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Low FODMAP Ginger Pomegranate Pear Sparkler


A Gingery Non-Alcoholic Drink

Did the inclusion of the word “pear” in the title get your attention? Pears are considered high FODMAP yet Monash University has lab-tested pears to be low FODMAP in portions of 5 g. Our Ginger Pomegranate Pear Sparkler takes advantage of that fact.

low fodmap ginger pomegranate pear sparkler in tall clear glass and stirrer

How Much Pear is Low FODMAP?

So I thought, what the heck does 5 grams of pear look like?I knew it would be a small amount. And the second question I asked myself was, what could I do with such a small amount of pear? The idea of a thin slice of pear floating in the drink popped into my brain and I thought, why not?

The pear ends up being subtle, but it does lend its pear perfume to the drink, it looks so lovely and you CAN eat the pear!

How do you cut a 5-gram piece of pear? CAREFULLY. And with a very sharp knife, or preferably a mandoline. And you should weigh it to be sure. If you do not have a scale I will gently shake my finger at you because you SHOULD own a digital scale since you are following the low FODMAP diet – but here is another tip.

The slice of pear should be thin enough that you can see through it.


vertical image of low FODMAP ginger pomegranate pear sparkler with stirrer

Drink Your Ginger!

Ginger is low FODMAP and we can use it in a variety of ways, from ground ginger, as in out rolled Gingerbread Cookies, to fresh ginger, as in our Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps, to candied ginger, which you can find in our Spiced Rhubarb Chutney and then there are ginger beverages.

This recipe combines a ginger-flavored sparkly beverage and you have choices. The main choices are products that will be labeled as ginger ale, nonalcoholic ginger beer or ginger sparkling water.

closeup of ginger pomegranate pear sparkler in a tall clear glass

All of these CAN be low FODMAP – but you have to read labels. Watch out for high fructose corn syrup, which you want to avoid. Any of these ginger beverages will work, but they will create a different final result.

  • Ginger flavored sparkling water will make the mildest tasting recipe.
  • Most ginger ale will be somewhere in the middle, in terms of gingery impact.
  • Many ginger beers (again, these are NON-alcoholic) are very spicy, in a good way, and pack a ginger punch!

You can choose what you would like to use.