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Trotters, Brains, Gizzards and Tongue: Surprising Scrappy Meals and Crafts

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You have probably heard of recipes using sourdough discards, and we have those for you (including chocolate chip cookies), but what about more unusual cast-offs, like that turkey carcass, lobster shells, goat brains, even using onion skins, flowers, herbs, avocado pits and skin! We have traditional recipes, and a couple of crafts thrown in too, that the kids will love – 16 in all to get your creative juices flowing.

Turkey Stock Using Your Leftover Turkey Carcass

Turkey stock in a measuring cup.
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Roasting a turkey? Don’t throw that carcass away! It is the PERFECT way to start a turkey stock. Get the recipe for Turkey Stock Using Your Leftover Turkey Carcass.

Beef Stock Using Bones

Beef stock hot.
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Look at the color of this beef stock! This is old-fashioned beef stock. Yes, it is a “bone broth”, but in the classic sense. None of this newfangled nonsense. Check out the recipe to learn more. Get the recipe for Beef Stock Using Bones.

Crispy Salmon Skin “Bacon” 

salmon skin bacon.
Photo credit: Kate Vaynshteyn.

Don’t throw out that salmon skin!! Next time you’re cooking salmon, make sure to save the skin to make this Crispy Salmon Skin “Bacon.” It is unbelievably crispy and delicious, and makes an amazing healthy seafood snack, sandwich addition, or salad topping. This “seafood bacon” also makes a great twist on bacon and egg for a pescatarian breakfast. Get the recipe for Crispy Salmon Skin “Bacon”.

Sourdough Discard Banana Muffins

Photo credit: Sarita Harbour.

Ever wondered what to do with your extra sourdough discard? If you’re looking for a delicious, easy-to-make treat, you’ll love this sourdough discard banana muffins recipe. Get the recipe for Sourdough Discard Banana Muffins.

Spicy Brain Masala

Photo credit: Abby Trusting Grace.

Brain Masala or bheja masala is a mouth-watering dish among Indian non-veg enthusiasts that can be made in different ways. What is brain masala? Brain masala or brain curry is a dish of cooked goat brain that is popular among some Indian cultures, especially mine.

As East Indians, we also have our own method of preparing the traditional East Indian Brain Masala. And the recipe for this goat brain curry also differs from home to home! Here’s my mom’s version of the spicy brain masala recipe! Get the recipe for Spicy Brain Masala.

Rye Sourdough Discard Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo credit: Marta Rivera Diaz.

Rye Sourdough Discard Chocolate Chip Cookies are chewy cookies with chunks of decadent dark chocolate and a hint of sourdough tang, thanks to the magic of repurposing an ingredient that normally gets thrown away. Get the recipe for Rye Sourdough Discard Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Homemade Pork Lard (Rendered Pork Fat)

Photo credit: Annie Weisz.

Lard is another term for rendered pork fat. It’s made by heating pork fat at a very low temperature until the fat has liquified. The liquid is then strained and left to cool into a solid state. It can be used for baking or cooking but lard is my favorite fat to cook wild game in because it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the meat but is great for browning meat and adding some richness. Get the recipe for Homemade Pork Lard.

Goat Trotter Curry

Photo credit: Abby Trusting Grace.

What is mutton paya? If you’re not from around here, let me tell you that paya is the Indian word for the goats’ legs or trotters. So what exactly is the East Indian paya khudi curry? Well, naturally, the paya khudi curry is our mouthwatering East Indian goat trotters khudi curry that everyone relishes. The same recipe works for lamb trotters too! Get the recipe for Goat Trotter Curry.

Air Fryer Chicken Gizzards

Photo credit: Corrie Cooks. 

If you are looking for ways to cut your food costs without having to sacrifice taste, then you’ll want to try these crispy air fryer chicken gizzards.

Tender cuts of chicken with a crispy exterior, these air fryer chicken gizzards are great on their own as a side dish or snack. You can even top your salads, tacos, or stir-fries with them. Get the recipe for Air Fryer Chicken Gizzards.

Instant Pot Beef Tongue and Soy-Free Soy Sauce

Photo credit: Sharon Wong.

This Instant Pot Beef Tongue recipe makes a buttery soft beef tongue AND a top 9 allergen free sauce that you can use as a soy-free soy sauce substitute. Get the recipe for Instant Pot Beef Tongue and Soy-Free Soy Sauce.

Chicken Liver Pate with Capers

Photo credit: Samantha Shapiro-Ferraro.

This flavorful chicken liver paté is chopped coarsely for texture and showcases Mediterranean flavors of capers, fresh herbs and a good amount of bright lemon zest. A bit different than the traditional chicken paté we’re used to, but full of fantastic flavors. Get the recipe for Chicken Liver Pate with Capers.

Dough Scrap Treats

dough scraps.
Photo credit: Sheri Silver.

What are dough scrap treats? If you ever find yourself with leftover pie dough scraps, or trimmings from a phyllo or puff pastry recipe, do NOT throw them away! Turn them into dough scrap treats, aka the best treats EVER! Get the recipe for Dough Scrap Treats.

Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Sour Milk Muffins Recipe

Photo credit: Faith Gorsky.

Sour milk is the secret ingredient in this Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Sour Milk Muffins Recipe that yields a light and tender-crumbed muffin! These are sweetly aromatic of cinnamon, studded with fresh apple, and absolutely delicious. Get the recipe for Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Sour Milk Muffins Recipe.

Homemade Lobster Stock

Photo credit: Helene Dsouza.

Lobster stock can be prepared at home from scratch and it’s in fact a good zero waste practice if you are boiling a lobster anyway. Lobster stock is prepared from lobster shells. The shells are infused in the boiling water over a slow simmering flame. Get the recipe for Homemade Lobster Stock.

Naturally Dyed Eggs

onion dyed eggs.
Photo credit: Bianca Flükige.

Easter is upon us! That means it is time for all the fun Easter egg traditions again! One tradition we have here is dying your eggs together as a family and crack them open on Easter morning. In this post you will learn how to easily dye your eggs without using artificial colors but natural ingredients. Naturally dyed eggs are super fun and easy to make and will be the perfect addition for your Easter Brunch. Get the directions for Naturally Dyed Eggs.

Handmade Plant Dyed Wooden Necklace

Photo credit: Anna Jean.

Learn how to dye wooden beads with plants, bark, and even food scraps, to create stunning natural jewelry. These hand dyed wooden bead necklaces make handmade gifts that are easy and frugal – but sure to be treasured! Take a look at these colors from these scavenged items:

  • Onion skin (warm yellow)
  • Bidens frondosa (yellow orange)
  • Fir needles (light mossy green)
  • Fir needles with iron (dark gray)
  • Acorn (rich brown)
  • Acorn with iron (warm dark gray)
  • Avocado pits (warm red-pink)
  • Avocado skins (pinkish orange)

Get the directions for our Handmade Plant Dyed Wooden Necklace.

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