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Unveiling the Bright Side of America: What People Love About The USA

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Wherever you live you probably have positive feelings about it. With all the negativity swirling around, someone on Reddit decided to ask, “What Are Your Favorite Things About The US?”. If you are up for some uplifting stories, let’s see what the commenters had to say. What do you love about the USA?

The Natural Wonder

National park.
Photo credit: Nextvoyage via Canva.

Sea to shining sea? Mountain majesty? The US has ‘em!

“The fact that I can travel and see such a huge variety of environments and natural wonders without leaving my country. We’ve got a bit of everything.”

“The national parks are incredible!”

“It’s so big and absolutely beautiful in some places. My family are camping junkies. We spend our summers road tripping and camping all over. Going from the east to west, north to south are so diverse it’s practically like going to different countries. The incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the breathtaking National Parks of Utah. The deserts, the mountains, the beaches. I’ve traveled all over the world and seen some truly remarkable places, but to have it all in one country and so accessible is awesome.”

The People

women of different nationalities.
Photo credit: joana baumg via Canva.

People in the US come in all heritages, shapes, colors, and sizes. We love them all. We also love this guy’s wife.

“I worked with many tourists in my country and Americans/Canadians were always my favorite. All people were usually polite and all, but for an American or Canadian if you started talking to them, they’d be standing there fully engaged in conversation and laughing with you for good 15 minutes like they know you since forever. Always so open. Never experienced it with any other nation.”

“The people. Mother’s that gave it all for their child, Old men who fought to allow us freedom and seen things no person ever should have to, the teenage kid that helped my grandma cross the street, the kids playing baseball happily. Just people living life.”

“I live in an area that is a true melting pot. The festivals are amazingly diverse, and I can learn about other cultures on a regular basis.”

“The world has so many people and so many cultures and lots of them come to the US for whatever the American dream is and I’m so glad they’re here with me since I’m here for the same reason.”

“We all need to remember that the idiots we see on social media represent a small section of US society.”

“My wife lives here.”

“I too choose this guy’s wife.”

Just Simply Everything

man in wheelchair with woman.
Photo credit: SHVETS via Canva.

The US offers a lot to its residents.

“There’s always a store open at any given hour of the day/night.”

“If I wanted to get dinner at 3pm I could. If I needed cold medicine at 3am I could.”

“Each state might as well be a foreign country. The culture in Tennessee is different than New Mexico. The people in Georgia kinda threw me for a loop too and it’s touching TN. I have no idea what kind of culture shock I’d get visiting Alaska or Hawaii. But it’s kinda fun in a way. If you want to see snow, desert oasis, tropical forests, dense woods, mountains…got all the environments.”

“How handicap accessible most places are, trust most other countries aren’t like that and people in the US take it for granted.”

The Food

people eating at table.
Photo credit: Los Muertos Crew via Canva.

The diversity of food was lauded by many.

“It’s cool that you can just go down the street and buy food at a grocery store.”

“I love that I can find cuisine from any culture. I am such a foodie and have tried so many cultural foods!”

“Left the U.S. years ago and miss New England clam chowder, pumpkin pie, and bacon.”

“Costco hot dogs.”

Beer & Weed

drawing beer from tap.
Photo credit: Pavel Danilyuk via Canva.

Apparently the love of beer and weed goes together.

“Washington state. It is amazing here. Legal weed, craft beer paradise, natural splendor in spades.”

“The beer, specifically craft beer has far surpassed the rest of the world. Also weed and everything is pretty cool now. The US is pretty progressive in reality compared to the rest of the world than most people realize.”

The Government

US capitol.
Photo credit: Paula Nardini via Canva.

Some Redditers were very focused on discussing the government.

“Constitution/Bill of Rights.”

“People don’t realize that we have true ‘freedom of speech’. Other countries only have “freedom of expression. Huge difference.”

“We can complain about the USA on Reddit and not be arrested for it.”

Toilets & Bathrooms

public sinks.
Photo credit: 89Stocker via Canva.

Several posters thought those in the US take their toilet access for granted.

“Doesn’t matter where I travel, there will always be a free bathroom somewhere.”

“Bathrooms in or off most bedrooms. When I visit the Netherlands, there’s usually only one toilet for the whole house while the bedrooms are on the second and third floors. This makes middle-of-the-night bathroom runs most inconvenient and especially down their super tiny stairwells.”

“Electricity, running water, plentiful food, air conditioning, paved roads. I know what you’re thinking, everybody has those, but in reality they don’t. Billions of people don’t even have access to toilets. I’m always grateful for what I have and the time in history I was born. Not just the place but I am glad to live in America and not someplace like Sudan, North Korea or even Cuba, which is so close to us geographically yet so different.”

Focus On The Positive

US flag.
Photo credit: Ralphs Fotos via Canva.

As koplinsky said, “We’re so free, we squabble over the dumbest things,” to which charliedog1965 agreed, “Exactly. So many of our ‘issues’ are non issues.”

Cue the National anthem.

This article was inspired by a thread on Reddit. It has been edited for language.

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