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Top 10 Ways to Use Salsa In A Low FODMAP Diet

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Salsa in The Pantry – Never Go Hungry

When I was first introduced to the low FODMAP diet, the first thing I focused on was the fact that I was going to have to banish garlic and onion during the Elimination phase due to their high FODMAP fructan content.

What was going to happen to my love of salsa? And chicken with 40 garlic cloves? The chicken had to go, but read on for good salsa news.

grilled cheese in cast iron pan with cheese oozing out, salsa on the side

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The idea of no onions and garlic seemed to be devastating news at first – and then when I found out that beans were on the no-list as well? Oh boy. The reality of being able to continue to eat the Mexican and Tex-Mex foods I had on weekly rotation started fading away.

Probably the number one fructan-rich item I was going to miss the most was jarred salsa. Pretty much all of them contain onions and many have garlic, too. I always had a jar in the fridge and it would get put to use alongside corn chips and quesadillas, of course, but also in many other ways.

grilled cheese sandwich on a white plate served with salsa

FODY to The Rescue

When I discovered that FODY Foods had a Monash Certified low FODMAP salsa, I experienced such a sense of relief. All of a sudden, I started to think about all the low FODMAP meals and snacks that their salsa would enhance.

Child Genius

I don’t remember which of my kids came up with this, but when they were little they started dipping their grilled cheese sandwiches in salsa. I’ve got to tell you – it was a stroke of genius.

The juicy acidity of tomato is a perfect foil for the richness of grilled cheese, and we would sometimes put sliced tomato inside the sandwich, but this way with salsa, there was tomato and spices and tons of flavor – right from a jar – that worked so well with the melted cheese and buttery, crispy bread.

grilled cheese sandwich stacked on top of one another on a cutting board; salsa alongside

It got me thinking; what other ways had we used salsa in the past? And all of a sudden I realized that there were many – and we could still enjoy them while eating low FODMAP! With no further ado:

Top 10 Ways to Use Salsa

    • As a dip for grilled cheese.
    • Mixed with lactose-free cottage cheese or goat cheese for a cracker or sandwich spread.
    • Combine with lactose-free cream cheese, shredded cheddar and chopped scallion greens for a dip.
    • Add some to your meatloaf mixture – and spread it on top before baking, too.
    • Fold into soft scrambled eggs or drizzle some into the middle of an omelet along with shredded cheese before folding over.
    • Spread rice cake with avocado and top with salsa.
    • Whisk together with mayonnaise as a dip for French fries.
    • Use as a base for marinade for meat or chicken. Add lime juice, some cumin, chopped cilantro and whatever else you like to taste.
    • Use as dipping sauce for chilled shrimp cocktail.
    • Combine with shredded cooked chicken, some shredded cheese and lactose-free sour cream and create a double-stuffed baked potato.

And a bonus –

If you haven’t tried FODY Original Mild Salsa, it’s high time! It is non-GMO, gluten-free and contains diced tomatoes, water, crushed tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, cider vinegar, sea salt, lime juice concentrate, cumin and natural flavors. If you have been missing your salsa, there is no need for you to go without anymore. UPDATE: They now offer a Medium heat level version, as well.

And if you are a salsa fan, then we bet you like snacking, too. Check out our article on some of our favorite snacks, and we even have an article for those of you who like CRUNCHY snacks in particular!

What is your favorite way to eat salsa?

Fody container of mild salsa with images of sliced tomatoes, jalapeños, and limes on a purple background       Fody container of medium salsa with images of sliced tomatoes, jalapeños, and limes on a purple background

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