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Low FODMAP Farmers Market Finds: Winter

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Colder temps have settled in, announcing winter’s arrival in the US. While some farmers markets may be hibernating until spring, many remain open, either staying outside or moving indoors. Chicago is notorious for being frigid in the winter, but two of their largest farmers markets, Greencity Market and Logan Square Farmers Market, are open year round and move inside come November.

Even if snow is falling, you can still enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as other locally produced low FODMAP foods, such as fish, meats, dairy, breads, and condiments.

Winter Farmers Market - Modified Photo by Annie Spratt

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Naturally, what’s in season in Illinois or New York in January is different from what’s in season in California or Arizona, and also different from Australia (where it’s summer!).

With the exception of citrus, we’re focusing on produce that is available at winter farmers markets in the northern parts of the US. Even though the weather can be dreary, produce this time of year provides a variety of flavors and colors, including hearty root vegetables like carrots, crunchy cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, and vibrant citrus.

Root Vegetables stacked up on table at Farmers Market

In the fall and winter, apples, pears, and onions are ubiquitous at farmers markets, but unfortunately high FODMAP. Rather than feel frustrated with the produce you may need to avoid, focus on the produce and other goodies that will help keep your IBS symptoms in check! There are still an abundance of low FODMAP produce options to choose from at farmers markets in the winter. (See the list below.)

List of Low FODMAP winter produce with a purple background and images of carrots

Low FODMAP winter citrus with background image of oranges

Other Low FODMAP Edibles

Besides seasonal produce, a variety of artisanal foods are available year round at many farmers markets. At Greencity Market and Logan Square Farmers Market, for example, you can find low FODMAP foods like sourdough breads, aged cheeses, quail and chicken eggs, Midwestern fish, and organic, pasture-raised meats including chicken, lamb, turkey, and beef.

There are also low FODMAP condiments like cold-pressed olive oils, vinegars, and maple syrup. Locally-blended teas are a warming option in the wintertime. Remember to avoid teas with chicory root, fennel, dandelion, or chamomile if you’re sensitive to fructans.

Your best choices are green, white, black (when brewed to a weak strength), peppermint, and rooibos.

Don’t Overlook the Non-Food Options

Another feature of some farmers markets are vendors carrying natural bath and body products, and what better time for some self-care than winter. When it’s freezing cold and the sun sets at 4:30, a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil and luxurious soap can be a lovely way to destress.

Remember, diet as well as stress can affect your IBS symptoms. Check out your local farmers markets for artisanal goodies like goat milk or vegan soaps, essential oils, and beeswax or soy candles.

Sawmill Herb Farm - Florence, MA

Seasonal Recipe Inspiration

If you need some cooking ideas incorporating some of these winter fruits and vegetables, check out our Roasted Kabocha with Crispy Quinoa, our Fennel, Kale & Parsley Salad with Clementines and Olives and our Kale Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Pomegranate.


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