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What To Eat: Tuna Melt

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Tuna & Cheese for Breakfast or Lunch

what to eat tuna melt

I keep Food for Life English Muffins in the freezer because I absolutely love them and they don’t upset my tummy. Here I added a couple scoops of tuna, with diced cucumber standing in for celery since I don’t have it around much anymore and some Gruyere cheese melted on top.

As of this writing, Gruyere hasn’t been Monash tested as of yet, but it is a hard cheese very similar to those that get a Green Light and I do well with it. You should give it a try.

Check out our article, Is Cheese Low FODMAP? to be able to assess whether ANY cheese is low FODMAP.

What To Eat Non-Recipe

Toast a low FODMAP English Muffin, top with tuna made with low FODMAP ingredients, add a few slices of hard cheese on top and top under broiler or put in toaster oven. A few pieces of tomato round out this breakfast/lunch/snack.

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