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What Did You Learn In School That Turned Out To Be 100% False?

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School days. Are they all that they were cracked up to be? Do you remember them fondly? Or, do you think about all the things you were told that turned out NOT to be true? Turns out this is a favorite topic on Reddit and elsewhere.

What can you remember being told that you later realized was not true? At all? These were the adults we were supposed to learn from. And trust…ok, then…

If You Dig Straight Through The Earth, You’ll Come Out In China

children digging.
Photo credit: qimono via Canva.

We were told this by parents. And we admit, it never occurred to us, at the time, to wonder what children on the other side of the world were taught:

 “I grew up in Illinois and immediately told my teacher that couldn’t be right. If I’m in the northern hemisphere when I dig I must come out in the southern hemisphere. I got in trouble for telling her she was wrong.”

“A couple years ago, I asked a Parisian buddy. He was also told that he would come out in China.”

“Literally a few hours ago, I asked an Australian buddy. Guess what they told him?

Apparently, there are teachers who don’t know how to use a globe, all over the globe.”

Bullies Won’t Be Tolerated. And You Can Just Talk It Out

boy bullying another.
Photo credit: Keira Burton via Canva.

This one came up probably the most frequently in the responses. Being told “that bullying wouldn’t be tolerated.”

This one was told “You can solve troubles with bullies by talking to them!”

To which this commenter responded: “How helpful. It landed me in hospital twice.”

Others were told, “violence doesn’t solve the problem. Just talk to the bully. Tell them that what they are doing makes you uncomfortable. Kid tries this. Gets bullied more. Kid kicks the crap out of the bully, nearly putting him in hospital. Bully doesn’t go near the kid again. Problem solved. Some teachers were very disconnected from reality.”

Looking at the news these days it seems like many of those bullies grew up and never got the memo.

You Won’t Always Have A Calculator

person using apple watch.
Photo credit: towfiqu via Canva.

Remember when you were told “you better learn how to add and subtract because you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket.” To which one person responded: “The **** I won’t.”

“I have in my pocket a device that allows me the ability to access all the worlds human knowledge. But it’s mostly used to watch videos of cats.”

Calculators came on the scene (I’m thinking about 1974) and they were like $99 and AMAZING…well, actually not a lot of us carry a calculator now, but there’s this thing on our wrist, or in our pocket that calculates…

Drugs. They Do What?

psychedelic image.
Photo credit: Sandra Dans via Canva.

Some schools had drug education. Some just had no tolerance rules. A lot of them taught faulty info:

“I found some notes from ‘drug education class’ in 7th grade, and they said that marijuana was an injectable drug. Also, that LSD caused insanity. This was in 1968.”

You Need To Write In Cursive To Be Taken Seriously As An Adult.

practicing cursive.
Photo credit: MART PRODUCTION via Cava.

“You need to write in cursive to be taken seriously as an adult.”

Handwriting. Some of us had to do drills in cursive. It was a must. But was it?

“As a med student about to graduate, I had to resort back to cursive after, IDK, tens of years lol. It’s the only way to speedily jot things during patient interactions. So that’s why doctors all have handwriting that can’t be decoded by anything short of a supercomputer array.”

“Cursive was invented because quills and dip/ fountain pens had their own set of issues with breaking and with ink splattering. It was easier to write in running script because it minimized the problems. There’s no real reason to use it any longer now that we have ballpoint pens and different, more reliable ink.”

I Before E Except After C

Young girl in front of blackboard
Image Credit: FODMAP Everyday

“As a Keith, I approve of this message!

I before e except after c… except when your foreign scientist neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.


Weather Related Safety Information

tornado coming towards farm.
Photo credit: prettysleepy via Canva.

“My 11th grade Physics teacher taught us that we should open all of our windows if a tornado is about to hit your house. I told him he was wrong and got a detention for it.”

To which this person responded: “Yeah, if I’m not mistaken that’d just dramatically increase the surface area for the wind to latch on to, create high pressure areas inside the house, and generally make your roof pop right off that much easier. Also, you know… there’s a tornado about to hit your house. Running around opening windows sounds like an awful way to spend your last moments.”

Good Grades ALWAYS Result In High Paychecks

woman with fan of bills.
Photo credit: sallyjermain via Canva.

Did all those straight A students end up with higher paying jobs? Doesn’t look like it:

“My sister and I always butt heads on this. We went to the same university. She got very good grades while I struggled. Yes, she got a much better job than I did right out of school. But that was almost 20 years ago. I’ve more than ‘caught up’ since then. My sister is bitter that I am ‘as successful’ as she is, despite having much different grades in college. But it’s very true that, with the exception of maybe for first job out of school, your work experience far outweighs how well you did in school.”

“I have an engineering degree. One of our Deans had a theory. The top 10% of graduates would go to grad school, middle 80 or so would do more traditional engineering, and the bottom 10 would be rich. The bottom 10 learned the social skills and how to take and manage risk, which leads themselves to start their own business or otherwise capitalize on situations the rest of us may miss.”

Another posted added: “This checks out for law school, too. The best students become professors, the fat middle of the curve join BigLaw, and the tail become entrepreneurs and end up naming buildings.”

The Human Tongue. What Now?

woman sticking out tongue.
Photo credit: Oleg Magni via Canva.

Apparently many of us had science teachers that left a lot to be desired:

“The human tongue taste buds are sectioned off for sweet, sour, etc. Instead, they are all bundled, found out by burning my mouth as a kid with hot cocoa.”

“I remember my first grade teacher doing a whole activity where we had different flavor dips or something and tongue depressors. She had us put sweets on the other ‘flavor areas’ of our tongues to see what happened. I remember being the only kid that was like lmfao this doesn’t work at all’, and everyone else insisted they couldn’t taste the sweet cherry flavor on the side of their tongue. Just so stupid.”

Best response: “The experiment better shows that many people will willingly accept a lie if it sounds plausible and comes from a figure of authority.”

Sex Education. Well, They Called It Education

woman wondering.
Photo credit: SHOTPRIME via Canva.

Some schools had “sex-ed”, and some didn’t. The one’s who didn’t might have fared better given some of the misinformation kids were fed:

“Don’t have sex, you’ll get PREGNANT and DIE

“That’s pretty much what they told us while making us watch videos of people dying of AIDS.”

“To be fair, you will die. But now you won’t die a virgin.”

“I was instructed never to touch my breasts.”

“I was never given any knowledge about a good touch or a bad touch.”

“Women can’t get pregnant after 35.” What now?

Some Teachers ROCK!

Photo credit: MartinFuchs via Canva.

Some teachers not only teach their subject, they teach life lessons:

“When I was 6, my teacher, Mrs. Sayle, taught us that there were penguins in the Arctic. I was quite a fan of penguins, and was pretty sure they only lived, (natively), in the southern hemisphere, so I put up my hand and said so.

Mrs. Sayle said that she thought there were penguins both north and south, but that she would check. The next day, having looked in the encyclopedia overnight, she explained in front of the whole class that I was right, and she handed me a nice little note apologizing for her mistake.

She admitted her mistake and apologized in front of a whole class of 6-year-olds.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was some excellent teaching.”

Random Useless Info

blonde woman looking confused.
Photo credit: Gabby K via Canva.

Here are a bunch of things we were told as kids that we just had to include:

“That learning to play handbells would help me in any way, shape, or form going forward.”

You won’t ever make a living playing computer games. Ha! Tell all the millionaires in Silicon Valley that!

“There is an invisible man in the sky and he loves us all – until we don’t do what he wants and then he’ll burn us for all eternity.”

“Pluto is a planet.”

“In 20 years, quantum entanglement is going to allow us to teleport.” Well, we’ll check back with you in twenty.

“Slavery was abolished, fascism was crushed, women gained equality, native Americans were treated humanely, Christopher Columbus was a great guy… I before E except after C.”

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