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Pawsitive Impact: Can Pets Boost Your Health and Happiness?

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Love hanging out with puppies and kittens? According to the CDC there are myriad reasons why having pets improves our lives.

Thinking about adding a pet to your household? Already have a pet and wondering why they bring so much joy to our lives? Let’s look at the research.

Pet Ownership = A More Healthful Life

Man kissing dog, cat alongside
Photo credit: Petra Vajdova via Canva.

Owning a pet offers numerous advantages for one’s well-being. It presents opportunities to engage in exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and foster social connections. Engaging in regular physical activities such as walking or playing with pets has been found to effectively reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.

Furthermore, pets provide companionship, helping individuals combat feelings of loneliness and depression. It is worth noting that a significant number of households in the United States include at least one pet.

Pets Really Do Make Us Feel Better

couple walking dog.
Photo credit: Andres Ayrton via Canva.

Extensive research has demonstrated the correlation between the bond shared between humans and their pets and various health benefits. These include a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD.

Additionally, owning a pet promotes increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities, enhances cognitive function in older adults, and facilitates greater social interaction.

Picking The Right Pet For You

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Photo credit: Jack Counseling via Canva.

To ensure that you choose the most suitable pet for you and your lifestyle, consider these important factors. Conduct thorough research on the specific requirements of the animal you are interested in.

Prior to bringing a pet into your home, ask yourself questions such as, what is the average lifespan of this animal? What are the dietary and lifestyle needs, and preferences of the pet? How much exercise does this pet require? How large will the pet grow to be? Consider costs of veterinary care. Are there any restrictions on keeping pets in my house, apartment, or condominium?

Be Realistic About Pet Ownership

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Photo credit: Henriethaan via Canva.

Taking the time to answer these questions will help ensure that the pet you choose is a good fit for both you and your family, and that you can provide the necessary care and environment for their well-being.

Can A Dog Get You A Date?

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Photo credit: Counseling via Canva.

If you’re seeking romantic connections, consider the possibility of getting a dog. The presence of a dog can enhance one’s likability and attractiveness, as supported by various studies.

In a series of experiments, men were observed to have a higher likelihood of obtaining a woman’s phone number when they were accompanied by a dog. Furthermore, researchers conducted a study where participants rated individuals in photographs and discovered that people appeared happier and more at ease when pictured with a dog.

According to a study conducted by Pet Wingman, including a profile photo with a dog led to increased right swipes on dating apps for both men and women. However, women seemed to benefit more significantly from featuring dogs in their profiles. Interestingly, a separate study revealed that 65 percent of dog owners admit to taking more photos of their dogs than their own partners, so finding suitable Fido photos for dating profiles should not be a challenge.

Cats: An Eco-Friendly Choice!

cat with green eyes.
Photo credit: StockSnap via Canva.

If you’re concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint, owning a cat is a more environmentally friendly choice compared to owning a dog. According to an article in the Seattle Times, a study conducted in 2009 revealed that the resources required to sustain a dog throughout its lifespan generate an ecological impact equivalent to that of owning a Land Cruiser.

On the other hand, cats, which consume less overall and often have diets containing fish rather than corn- or beef-based products, possess a carbon footprint comparable to that of a small hatchback vehicle.

Maybe Birds, Reptiles or Other Small Pets Are the Answer

Photo credit: Tetyana Kovyrina via Canva.

Dogs and cats are not the only answer. And if you want a pet pig, we suggest much further research. But sometime a smaller animal such as a parakeet, hamster or chameleon might be the answer. Read up on whatever you are considering and the questions remain the same. Can you care for this type of pet? Do you underhand the level of responsibility and commitment, both financially, logistically and otherwise?

Never Give a Pet as a Gift

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Photo credit: Sam Lion.

Just as you should take your time assessing how to choose your own pet, never ever give a pet as a gift. Pets deserve their best life possible and surprising someone with a pet that they are not prepared to care for creates a host of issues for both the human and the pet.

Many animals end up in shelters because for a variety of reasons the owners could not care for, or decided they didn’t want, the pet.

Purchasing a pet from a respected breeder does come with some guarantees. Good breeders (as do good animal rescues) will take a pet back no matter what, for the life of the pet, not only so they do not end up in shelters, but also so that the animal can be guaranteed a good life.

The Takeaway

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Photo credit: Helena Lopes via Canva.

Pets enhance our lives! In order to maximize your relationship, do your research first. It will benefit both you and your pet.

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