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What Went Through Your Head When You Lost Your Virginity?

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Losing one’s virginity can be a momentous, joyful occasion, but it can also be anti-climactic, nerve-wracking and scary. A poster on Reddit wondered what people would say, so they asked the question: “What Went Through Your Head When You Lost Your Virginity?”, and people laid it all out. Funny, sweet, poignant, it’s all here. Ah, nothing like reminiscing.

This is a collection of memories and comments from individuals who engaged in sex with mutual consent. Mutual consent is an absolute requirement for any physical engagement with another person.


woman jumping for joy.
Photo credit: Mantas Hesthaven via Canva.

Let’s start with those responding with sheer joy:

One woman thought about a favorite cartoon: “The Dora The Explorer song, “We Did It!”

Another went the rock and roll route: “…Summer of 69…”

“I remember high-fiving myself in the bathroom mirror.”

“Lol I remember saying, ‘Why don’t people just do this all the time? There is literally no reason to do anything else for fun.’ My partner agreed wholeheartedly that we should do nothing but this 24/7. Oh, to be young and naive ha-ha.”

Did You Fall Instantly in Love?

two people touching fingers.
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One Redditer thought, “‘I’m going to love this girl forever.’ Didn’t work out, of course. We were sixteen. But I do remember her fondly, as a lovely memory of one amazing summer.”

“I’m so happy I have the perfect partner, I love him so much. Now I was like 16 at the time, however 14 years later and we are still together and happy.”

Mixed Emotions

man looking confused.
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Not surprisingly, mixed emotions were reported:

“A mix of pleasure because sex, happiness because milestone, nervousness because I want her to enjoy it too, and anxiety because I didn’t want the condom to break.”

“Can’t believe I paid $300 for this.”

“I was super pumped… grinning ear to ear… just like a Viagra commercial. If I had a re-do, I would wait until I found someone I cared about.”

“Honestly it didn’t get mind blowing until I met my wife. Our culture of sleeping around doesn’t teach about what it’s like to be with someone you share an amazing connection with.”


woman looking shocked.
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Some folks were surprised. Surprised by someone walking in on them, and surprised about anatomy:

“It felt a bit underwhelming considering her mom walked in on us when she should have been at work…Also, the hole is lower than you think as a teen.”

“That was it? Don’t get me wrong… love sex, but I guess losing your virginity gets so hyped up in movies and tv shows that I thought I’d become like a totally different person afterwards. Instead, I was just me with a new hobby to engage in.”

Some said “ouch!”

And some had the opposite response “Well, that kinda sucked. I’m not circumcised and at the time didn’t know you were supposed to pull the foreskin back before you put a condom on. I didn’t have anybody to teach me that, so I just didn’t/couldn’t feel anything.”

To Condom or Not To Condom

two people holding a condom together.
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The use, or lack thereof, of condoms was a hot topic:

“When I first had sex, it was with a condom. I was like, ok cool that was fun. But when I first had sex without a condom…holy moly it was freakin’ amazing.”

“I think I lasted about 1.5 seconds my first time without a condom. That memory hits harder than losing my virginity.”

Uh Oh!

baby looking surprised.
Photo credit: Amyelizabethquinn via Canva.

Worry came into play:

“The condom broke. And we got plan B. Followed by massive Catholic guilt and fears of my first time legit leading to pregnancy.”

“Her mom freaked out and called my mom. When I got home I had to have ‘The talk’ and pray to god that I wouldn’t want to do that again.”

“As a guy, my initial thought after the fact was… oh god… so much blood on my comforter, how am I going to explain this??? I took the comforter to the laundry. First time doing laundry. Told my mom the cat puked on it.”

To which another poster responded, “ Bro, if you had sex before learning how to do laundry, something seriously got messed up in your childhood.”

“When I went home and walked in the door and my mom and sisters were watching TV and just hanging out, I was CONVINCED that somehow it was written all over my face. They didn’t know, of course.”

“I wondered if people could ‘just tell’ and worried that when I went to school, people would know just by looking at me. Obviously, nobody could tell but I did feel very different afterward.”

That Was Fast

clock showing no time.
Photo credit: The Digital Artist via Canva.

The concept of time was mentioned. A lot:

“Oh no. Already? Not yet. Nooo”

““Crickey… that was quicker than expected.”


The Conqueror

man looking victorious, hand raised.
Photo credit: Fotorech via Canva.

And there is this person, who looked at it like a contest:

“Nothing, because I didn’t lose it. I never lose.”

This article has been edited for language from this Reddit thread.

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