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Top 6 Low FODMAP Fridge & Freezer Items

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Stocking the Low FODMAP Fridge

Looking in the fridge and wondering what to eat? With these items on hand, you will be able to handle your low FODMAP diet with ease.

Top 6 Low FODMAP Fridge and Freezer foods to stock up with.

  1. Lactose Free Milk, Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk (only made from soy protein; not whole soy beans) or Canned Coconut Milk – We don’t know about you, but we have to have our hot beverage in the morning or the day just doesn’t start right. Having lactose free milk (we like Organic Valley brand) or a milk alternative on hand allows us to make lattes at home and use with our bowls of low-FODMAP approved cereal.
  2. Cheese – Speaking of dairy, did you know that many hard cheeses are low-FODMAP due to their naturally low lactose content? We always have a hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano around for quick pasta meals and for shaving over soups, feta for sprinkling over salads, as well as some sandwich cheeses like cheddar and Monterey jack.
  3. Frozen Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts – Try Udi’s brand frozen pizza crusts. You will be able to whip up low-FODMAP pizzas in a flash.
  4. Tortillas – Some are sold refrigerated, some frozen and some are stocked on the room-temperature grocery shelves but since we store ours in the fridge we have listed them here. We always have corn tortillas around for quick tacos and quesadillas; search out brown rice based tortillas too. We like Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas, which are wheat and gluten free.
  5. Fruits & Veggies! – There are so many fruits and vegetables that you can eat while on the low FODMAP diet and if you keep them at hand, you will always have food to snack on and cook with. Here are some of our basics: lettuces for quick salads; leeks and scallions for the greens to sub in for onions; bananas to use fresh and frozen for smoothies and berries (raspberry/blueberry/strawberry) for snacking and tossing into muffins and on top of cereal.
  6. Proteins – Eggs, meat, poultry and fish. The FODMAPs we are trying to minimize live within the realm of carbohydrates, so proteins are an easy purchase. By the way, hard-boiled eggs are a staple high protein snack for us. Make a batch in the beginning of the week.

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Top 6 Low FODMAP Refrigerator & Freezer Items

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