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Meet Leigh

I’m Leigh Merotto, a Registered Dietitian with an online private practice specializing in gut-health and fitness. I empower individuals to get to the root of IBS, SIBO and gut problems, optimize their fitness and metabolism, and support vibrant wellness. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, however thanks to the internet, I support people virtually all over the world!

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Leigh Merotto RD MHSc

With my own history of gut problems and sensitivities, I have learned how complex the relationship between our food, our mind and our lifestyle factors play a role in our gut health and simultaneously interact.

Digestive health is a primary focus area of my practice, as I recognize from personal experience as well as working with 100s of clients that optimal digestive health is essential for every aspect of our wellness such as our mental health, immunity, exercise recovery and performance, hormonal health, and more.

As a Digestive Health Dietitian, I am also trained by MONASH University in the low FODMAP diet and specialize in supporting those with IBS utilize the low FODMAP diet to find symptom relief.

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Leigh Merotto RD MHSc

Professional Bio

  • To become a Registered Dietitian (RD), Leigh received a Master of Health Science (MHSc) degree in Nutrition Communication from Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University) in Toronto, Ontario. Her Master’s program involved an 8-month internship where she worked in a Diabetes Education Center, sports nutrition private practice, and inpatient hospital care in downtown Toronto (general medicine and oncology) 
  • She is currently licensed by the College of Dietitians Ontario 
  • In her early career as a Dietitian, she worked as an inpatient dietitian at a mental health facility in Toronto, Ontario in general psychiatry, forensics and addictions treatment. 
  • Leigh also worked at a CrossFit and Powerlifting facility where she ran a nutrition coaching program and helped recreational athletes optimize their training, improve body composition, create sustainable habits, and prepare for competitions.
  • Exercise has always been important in her life, and she is an avid yogi, calisthenics athlete, weight-lifter, and mobility enthusiast always looking to try out new ways to get active! 
  • She has experienced first-hand how nutrition plays a huge role in seeing improvements in her strength and endurance capabilities, and developed a passion for helping other active individuals do the same, without having their gut-health hold them back.
  •  In her private practice, she takes an integrative approach to recommendations, goal setting and habits-based coaching with her clients. They work together to address multiple aspects of diet and lifestyle therapies to support their treatment plan including not only eating habits and food choices, but also meal hygiene, stress-management, mindfulness, activity, sleep support, and beyond.
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Leigh Merotto RD MHSc

Description of Practice 

Leigh Merotto Nutrition is an integrative nutrition coaching practice that seeks to empower individuals to find sustainable relief from functional digestive issues like IBS, GERD, SIBO and bloating, in order to optimize their fitness and live life to their fullest potential. She believes in the importance of evidence-based practice and remains committed to reviewing the current literature in order to support her practice.

She provides one-on-one premium nutrition coaching and lifestyle counseling for those looking for a partner in their health. She also offers online courses, meal plans, e-books and webinars, freebies for the low-FODMAP diet, gut-health and fitness to help support people in their journey whichever stage they are currently at. 


Want to get in touch? Send me a note at leigh@leighmerotto.com or visit my website www.leighmerotto.com to learn more about how I can support you in your IBS, gut-health and fitness journey. 

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Favorite Low FODMAP Diet Tip

Diversity is crucial for a healthy gut-microbiome, which is essential for efficient digestion and managing IBS. When following a low FODMAP diet, avoid the common path of falling into having the same ‘safe’ fruits and vegetables every day. Be sure to seek out resources to help you add more variety of plant foods to your diet, and work with a Dietitian if you are struggling. 

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Favorite Low FODMAP Recipe

I absolutely love nourish bowls (aka buddha bowls) because they are a great way to get in lots of colours and plant variety. For a low FODMAP option, I combine a whole grain (quinoa, brown rice), plant protein (firm tofu or tempeh), raw veggies (like purple cabbage, carrot, cucumber, spinach), and a dressing. A great example I love is the Banh Mi Tofu bowl.

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