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12 Things We Loathed As Kids But Think Are Awesome Now

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It’s funny how time can change perspective. There are things we loved as kids, but are not so fond of now, but what about the opposite? Here are 12 things we couldn’t deal with as kids, but now love as adults. How many do you identify with? We are partial to naps…

Baths and Showers

man showering.
 Photo credit: Sergey Torbik via Canva.

There was something about being told to go take a shower or bath when we were a kid. You’d think the water was poisonous or something. And yet, we loved to swim. Kids don’t always make sense.


Photo credit: fascinadora via Canva.

Olives are one of those foods that some kids grow to love. And some people never grow to like! Salty, tangy, briny. If you love ‘em, you love ‘em. We have a Chicken with Artichokes & Olives dish you should try!


overhead image of easy low FODMAP marinated mushrooms in a glass bowl
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Same thing with mushrooms. Most kids we spoke to said it’s the “icky” texture. They think they are slimy. And yet, they would pick up a snake or a snail. Go figure. Get this recipe for easy Marinated Mushrooms.

Staying Home

couple at home.
Photo credit: Antoni Shkraba via Canva.

When you are a kid, you want to get out there and explore the world. Staying home was BORING. As an adult, in our busy lives, getting to stay home is a gift.


people hugging in bed.
 Photo credit: Susannah Townsend via canva.

Same thing with naps. As a kid you feel like you don’t want to miss out on a minute of the day. As an adult, if only you could miss about 30 minutes every day!

Girls & Boys

kids playing 2.
Photo credit: RDNE Stock project via Canva.

Whether you are a girl or boy, like girls or boys, or fall somewhere on a spectrum, when we are kids, we often suppress the attraction. We pretend to not like the actual thing we like. Once again, kids don’t always make sense.


woman alone outdoors.
Photo credit: Arthur Brognoli via Canva.

Kids want to play. They want to go to the park. A friend’s house. A movie. DO SOMETHING every moment of the day. We adults crave solitude. Give us peace and quiet!


low FODMAP Grilled vegetables on a large platter, held by a woman in a dress
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Not all kids hate vegetables, but enough do that it is a common cliché. We don’t all grow out of our dislike, but many kids wouldn’t get caught eating asparagus, and now as adults we will pay extra at a restaurant for the opportunity. Try our Grilled Vegetables. The kids might even like them!

Clothing Shopping

woman clothes shopping.
Photo credit: Emma Rahmani via Canva.

Our parents DRAGGED us clothes shopping. It was boring. It was a necessity. UGH. As adults, seeing that we get to choose what we buy, it can be fun, and downright exciting.


coffee art in cups.
Photo credit: StockSnap via Canva.

Coffee is one of those acquired tastes. At first it is bitter and disgusting. Then we cannot start the day without it. How about a homemade Frappuccino? You can add vodka, or leave it out.

Horror Movies

watching horror movie.
Photo credit: SHOTPRIME via Canva.

Horror movies are just way too scary for some kids. Then, as adults, we love that adrenaline rush.


boy staying up late.
Photo credit: Kampus Production via Canva.

Ah, as harried adults we look forward to bedtime! As a kid, we tried to stay up as long as possible. What were some of your excuses?

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