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Non-Essential Grocery Items You Almost Always Buy Because You Just Can’t Resist

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Just going to the grocery store these days can break the bank, but there are some non-essential items that some folks refuse to live without. That is the question that one person on Reddit posed: “What’s A Non-Essential Grocery Item You Almost Always Buy Because You Just Can’t Resist?” For him it is Pepsi and bread rolls. Interesting combo.

We learned that there are some real cheese lovers out there; cherries, too. What do you always buy when you go food shopping that you can’t resist?

Sparkling Water

sparkling water.
Photo credit: Kindel media via Canva.

With water from the tap, do we “need” to buy sparkling water?

“Yeesss. It’s so good. A couple years back I was trying to get off drinking soda and seltzer water helped tremendously. I always have a couple of cans/bottles in the fridge.”

“Yesss my toxic trait. It’s the stupidest, lest environmentally sensible decision, I live somewhere with excellent tap water and own a soda stream… but my brain short circuits when I see excited water.”

“The question was non-essential though…But seriously, I love seltzers and cannot run out.”

“i got a bartending job recently and tbh i look forward more to the on tap sparkling water than the tips lmao.”

“It’s a full blown addiction for me at this point.”

“How is this nonessential?”


Photo credit: JillWellington via Canva.

Cheese is very popular, but is it non-essential? Certainly seems essential to several posters:

“Cheese. All of the cheese. Every of the cheese.”

There was a lively discussion about a place called the Cheese Cathedral, apparently in Australia, and places called Cheese Palace and Cheese Castle. Folks love cheese. 

“I am deeply offended that you don’t consider cheese 10000% essential. 

“Give me cheddar or give me death.”

“My fridge can be like half full of cheese and I’m still like ‘Hmmm I don’t have Havarti I only have: Swiss, Provolone, Gruyere, Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, White Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Grilled, Muenster, Gouda, Cottage, Feta, Blue, American.’ Then the Havarti goes in the basket.”


Photo credit: Chevanon via Canva.

Many need their coffee in the morning.

“Coffee. Not necessary for survival, but darn it caffeine feels good.”

“It’s the smell! I need that in the morning, or afternoon, or always…”

Candy & Chocolate

candy and chocolate.
Photo credit: Graphic via Canva.

Many kinds of candy and chocolate were determined to be non-essential, but really delicious and craveable.

“Gummy life savers. They are like Crack.”

“While this is a great choice, Nerd Clusters are the superior gummy snack.”

“Dots. Love them.”

“Mike & Ikes for me.”

“Lindt salted dark chocolate. An inhumane number of bars.”

“Chocolate. I need some kind of milk chocolate available at all times.”

“”Intense Orange” Lindt dark chocolate bar with pieces of orange and paper -thin almonds.”


Photo credit: AJEL via Canva.

This person’s idea of a snack is, shall we say, HUGE.

“When I’m at Harris Teeter early enough, 99 cent donuts. I grab like 8. 4 chocolate iced creme filled, 4 powdered with raspberry filling. Great movie night treat.”


Photo credit: fascinadora via Canva.

Apparently, one’s taste for olives can develop as we get older.

“Green olives. I spent most of my life not liking them. But about 2mos ago I ate one and REALLY loved it!! So now I’m eating them all the time.”

“I was like that with olives too! Went 30 years not ever eating them then one day…I had one with maybe a cheese and cracker thing and omg they are so salty and good! Still won’t eat the black ones unless it’s chopped up in a spinach pie but the big green ones with garlic or the small green ones with pimento….MMM.”

Cherries Are Very Popular

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo via Canva.

Cherries got a lot of attention.

“Honestly, yeah. I once ate so many I thought I was going to die of an overdose because my stomach started hurting like hell. Turns out you have to be careful with the cherries because you’re not supposed to eat them in the evening. They’re the gremlins fruits.”

“They’re so good yet so freaking expensive.”

“They are. Cherries should be the new measure of wealth. “Get a load of this guy, he only bought half a kilo of cherries” laughs in rich.

I’m sorry, I only make six figures. Cannot afford.”

“Last time I threw a bag of cherries into my cart it was $16. I now have complex PTSD and a terrible fear of cherries.”

“Lived in Qatar. Cherries were in the area of $34/kg ($17/lb)…. When they had them. Occasionally. Shipped by air from Morocco.”

“I consider everything I buy to be essential. But I probably have to go with that first bag of sweet cherries for the season cause you know those suckers are like $10/pound and I don’t even care.”

Pears Got Some Love Too

Photo credit: Skyler Ewing via Canva.

“Pears. I grew up not liking pears at all, then one day half a year or so back my fiancé talked me into takings bite of her red pear. It turns out pears are amazing and I just dislike the most common variety—Bartlett pears… D’anjou, Bosc, comice pears are all SOOOO good when they’re ripe…”

“I used to be a walking mail carrier, nothing better than a ripe pear that has been baked in the sun. If I noticed a pear tree that was just dropping them on the ground and nobody was eating them I would help myself. Not on the tree just the ones on the ground. From the store I will buy the red ones. I’ve planted a red pear tree but it’s too young to put fruit on.”

Anything & Everything

young girl shopping.
Photo credit: kc0uvb via Canva.

Apparently, age is an issue. 

“Basically anything I can get because I’m 15 lol. When I go to the store by myself (I just walk there) they have donuts and caffeinated sparkling ice thingys. Donuts are 1.29 each (I just get 1) and sparkling ice is 1.67. Worth it every time.”

Things I Cannot Resist

person with fat stomach.
Photo credit: Andres Ayrton via Canva.

Some of us need to curb our needs: “Pepsi, Oreos, ice cream. I’m fat.”

Singular Responses

person looking surprised.
Photo credit: RobinHiggins via Canva.

Some food items only got one comment. Like Tang.

“TANG! It’s a serious problem I have right now, I’m addicted to Tang. Just talking about it, I’m freakin’ jonesing for a glass! Ooh, gonna go make some!”

Some commenters were very specific: “Pepperidge farm Captiva cookies,” and ”Blue Mentos.”

Food As Reward

woman enjoying a cookie.
Photo credit: Tim Douglas via Canva.

Apparently some of us need to be acknowledged just for grocery shopping.

“A cookie or donut from the bakery as a reward for grocery shopping lol.”

All Food Is Essential

coloring book and pencils.
Photo credit: A_Different_Perspective via Canva.

Anfie22 doesn’t think non-essential is a concept :

“For me there is no such thing as non-essential groceries, all of what I consume I genuinely require for health reasons (all foods are essential when you’re recovering from anorexia, being underweight, and/or malnutrition) but on the odd occasion I treat myself to a cheeky nonfood item or two from the stationery aisle like a coloring book.”

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