When a product is lab tested and certified as low FODMAP, you are guarantee that it is low FODMAP at the serving size suggested. Review our article, How To Read A Low FODMAP Certified Food Product Label. The icons shown below will be present on lab tested and certified products.

Certification-Icons-for Monash and FODMAP Friendly on red background.

Cold Low FODMAP Cereals: Lab Tested & Certified

square bowl of cornflakes.
Photo credit: Tookapic via Canva.

When we ask people what they like for breakfast, cold cereal is probably the number one answer. The great news is that there are many low FODMAP cereals that you can enjoy, even during the Elimination Phase.

In the certified brand areas of the apps you will find many popular brands such as Kellogg’s, The Quaker Oats Company, goodMix Blend 11, Semper, Fodilicious, Carman’s Fine Foods Original Fruit Free Muesli Breakfast Cereal, Sanitarium, Food for Health, Pear Tree & Co., and Nourished by Carms (note that not all are available world-wide), representing dozens of choices.

Hot Low FODMAP Cereals: Lab Tested & Certified

bowl of oatmeal.
 Photo credit: eat kubba via Canva.

There are many hot cereals that you can also enjoy while following the low FODMAP diet, even during Elimination, and again, checking the suggested apps first for certified and lab tested cereals should be your first step.

You will find Quaker Oats Company, Uncle Toby’s, Food for Health, and goodMix Blend 11.

Generic Hot & Cold Low FODMAP Cereal Options

There are many generic cereals, both hot and cold, that you can enjoy while following the low FODMAP diet. Again using the apps for a specific serving size information, you will find all kinds of cereal/foods that have been lab tested and that have low FODMAP serving sizes such as:

Low FODMAP Meal Replacement Drinks, Protein Drinks and Energy Drinks for Breakfast

protein powder being scooped out of jar.
 Photo credit: ภาพของ Chakrapong Worathat via Canva.

Many people like to grab a smoothie or beverage for breakfast. We will be dealing with smoothies separately in the following section. This section is about low FODMAP meal replacements, as well as beverages that are either high-protein, or high carb. Please note that these are three very different things. Also note that drinks can come in powdered form, or as RTD, or “ready-to-drink”.

A meal replacement drink has a certain ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, so that it can be an actual meal replacement.

A high protein drink, focuses on me protein, and a drink high in carbohydrates focuses on those. None or necessarily better than another because it all depends on your needs, and your intended use.

To complicate matters, these different kinds of drinks are often not to referred to properly, so you’re going to have to look at the nutritional panel to make sure you know what you’re looking at. It is the same thing that we addressed in our article on energy bars. People often refer to them as snack bars, protein bars, meal replacement bars, etc., but these are not the same thing (check out our article How to Choose a Low FODMAP Protein, Snack or Energy Bar).

It would be a great time to review our article, How to Read the FDA Nutrition Panel.

Low FODMAP Meal Replacement Drinks

FODMAP Foods LLC low FODMAP, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO free, egg free, and nut free meal replacement powder. A meal replacement is really good at providing satiety (you feel full), and provides carbs for energy. The developer, Dr. Steve Harmon DO, explains them this way:

“A meal replacement is a product that has all three macro nutrients that provide humans with energy; protein, carbs, and fats… Despite all the hate that carbs get, they are actually the currency of energy in humans… Carbohydrates are the preferred energy for the brain as well as for muscle and biological work in the body. By balancing out our product with 40% carb, 30% protein, and 30% fats, we get several benefits. This shake is low calorie, which is good because it can be used to lose or maintain weight. It has carbs in it so that they are available to use for energy.”

There are others on the market, but those made my FODMAP Foods LLC are low FODMAP, and come in a variety of flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, and Orange.

Low FODMAP Protein & Energy Drinks

woman making protein shake.
Photo credit: Kmpzzz/Shutterstock.

We will address protein drinks on their own, first.

Low FODMAP Protein Drinks

A high protein energy drink should be rich in protein, but how much it contains will vary greatly, brand to brand, and also come down to the individual product. You can find Monash University lab tested and certified products, such as HUM Core Strength, and Tum Love, Love Your Gut, both of which provide 20 g protein, per serving, of plant based protein.

Note that many high protein drinks are animal based proteins, which can be fine from a FODMAP perspective. Egg white protein, isolated whey protein, and whey hydrolysate are low FODMAP. Casein is a protein (not a carb/FODMAP). Whey protein concentrate is not low FODMAP (too much lactose). You have to become an ace label reader and understand the low FODMAP diet.

Low FODMAP Energy Drinks: Know What You Are Buying

We truly dislike the term “energy drink” for a variety of reasons. First of all, “energy” is actually another way of referring to calories, but the food and beverage industry has coopted the term and it typically signifies a drink (or food product) that has some sort of energy booster like extra caffeine, guarana, taurine, and the like. While these are not FODMAP problem ingredients, they can be gut irritants. Know your tolerances; they might not be good choices for those with IBS.

All that said, you might come across a drink that calls itself an “energy” drink and it might not have any of those problematic ingredients. Read labels.

Low FODMAP Smoothies for Breakfast

With a good blender on hand, a breakfast smoothie is mere minutes away. You can even make large batches of some smoothies and freeze them in pre-portioned amounts for an even quicker exit from the house in the future.

The problem with smoothies, and it is a problem that we see all the time, is that it is very easy to go overboard in terms of quantity of ingredients, and FODMAP stacking. Pre-FODMAP you were probably used to throwing a bunch of things in the blender, letting it rip, and indulging in a cool liquidy, or frosty beverage without much more thought.

Now, you have to think about stacking and ingredients so that you don’t not create a FODMAP overload load in this liquid meal. We explain more in our article, Beware The Lure of the Smoothie.

Now would be a really good time to review our article, What Is FODMAP Stacking?

Simply put, the low FODMAP diet is very much related to serving size. For instance, according to Monash University lab testing, 35 g of a ripe common banana is low FODMAP, but at 45 g it is already becoming Moderate for FODMAPs. So many of us were used to throwing a whole ripe banana into the blender, but even without any additional ingredients (which of course there are with a smoothie), it would then already be a high FODMAP situation.

Check out our article, What is a Low FODMAP Serving Size? And because so many smoothies do rely on frozen bananas, you will gain a lot of insight from our article, Are Bananas Low FODMAP?

We do have some low FODMAP smoothie recipes for you:

5-Minute Low FODMAP Breakfasts

If you need a 5-minute breakfast to grab and go, here are our favorite recipes and ideas. Use your Monash University and FODMAP Friendly smartphone apps for serving sizes:

Low FODMAP chocolate peanut butter energy balls choosing
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.
  • We have several energy ball recipes, such as this Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Ball shown above
  • Overnight Oats & Chia in a portable container
  • Pop a frozen (premade) low FODMAP pancake or waffle in the toaster
  • Breakfast Casserole – make ahead, portion and freeze. Microwave in the morning
  • Low FODMAP bagel with lactose-free cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Low FODMAP English muffin with butter and jam
  • Low FODMAP muffin, made ahead. Our Blueberry is the best you have ever had
  • Make low FODMAP granola ahead, have with lactose-free yogurt
  • Low FODMAP yogurt (dairy or alt) with fruit, nuts and seeds

Eating Low FODMAP Breakfast While Traveling

Traveling can wreak havoc on our digestive system. It can be stressful, even if it’s exciting, happy stress, we might not sleep well, and it’s definitely hard to stick to our diet. If faced with a hotel buffet breakfast, it is possible to have a low FODMAP breakfast, you just have to know what to look for.

Of course, if you are going to a restaurant, and have the choice of an entire menu, then your approach might be different – and we will address both.

Hotel Breakfast Buffet

hotel breakfast buffet.
Photo credit: supparsorn via DepositPhotos.

Not all hotel breakfast buffets are the same but there are certain food items that come up again and again. Here are some foods that we commonly see that can work even during the Elimination Phase of the low FODMAP diet.

Low FODMAP Hotel Breakfast Choices:

  • Oatmeal (you can add a little brown sugar; the maple “syrup” is usually high FODMAP pancake syrup)
  • Cornflakes
  • Rice Krispies
  • Low FODMAP alt milk (many hotels provide alt milk; ask to see ingredients)
  • Traditional yogurt (know your limits; you could take a Lactaid caplet)
  • Alt yogurts, such as almond milk or coconut milk yogurt
  • Fresh orange or firm banana
  • Eggs – hard boiled or scrambled
  • Bacon
  • Gluten-free toast (ask to see ingredients as they may or may not be low FODMAP)
  • Peanut butter
  • Butter
  • Cream cheese (small serving)
  • Strawberry or raspberry jam, or marmalade

Steer clear of:

  • Sausage (most commercial sausage patties contain garlic and/or onion)
  • Pancakes and waffles
  • Any kind of pancake syrup, which most likely will not be pure maple syrup
  • Bagels
  • Muffins
  • English muffins
  • Whole apples
  • Potato dishes, such as hashbrowns (most likely have garlic/onion)

Low FODMAP Breakfast at a Restaurant

Breakfast at restaurant.
Photo credit: contatoartpix via Canva.

Having breakfast at a restaurant while you’re following the low FODMAP diet will present the same challenges that come up anytime you eat out. You might want to check out our article, How to Navigate a Restaurant Menu on the Low FODMAP Diet. 

Here are our best tips:

  • Call ahead, and/or research the menu online. Prepare yourself with the right questions to ensure there’s something on the menu you can enjoy.
  • Consider restaurants that cater to gluten-free and/or dairy-free diets, which may have more suitable low FODMAP options.
  • But don’t worry; remember the low FODMAP diet is neither gluten-free, not dairy-free.
  • Know that cross contamination is not considered a FODMAP issue.
  • Let the server know that your restrictions are due to a medical condition and that those foods can make you sick.
  • Keep your Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app and FODMAP Friendly app handy as you peruse the menu for any unusual ingredients that might pop up.
  • Eggs are always a great choice.
  • Bacon is a good additional protein source
  • Smoked salmon is as well
  • Ask about the ingredients of their gluten-free bread, or if they have sourdough
  • Some sort of fresh fruit is usually available; consult your apps for suitable servings
  • Coffee and tea can be low FODMAP. We have an article on each for you.
  • FODMAP Everyday® has a card you can print and keep in your purse or wallet (we suggest laminating it). See the front and back below; click on the image below for the PDF download.
Restaurant card.

Low FODMAP Egg Breakfasts

scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives nad dill on a crackled plate with toasted bagels-2
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon.

Eggs are low FODMAP, so you just have to know what to season them with to keep them that way. In the image above we scrambled with with pockets of lactose-free cream cheese, fresh dill, chives and smoked salmon.

Certainly simple preparations such as sunny side up, over easy, soft boiled, hard boiled, scrambled and poached are all low FODMAP. You can use oil or butter in the pan, as desired, to cook the ones that require it. Try some of our recipes, and if you are looking for a slice of toast or some sort of bread to go alongside, that section is next.

Low FODMAP Breads, Bagels & English Muffins for Breakfast

Smucker's Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread on a low FODMAP English muffin on a white plate

It bears repeating that the low FODMAP diet is neither wheat free or gluten free. You can read much mote in our article, How To Choose Low FODMAP Bread. The short story is that fructans are the FODMAP within wheat, and so many baked goods like bread, bagels, and English muffins are traditionally wheat flour based. This is why many people think they have to avoid these foods. However, as with everything involved with the low FODMAP diet, it comes down to serving size. Remember, the diet is “low” FODMAP, not “no” FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Bread

If you look in the Monash University app, you will see that in many cases certain wheat based sandwich-type breads have a low FODMAP serving size of 1 or 2 slices (usually 1). You can have a slice of toast!

If you want a larger serving size, and/or are looking for low FODMAP and gluten-free, there are many choices, and several are laid out in the article mentioned above. Schar, for instance, is an international company with many low FODMAP options. COBS does as well.

One tip, is that the wheat breads on the Monash app that are lab tested as low FODMAP are all within the 24 g to 35 g range, per serving. We suggest using 25 g as a sweet spot to assess other wheat-based products. In other words, if you come across a traditional, wheat-based bagel, you could extrapolate that you could eat 25 g of the bagel. As always, just because something is low FODMAP does not guarantee you will not have a negative reaction. Know your tolerances.

Low FODMAP Bagels

Here are some low FODMAP bagel options:

Low FODMAP English Muffins

Here are some low FODMAP English muffin options:

Curiously, Monash recently lab tested wheat flour based English muffins (no brand given) and they state that a Green Light low FODMAP serving size is 67g. We asked them to explain this (as the low FODMAP serving size is much larger than what they state for sliced bread. They agreed that this lab result was perplexing, but had no further insight).

Low FODMAP Pancakes & Waffles

We have several low FODMAP pancake and waffle recipes for you, as well as recommended mixes, and some prepared options. And any cooked and cooled waffle can be frozen and reheated in your toaster. We have even done this with pancakes!

Low FODMAP Pancake & Waffle Recipes

Low FODMAP Pancake & Waffle Mixes

Low FODMAP Prepared Waffles

  • Kashi Gluten-Free Original Waffles
  • Eggo Gluten Free Original Waffles
  • Wake Up Waffles, Maple

Low FODMAP Breakfast Choices at Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts

feature image for Low FODMAP choices at Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

We have an entire article for you devoted to low FODMAP choices at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Suffice it to say that there are many food and beverage items that you can have while following the low FODMAP diet.

Read our article, Low FODMAP Choices At Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts.

Low FODMAP Healthy-ish Breakfasts

Start your day out right with a nourishing breakfast. Easy, filling and good for you!

Low FODMAP Nut-Free Granola in glass bowl.
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®. Low FODMAP Nut-Free Granola

Low FODMAP Muffins, Scones & Quick Breads

On the run? Be sure to make something you can easily grab and go with! And pack another for snacktime or a coffee break. Or to share!

lemon quick bread sliced on a metal tray

They also keep well in the freezer if you make more than you can eat in a week. Just wrap them well and mark. Also good for when you have a crowd to feed! Essentially one of the perfect breakfast foods!

Cranberry Orange Quick Bread

Low FODMAP Grab n Go Bars

Protein bars, snack bars, energy bars, no matter what you call them, they can provide a quick food to grab when we are on the go. While they are not the best option nutritionally for an everyday choice, they certainly can pinch-hit from time to time.

Low FODMAP Soft Chewy Granola Bars
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®. Low FODMAP Chewy Granola Bar

We have an article for you on how to choose the best prepared ones (we have curated over 100 low FODMAP bars), but here we have some DIY options.

Perfect Low FODMAP Brunch Recipes

We have alot of wonderful recipes that can straddle breakfast and lunch gatherings. These are just a few of our favorites!

A close up of a slice of pumpkin gingerbread streusel coffee cake
slice of Chocolate Pumpkin Marble Cake
Red Velvet Waffles on a white plate

Savory Low FODMAP Breakfast

Some of us prefer a savory start to our day. And these recipes will warm your belly too!

overhead image of ham & cheese low FODMAP quiche, whole, in pie pan with blue and white plates alongside
scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives nad dill on a crackled plate with toasted bagels-2

Now get into the kitchen and prepare some low FODMAP breakfasts!

For ALL of our Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipes, you can CLICK HERE.

Here are our links to our Low FODMAP Lunches & Low FODMAP Dinners, too!

And you might be interested in our article, What Can I Eat On The Low FODMAP Diet?

What Are Some Of YOUR Favorite Low FODMAP Breakfasts? We’d Love To Hear!

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