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Beckon Lactose Free Ice Cream Review

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We Took Beckon Lactose-Free Ice Cream Into the Test Kitchen

Product Description: Beckon Ice Cream is the first premium ice cream that is lactose-free and made from real rBST-free dairy milk and cream. Lactase enzyme is added to create a lactose-free but dairy-full ice cream with the density and creaminess level you expect from premium brands.

Beckon Ice Cream, Lactose Free! Pints, spoons ang glass cone

The flavors available now are Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Mint Chip and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip.

Ingredient List:

    • Vanilla: cream, milk (vitamin D3), non-GMO pure cane sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract, salt, lactase.
    • Espresso: cream, milk (vitamin D3), egg yolks, non-GMO pure cane sugar, natural coffee flavor, salt, lactase.
    • Chocolate: cream, milk (vitamin D3), non-GMO pure cane sugar, egg yolks, chocolate base (water, cocoa processed with alkali, chocolate liquor, sugar, coconut oil, salt), vanilla extract, salt, natural coffee flavor, lactase.
    • Mint Chip: cream, milk (vitamin D3), non-GMO pure cane sugar, non-GMO chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], natural vanilla extract), egg yolks, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, salt, lactase.
    • Sea Salt Chocolate Chip: cream, milk (vitamin D3), non-GMO pure cane sugar, non-GMO chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], natural vanilla extract), egg yolks, vanilla extract, sea salt, lactase.


Main Image of Beckon Ice Cream Assorted Pints
Beckon Ice Cream provided the ice cream for our review. All opinions are our own.

Test Kitchen Overview

We first tasted Beckon when it was called Minus the Moo at the NYC Fancy Food Show in 2017. The start-up re-branded as Beckon because many folks mistakenly thought that there was no dairy in the product, when in fact, this is all about real dairy without the lactose. You can read our interview with the founders, Gwen & Katy to find out more about their story.

We were immediately struck by the creaminess level, clean labels, excellent flavor and the fact that the flavors currently available are all low FODMAP! And, now, starting in July 2018, they are shipping in the contiguous U.S. straight to your door. Check out the special offer for FODMAP Everyday® readers at the bottom of this review.

We cannot wait for more stores to stock them, but you can find them in some supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Big Y all over New England. Be sure to ask your grocer to carry Beckon!

coffee Beckon Ice Cream up close in pint with scoop

They are based in Boston, MA and we are lucky to be in the northeast where they do have a stronger presence.

Pros: This is real ice cream. Just like lactose-free milk and other real dairy products that have been treated with lactase, you get all the satisfaction of a real dairy experience. Also, they test every batch to ensure its lactose-free designation!

We are partial to the flavors they have right now, so we were quite satisfied and frankly, couldn’t choose which we liked best. I do really like the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip for its hit of salt and actually I detected a higher salt level in the other flavors too. They were not “salty”, so don’t misinterpret what I am saying.

The salt level was boosted just enough to really bring out the flavors of the individual blends, which would have had a flatter taste otherwise. Good call on the flavor development profile.

The ship-to-your-door is an exciting new offer!   And for FODMAP Everyday® readers you get a special discount on your first online order! See details below the review.

Cons: They are not as widely available in brick and mortar stores at the moment. Also, the flavors are not that broad, so for now you strawberry fans are out of luck. The ice cream also melts fairly quickly.

multiple small scoops of Beckon Ice Cream in glass dish; pint of ice cream in background

Suggested Use: Eat right out of the pint! Or rather, scoop it out, sit down and enjoy! Or top it with our Chocolate Shell, or learn how to make a low FODMAP Ice Cream Soda.

Where to Buy: Go to the Beckon website to order, or to look up availability.

Price at Time of Review:  The site offers a 5, 6, 8 and 12-pint package and a $9.99 flat shipping rate for mail orders. In stores pints average $6.99.

MORE Ice Cream Info!

We have a general article for you – All About Low FODMAP Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts that we think you will love. Get links to recipes and also to dozens of low FODMAP prepared products, both dairy based and dairy-free.

Have you tried this product? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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