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Rayzyns Product Review

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Dried Grapes Unlike Any You Have Tasted Before

What are Rayzyns? They are dried wine grapes. In other words, they are a special type of raisin made from specific grapes that are dried on the vine with the seeds and stem intact.

Bags of opened Cabernayzyn and Chardonayzyn rayzyns.

As the manufacturer explains so well, “the stems act as nature’s cork, preserving the nutrients and flavor within the grape. During the special patent pending drying process, the nutritious seed is toasted, giving it great crunch and nutty flavor.”

Rayzyn grapes growing- photo courtesy of the Wine Rayzyn Company

Are They Low FODMAP?

Regular commercial raisins have been tested for FODMAPs and we can have up to 13 g. This is equal to 1 Australian tablespoon (as depicted on the Monash app), which means that in the U.S. you can measure out about a third more.

It’s not a lot but it means that you CAN have raisins!

Rayzyns on the vine -photo courtesy of the Wine Rayzyn Company

Special Raisins?

Yes, simply put Rayzyns are special raisins. Maybe not the dried fruit we would reach for to tuck into our kid’s lunchbox, but as a way to broaden our low FODMAP options, we really like them for snacking and for using within recipes. There are 3 kinds offered:

  • Cabernayzyn™ – these are made from, you guessed it, Cabernet wine grapes. The flavors are bold, complex and jammy with hints of fig and black currant. The color is rich and dark.
  • Chardonayzyn™ – made from Chardonnay grapes, these are lighter in color and have a more delicate but no less distinctive flavor reminiscent of apricots and caramel.
  • Merlayzyn™ – the Merlot wine grape gives these a pretty reddish purplish color with flavors of raspberries and plum.

Beyond Raisin Flavor

Don’t you love that even though figs (fructose), apricots (polyol sorbitol and fructans) and plums (polyol sorbitol and fructans) are high in FODMAPs and listed as Red Light foods that you can get the “flavors” and “essence” of these fruits right from these specific wine grapes?

We are psyched!

Rayzyns are non-alcoholic, which might seem obvious, but since we are talking wine grapes we thought it bears mentioning. They have no preservatives or artificial flavors and according to the manufacturer, more antioxidants than wine.

The Wine Rayzyn Company third generation family owners- Andrew Cates and his family. Photo courtesy of The Wine Rayzyn Company.
Andrew Cates and family

They are grown and harvested in Napa, California by a three-generation family business at their award winning organic farm. (They make wine as well). From The Wine RayZyn™ Company:

“Our family’s focus is the relationship and importance of whole food to whole health. Nutrition is science, and understanding the relationship between sustainable farming and healthy foods is at our core. We envision the re-engineering of the process of whole food production to maximize nutrition, stability of available food sources, and enhance shelf life and portability of foods.”

Harvesting Rayzyns. Photo courtesy of The Wine Rayzyn Company.

Rayzyns come in bulk packages that are 8-ounces (225 g) in size as well as convenient snack packs that weigh in at 1.6-ounces (45 g), making those perfect for tucking in your briefcase or gym bag.

The company also offers Dark Chocolate Covered Cabernayzyns on occasion, so watch their website for availabilitywe haven’t tasted those yet! Sound great though. We will try to sample these and update this article.

Best Use

After the initial de rigeur snacking our creative minds went into overdrive. We created a Raisin & Red Wine Compote as well as our take on Mostarda, both of which you should make sure to check out. We really enjoyed working with this dried fruit product.

Watch your servings sizes and Rayzyns can fit into a low FODMAP lifestyle.

Our Take on Rayzyns

Boredom can be the death knell for anyone following a diet. Luckily there are loads of delectable foods that we can enjoy on the low FODMAP diet and dried grapes fit into our allowances. Rayzyns offer new dried fruit flavors and tons of texture, giving us something delicious that keeps things new and exciting.

Where to Buy: Available through our SHOP.

Price at Time of Review: The 8-ounce (225 g) size retails for $10 ; The 1.6 ounce (45 g) size comes in a 12-pack and is $35.88.

Have you tried this product? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sunset with crate of Rayzyn grapes- photo courtesy of The Wine Rayzyn Company.

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