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Ethereal Chocolates for Mother’s Day (or Any Day)

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Ethereal Chocolates for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – Or Just a Treat for Yourself

Mother’s Day is around the corner and take it from me, a Mom, we love chocolate! But, and this is a huge but, it has to be good chocolate. Drugstore choices just won’t do. And, scroll to the bottom to see a discount code for this amazing products!

Ethereal Chocolate Bars and Cocoa Tea against blue wood backdrop
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Luckily, not only is it easy these days to find wonderful chocolate, but at 1 ounce (30 g) for dark and ½ ounce (15 g) for milk or white chocolate, we can indulge while on the low FODMAP diet.

The lovely creations in the images are from Ethereal Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate of Woodstock, IL and they are as delicious as they are pretty – a boon for gift giving.

Their products are made by hand on a small, artisanal scale and from the visual presentation to first bite, the attention to detail is evident.

Pictured here are 4 of their bars and their Cocoa Tea (more on that later). Their site has even more options.

The Singular Experience of Single Origin Chocolate

They have single origin bars (2.25 ounce/64 g), such as this 80% cacao from Guatemala (in the pretty purple wrapper), with tasting notes of rich cacao and licorice and the 70% cacao from Haiti (in the blue wrapper) with notes of vanilla, brown sugar and raisins.

These flavors are all inherent in the individual beans and brought out during the roasting and manufacturing process and best savored plain – which is why Ethereal presents them as solid chocolate bars of these distinct origins. They are also gluten and dairy-free and feature organic ingredients.

Delicious Add-Ins

Ethereal Confections Dark Chocolate Topped with Candied Ginger, Candied Orange Peel & Coriander

And then there are the bars with tasty inclusions. Just look at the Dark Chocolate Topped with Candied Ginger, Candied Orange Peel & Coriander in the gorgeous orange-toned floral wrapper.

Piece of Ethereal Confections Dark Chocolate Topped with Candied Ginger, Candied Orange Peel & Coriander

And then we have the Dark Chocolate Topped with Caramelized Almonds, Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt in the blue floral wrapper. These bars weigh in at 2.5 ounces/71 g.

Ethereal Confections with Caramelized Almonds, cocoa nibs & see salt

My favorite item might just be their Cocoa Tea. Looks like Tea. Tastes like chocolate! Seriously.

Ethereal cocoa tea in bowl and yellow packageThe experience is that of drinking an herbal infusion, in terms of the liquid’s body, but the flavor is as rich as a chocolate bar! I even like this better than a hot chocolate because it isn’t as rich and yet I get all the chocolate satisfaction.

It is made up of cocoa shells and cocoa nibs, which you simply steep for 5 to 7 minutes (we went for the full 7).

Brewed Ethereal cocoa tea in cup and yellow package

All of the bars shown here could be sampled while on the diet as they include ingredients that are low FODMAP, such as almonds, sea salt, ginger and candied peel (called Mixed Peel, Citrus on the Monash University Smartphone App). Just watch your portions!

Ethereal chocolate bar label

Shop Ethereal Chocolates

Enjoy! Now I have to get back to sipping my Cocoa Tea!

PS: Looking forward to Dad’s Day, we know quite a few fathers who would love these as well. Order some extra!

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