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8 Easy-To-Find Low FODMAP Snacks You Have to Try

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8 Easy-To-Find Low FODMAP Snacks You Have to Try

I am a snacker and always have been a snacker. That isn’t me in the image below, but it might as well be! I define snacking as eating between meals – and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Of course, now that I am following a low FODMAP diet, finding snacks to grab while I am out-and-about has become more of a challenge.

Luckily for all of us, our intrepid supermarket shopper and Monash University FODMAP trained RD Vanessa Cobarrubia has helped us create Shopping Lists that contain THOUSANDS of supermarket items that she has determined are safe for FODMAPers to eat.

Here are 8 Low FODMAP Snacks that you might not have tried before – and that we heartily recommend. And, we made sure that they are easy to find – often even at gas stations and convenience stores.

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As always, use your best judgment and know your tolerances with any new foods you might add to your diet.

This post may include affiliate links. Please see our complete disclosure here.

8 Easy-To-Find Low FODMAP Snacks You’re Going to Love

1. Cape Cod Original Kettle Cooked Potato ChipsGood old potato chips are low FODMAP. If you are sensitive to high fat foods, these might not be the best choice, but if you have been yearning for potato chips, and have been wondering if you can eat them, the answer is YES and these Cape Cod chips are crispy, salty, easy-to-find and will hit the spot.

2. Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzels – I love pretzels and these are my favorite gluten-free and low FODMAP choice; I was so happy when I realized I could have them while following the diet. Snyder’s gluten-free pretzels come in a few shapes from small sticks to the classic twisted pretzel shape and recently they have come out with large rods (my #1 choice). You will have to check out various well-stocked supermarkets for these, most likely. I love using pretzels as edible vehicles for my tuna salad or egg salad for lunch or a snack.

3. Terra Real Vegetable Chips Plantains with Sea Salt – These chips are based on plantains, which are a starchy fruit that looks like a banana and can be treated like a vegetable. These are salty and crunchy like potato chips, but just a bit different. Definitely worth a try.

4. Tostitos Scoops Tortilla Chips – Surprised to see such a commercial brand on our list? Don’t be! One look at our curated Shopping Lists and you will see that there are thousands of products on the shelves of your regular supermarket, such as these Tostitos, that you can eat. The scoop shape of these corn chips is perfect for low FODMAP salsa or 7-Layer Dip (yes, we have the BEST low FODMAP recipes for those).

5. Lay’s Original Baked Potato Chips – Okay, we know we listed a classic potato chip already, but folks love their chips and some of you are die-hard Cape Cod fans, while others like Lay’s. Luckily Lay’s are low FODMAP as well, including these baked ones! Very easy to find, too.

6. Great Value Original Rippled Potato Chips – And if you like a rippled texture in your potato chips and happen to be shopping at Wal-Mart, pick up a bag of these.

7. Orville Redenbacher’s Naturals Simply Salted Popcorn – Sometimes popcorn is the right snack for the occasion. I like a bag of popcorn to accompany me on long road trips. Of course my car takes a beating (I end up finding little kernels everywhere for weeks) but my digestive track and my palate are left quite satisfied.

8. Cracker Jack Original Caramel Coated Popcorn & Peanuts – And for another low FODMAP take on popcorn that is a bit sweeter, Cracker Jack is a good low FODMAP choice. You get the sweet, slightly bitter edge of caramel and a little bit of protein from the peanuts.

And BTW, be sure to check out our downloadable Shopping Lists for even more items.
And all of these snacks pair wonderfully with water, so grab a bottle of water while you are shopping! Or better yet, make sure you bring your reusable water bottle in with you – along with your reusable shopping bags!

For snack recipes and ideas check out our article, Favorite Low FODMAP Snacks & Snack Recipes.

What are your favorite easy to find low FODMAP snacks?

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