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Low FODMAP Hanukkah Sugar Cookies – Gluten Free


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Hanukkah Sugar Cookies: Dreidels and Menorahs

Our Rolled Sugar Cookie dough forms the basis for these celebratory Hanukkah Sugar Cookies. The winter months bring several opportunities to celebrate.

Hanukkah cookies on rectangular white plate

How Do You Celebrate?

Both Robin and I grew up in blended families where one parent was Jewish. We also grew up in New York City, and Robin later in Scarsdale, all in the midst of vibrant Jewish communities.

While we experienced various levels of the Jewish experience, neither of our families belonged to a synagogue, so our observance was more cultural than religious.

The Meaning of Food and Ritual

Foods certainly were part of how our families remained in touch with our Jewish heritage.

From trips to the deli for smoked whitefish and “good” bagels, to recreating our Nana’s pies, brisket, matzo balls, rugelach and more, we are quite cognizant of how foods can bring families together.

Hanukkah cookie closeup

And Then There Was Hanukkah

Hanukkah in my house meant one night of presents, on occasion, but pretty much every year there was a brisket and latkes. While we have also brought you those recipes, here we have some less traditional sugar cookies.

I think that one of the strongest emotional memories I have from our Jewish celebrations – Passover was another time we would gather – was that the youngsters were always included in a way that spoke to their importance within the family.

And there was often something on the table just for the kids, whether it was little toys, like real dreidels, or Hanukkah gelt, the gold foil covered chocolate coins that are a way to bestow a blessing on the recipient.

Real money sometimes made an appearance, too.

Hanukkah cookies on a plate with Menorah in background

The idea behind these cookies is that they are a little something sweet for the kids or really anyone in the family. They are also great to make with the kids – and the dreidel and menorah shapes are easy to find.

Look for stars of David and Torah shapes, as well.

Simply refer to our Decorated Sugar Cookies recipe for detailed instructions for creating these royal icing glazed cookies.