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14 Of The Craziest Hacks People Use Mayonnaise For – Even In The Bedroom!

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After you click through this slide show you will never look at a jar of mayo the same way again. Trust us.

Use To Remove Gum

man shocked.
Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Canva.

OK, this is tried and true. A real old-fashioned home remedy. We don’t remember the last time we heard of someone getting gum stuck in their hair, but if this should happen, rub some mayo into the gummy offending area and you will be able to separate the hair from the sticky gum.

Hair Conditioner

washing woman's hair.
Photo credit: Maria Mejia via Canva.

Speaking of hair, another old-fashioned use of mayonnaise is as hair conditioning treatment. Lightly wet hair, apply a good sized blob on hair and comb through with a wide-toothed comb, or massage it in with fingers. Cover with a cap (buy a shower cap at the dollar store) and allow to marinate, um sit, for about 20 minutes. Rinse out, then shampoo as usual.

Lice Treament?

Boy scratching head.
Photo credit: StudioGrandouest via DepostPhotos.

You can find anything on the Internet. Several sources claim that mayo can be a lice pre-treatment and treatment, but we are not so sure about this. The belief is that if you comb it through your hair, the lice can’t stick to it (!). Or, if you already have lice, combing mayo through your hair can help rid them. The only way we can see this working is that the mayo might be slippery and help those lice combs actually get through your hair, but wouldn’t conditioner do the same thing?

Sticky Labels? Grab The Mayo!

Photo credit: Kaboompics via Canva.

Have a jar or bottle that you want to save, but need to get rid of that label that just won’t come off? Use mayonnaise. Rub it into the sticky label and it will help detach it from the glass.

Bumper Sticker Be Gone

Car with bumper stickers.
Photo credit: kipgodi via DepositPhotos.

Just as mayonnaise can loosen a label from a bottle, it can help get rid of that bumper sticker. Or stickers, plural. Yeah, we know. You thought it was a good idea at the time…

Scratch? What Scratch?

polishing wood table.
Photo credit: stockdp via DepositPhotos.

Small scratches on wood furniture will disappear after you rub lightly with a cloth moistened with a bit of mayo.

A Treat For Houseplants

woman cleaning plant.
Photo credit: Thirdman via Canva.

If you have houseplants with sturdy board leaves, they probably sometimes look a bit dull. Take a soft cloth, add a dab of mayo, and polish the leaves.

Sunburn Salve?

Photo credit: aldahrino via Canva.

Another old-fashioned belief is that mayo can soothe a sunburn. It might moisturize a bit, and it might feel soothing, but it won’t actually “cure” your sunburn. Might be worth a try. As long as there aren’t a lot of flies around. They love the stuff.

Solve That Squeak

blue door.
Photo credit: DanaTentis via Canva.

Got a squeaky door, or other hinge? A dab of mayonnaise can lubricate it, and silence the noise.

Mayo Rids Sticky Fingerprints

polishing car.
Photo credit: vkstudio va Canva.

We leave you with one more mayo hack, that makes no sense to us. Let’s say you are making tuna salad with mayo and you get sticky fingerprints on the stainless steel refrigerator. Supposedly a little mayo on a microfiber cloth will wipe those fingerprints away and give the surface a nice polish. Works for car interiors, too! We haven’t tried this yet. Have you?

Banish Crayon Marks

Kid holding crayons.
Photo credit: srinivas bandari via Canva.

Did the kids go wild with the crayons on a surface that they weren’t supposed to? A little mayo on a cloth can rub away those crayon marks – depending on the surface, of course. For peace of mind, do a tiny test area, first.

Cuticle Softener

woman with manicure.
Photo credit: Reafon Gates via Canva.

Raggedy cuticles a problem? Rub a little mayo on them for an ultra-moisturizing effect. Works on dry heels and calluses, too!

Ring Stuck On Your Finger?

snake ring on woman's hand.
Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska via Canva.

Use the slippery, greasy properties of mayo to help loosen a stuck ring. Do this over a towel so that if the ring goes flying you won’t lose it. In other words, don’t do this over the sink.

Mayo As Lube?

surprised woman.
Photo credit: Lesia Sementsova via Canva.

Can you use mayonnaise as lube? Well, you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Isn’t that what coconut oil is for? 🙂

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