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The 10 Worst Tasting Candies Ever Made 

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Candy is supposed to be sweet, delicious, and satisfying. But not all candies are created equal. Some candies are so bad that they make you wonder who thought they were a good idea. Whether it’s because of their taste, texture, appearance, or smell, these candies are the ones that you would never want to receive on Halloween, or any other occasion. In fact, you would probably pay someone to take them away from you. These are the 10 candies that taste really awful. Any you want to add to the list?

Circus Peanuts

Photo credit: Mark Bonica.

Enter the world of artificial banana-flavored marshmallows, immediately identifiable by their really weird orange hue. The recipe dates back to the 1800s and these confections elicit either adoration or intense disdain. Their reputation precedes them: “stale, chewy, and cloyingly saccharine;” “foamy texture;” and our favorite, “they look and taste like Styrofoam packing peanuts.”

Good & Plenty

Good and Plenty.
Photo credit: YAY images via Deposit Photos.

Hard candy-coated black licorice morsels, available in shades of pink and white. The aversion to black licorice is a well-documented sentiment, and the addition of a candy coating makes things worse. This is a prime example of a “grandma candy,” even earning the unenviable title of “America’s most detested confection.” Yeah, we know some of you love them. But more of you hate them.

Dubble Bubble Gum

blowing bubble gum.
Photo credit: malcolm garret via Canva.

Dubble Bubble gum, which is simply a gigantic wad of sub-par bubble gum, loses its flavor after a mere 10 seconds. The experience of chewing it has been described as “chewing on frigid, damp cardboard.” Meanwhile, its bubble-blowing prowess hardly merits its name. It has been lambasted as “the epitome of lackluster gum.”

Candy Corn

candy corn
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Some refer to candy corn as the nation’s most reviled candy. Candy corn has a semi-hard outer shell encompassing a waxy, chewy interior. Although super sweet, its taste barely registers. The three colors, orange, yellow, and white, hint that there will be varied flavors, but there are not. The peculiar amalgamation of stickiness and grittiness renders consumption a queasy affair, earning apt comparison to “sugar-coated wax.”

Red Vines

Red Vines.
Photo credit: scukrov via DepositPhotos.

Positioned as an inferior rival to Twizzlers, Red Vines fail to impress. Possessing an unappealing grainy texture and a scarcely discernible flavor, they stand as a grave disappointment among candies, aptly described as “flavor-deprived crimson strands.” Yes, we know there are Vines fanatics. Go ahead. Convince us.

Everlasting Gobstoppers

Photo credit: Eli the Bearded via CreativeCommons.

These hard candies boast multiple layers with distinct hues and flavors. Promising to last a while, they require an exasperating amount of time between layers. Can a candy last too long? That would be this candy. Their formidable hardness also poses a risk to teeth and dental work; they have been called a “dentist’s dread.”


Dots candy.
Photo credit: Evan-Amos via CreativeCommons.

Dots are multi-flavored gumdrops that pose a chewing challenge. They are chewy, yet waxy at the same time. The linger by sticking to your teeth. Many point out the unpleasant chemical aftertaste. Blindfolded we challenge you to discern even what the flavors are.


Photo credit: Kulmalukko via CreativeCommons.

We like raisins and chocolate, but when the raisins are not plump and moist, and the chocolate is subpar, the combo doesn’t improve the situation. Regrettably, these confections emerge as a “dubious dried fruit endeavor”, and will hardly satisfy a chocolate craving.

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy.
Photo credit: Photo credit: via LaffyTaffy.

These are chewy fruit-flavored candies, accompanied by simple and silly jokes adorning their wrappers. A vexing unwrapping process coupled with artificial flavors and hues contribute to their unenticing appeal, meriting their moniker as “synthetic taffy.” That said, some kids love ’em!

Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Roll.
Photo credit: Matanya via CreativeCommons.

Tootsie Rolls have lackluster and mundane flavor, and remind one of Yoo-hoo beverage (which, if you have to be reminded was like really watery chocolate milk). If fresh, they are chewy. If not so fresh, they will pull fillings from your teeth. Aptly named “chocolate impostor logs,” Tootsie Rolls leave much to be desired.

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