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6 Low FODMAP Cereals That We Love

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6 Low FODMAP Cereals That We Love

Are you a cereal-for-breakfast kind of person? We are, so we always make a point to include vetted low FODMAP cereal options in our Shopping Lists. (Did you know that we have thousands of low FODMAP items for you on our Shopping Lists?)

These are 6 Low FODMAP Cereals That We Love, which have been reviewed by a Monash University low FODMAP trained Registered Dietitian to be suitable, even during the Elimination Phase.

6 Low FODMAP Cereals That We Love

Cereal For Breakfast & Beyond

Whether it is every day, or just every once in a while, if you like cereal for breakfast and are now following the low FODMAP diet, you might be wondering what you can eat first thing in the morning.

Or, maybe you like to munch on cereal as a snack, either midday in a bowl with your milk of choice, or out of hand as an easy-to-eat treat.

We bet these 6 low FODMAP cereals will find a home in your pantry.

As always, your digestive tract is unique and we recommend starting with small portions and assessing your own tolerances.

Our Fave 6 Low FODMAP Cereals

1. EnviroKidz Organic Chocolate Choco Chimps (made by Nature’s Path Organics) – Here’s the two reasons I love these: they are chocolate and they are as tasty either in a bowl with milk, or eaten out-of-hand as a snack. I actually eat them as a light chocolate treat (sometimes after dinner, while watching TV…)

2. Barbara’s Bakery Original Puffins – I had been eating this cereal for years and was thrilled to discover that it is low FODMAP. Not all of the Puffins flavors are, so pay attention to the ingredient lists. Note that the Peanut Butter version is low FODMAP, too. As mentioned above, these are great eaten conventionally or as a dry snack.

3. Bob’s Red Mill Organic Creamy Buckwheat Hot Cereal – Yes, this cereal takes preparation, but if you have ever made oatmeal, this is no more difficult. And on a cold morning, when a nice hot cereal warms you from the inside out, this is a perfect choice. I make it with water and then add a suitable quantity of low FODMAP fruit or sometimes a drizzle of maple syrup (which is low FODMAP approved).

4. One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Oat Quinoa Cacao Granola – OK, yes I am a chocolate fiend and I will take it any way I can get it, even for breakfast. You know we had to include a granola, and this one is extra-special. It features whole grain quinoa, oats and brown rice and palm sugar and brown rice syrup as sweeteners. Fabulous with yogurt. We have found the best price at our local Whole Foods.

5. General Mills Rice Chex – Looking for a cereal that you can find in almost every supermarket? Good ‘ole Rice Chex are low FODMAP. Try this super versatile cereal in a recipe, such as our Muddy Buddies and our Chex Snack Mix.

kelloggs corn flakes box

6. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes – Monash University has lab-tested several of Kellogg’s cereals and classic Corn Flakes is low FODMAP in portions of 1 cup (28 g). You should be able to find these in most supermarkets.

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