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Valentine’s Day Cookies


Rolled Sugar Cookies Are Versatile

If you were with us for the Christmas and Hanukkah season you already know that we have an awesome gluten-free rolled sugar cookie recipe that is extremely versatile. Now it’s time for Valentine’s Day Cookies!

Low FODMAP, gluten-free Valentine's Day cookies, overhead shot

We have already made snowmen and reindeer and dreidels and menorahs and now it is time for hearts. And cactus. Why cactus? I have no idea other than my daughter, Ravenna, who made these cookies, loves cacti. But they work, don’t they? The cookie recipe can be cut out with your cookie cutter of choice and the process for creating the lovely sugar coating is described in our recipe, Decorated Sugar Cookies.

Low FODMAP, gluten-free Valentine's Day cookies, overhead shot

You Can Make Gorgeous Decorated Sugar Cookies

Creating these kinds of icing-coated sugar cookies does take attention to detail but Ravenna has brought us a great approach that will help you along, every step of the way.

Low FODMAP, gluten-free Valentine's Day cookies, overhead shot

Or, Take Another Route
Once you get our basic recipe down for the rolled sugar cookies, you can get creative. Check out the choices below. Instead of a rigid, poured sugar icing decoration, you can simply sprinkle with colored sugar before baking. In the image below we used a very sparkly sugar. These are usually specialty order items and you can find them in all sorts of colors and level of sparkle.
heart shaped sugar cookie with sparkle sugar

Or, as you can see in the image below, one of the cookies was sprinkled with crushed candy, again before the cookies were baked. And leaving some plain will allow you to create the sandwich style cookies seen further below.

heart shaped sugar cookies

Strawberry Jam is Low FODMAP

heart shaped sandwich cookies

Here we take advantage of the fact that strawberry jam is low FODMAP.

heart shaped sandwich cookies, jam seeping outSimply cut out tiny cookies, 2 of each identical shape, and spread jam on one of the them. Sandwich together with the other cookie – voila!

heart shaped sandwich cookie closeup

A shower with confectioners’ sugar makes this super easy variation bakery-worthy. Happy Baking!

heart shaped sugar cookies, sifting sugar

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