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20 Slang Words We Should Bring Back From The 60s and 70s

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Sayings come and go. Some linger for decades; others stick around for a brief period of time. What sayings are typical of the 60s and 70s? Did you say them back then? Do you still? Depending on how old you are, perhaps you have never actually heard anyone voice these. Let’s take a look.

1960s Slang Terms

60s concept.
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Starting with the 1960s…We admit to still using “What a drag”!

“Can You Dig It?”

Can u dig it. Thumbs up.
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 Meaning, do you understand? Are you on board?

“Far Out!”

far Out. Impressed. Surprised. Pointing finger.
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Something that is impressive or surprising.

“Right On!”

Right on.Pug with peace sign.
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Agreement or affirmation.


Groovy. 60s woman. Cool.
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Cool or excellent.

“Outta Sight!”

Outta sight. Cool.
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Amazing, beyond normal.

“Heavy Man!” 

whoa. Intense. Hands up. Stop.
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Something profound or serious.

“Hey Man!”

hey man. Hippie.
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A casual greeting.


Hippie. Peace.
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A farewell or a declaration for the desire for peace.

“What a drag!”

what a drag. Disappointed hippie.
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Something that’s boring or disappointing.

“Slug Bug” 

VW bug.
Image credit sarunyu rapeearparkul via Shutterstock.

Refers to a Volkswagen Beetle; also a children’s game.

1970s Slang Terms

Disco concept. 70s concept.
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New sayings emerged in he 70s.

“Take A Chill Pill”

Chill Pill. calm down. Slow down. relax.
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Relax or calm down.


whats the skinny. Truth.
Image credit fendyrodzi via Shutterstock.

The real information or truth, as in “what’s the skinny?”

“Catch You On The Flip-Side”

See you later. Waving.
Image credit Geobor via Shutterstock.

 See you later.

“Boogie Down” 

Boogie Down. 70s dancers.
Image credit Anton Vierietin via Shutterstock.

To dance enthusiastically.


Psych out. Just kidding. Men laughing.
Image credit astarot via Shutterstock.

Indicating that one has just been joking.

“Brick House”

gorgeous woman in bikini.
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Refers to a very attractive person.

“Chillin’ At The Pad”

relaxing at home.
Image credit G-Stock Studio via Shutterstock.

Relaxing at home.

“Off The Hook”

Excited man in leisure suit.
Image credit Willrow Hood via Shutterstock.

 Something that is very exciting or cool.

These terms vividly capture the cultural and social nuances of their respective decades, reflecting the dynamic shifts in language and expression over time. Do you use any of these? What did we miss?

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Retro woman.
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