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20 Slang Terms We Should Bring Back From The 80s and 90s

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We admit, that although we were around in the 80s and 90s, we did not use all of these – but we certainly used some, and still do. And my JVC BoomBox? I loved that thing. How many of these terms do you still use?

1980s Slang Terms

Image credit MisterStock via Shutterstock.

Let’s dive into the 1980s:

“Not Even”

Not even.
Disbelief. Image credit fizkes via Shutterstock.

Disbelief or disagreement.

“Gag Me with a Spoon”

woman curly hair disgusted.
Polina Zimmerman via Canva.

Expression of disgust or annoyance.

“Have a Cow”

Have a cow. Upset. Angry.
Image credit Anetlanda via Shutterstock.

To overreact or get upset. Usually stated as, “Don’t have a cow”.

“No Duh”

Duh. Whatever. Shrug.
Image credit Cookie Studio via Shutterstock.

Stating the obvious; “Of course”. Often shortened to, “Duh”.


Grody. Disgust.
Image credit via Shutterstock.

Disgusting or gross.

“Boom Box”

Boom box.
Image credit Gerisima via Shutterstock.

Portable radio and tape machine.


Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Delicious food.


Thumbs up.
Image credit Daniel M Ernst via Shutterstock.

An expression of agreement or acknowledgment.


Right on.Pug with peace sign.
Image credit Javier Brosch via Shutterstock.

Smooth; used to describe someone who is smooth in their actions or speech. Sometimes pronounced “buttah”.


Bod. Woman exercising. Fit body.
Image credit PhotoStockPhoto via Shutterstock.

Short for body, often referring to someone’s physique.


Zeek. Sexy woman in glasses.
Image credit Aila Images via Shutterstock.

 A geek with undeniable sex appeal.

1990s Slang Terms

90s trendy woman. CD.
Image credit Masson via Shutterstock.

The 90s brought their own flavor to language.

“As If!”

Wondering. Image credit Q88 via Shutterstock.

Expression of skepticism or disbelief, popularized by the movie Clueless.

“All That And A Bag Of Chips”

woman tossing rainbow hair.
Photo credit: Pexels via Canva.

To describe something or someone as better than expected or having a high level of appeal.

“Da Bomb”

pretty woman.
Image credit L Julia via Shutterstock.

Something that is excellent or awesome.


woman jumping for joy.
Photo credit: Mantas Hesthaven via Canva.

An exclamation used to express joy or triumph.


90s concept. Woman with guitar.
Image credit sklyareek via Shutterstock.

Cool or trendy.


woman saying no.
Photo credit: Keira Burton via Canva.

A dismissive term used to express indifference or lack of interest.


Loser. Sad unpopular woman.
Image credit Rommel Canlas via Shutterstock.

A derogatory term used to describe someone seen as unsuccessful or unpopular.

“Take a Chill Pill”

Take a chill pill. Relax. Calm down.
Image credit Mix and Match Studio via Shutterstock.

A phrase used to tell someone to calm down or relax.


thumbs up; 2 hands.
Photo credit: niekverlaan via Canva.

Used to express agreement or acknowledgment.

“Buggin’ Out”

kid boy freaking out. Bugging out. Surprised.
Image credit Eugene Partyzan via Shutterstock.

To react with disbelief or to overreact.

These slang terms vividly capture the cultural and social nuances of their respective decades, reflecting the dynamic shifts in language and expression over time.

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