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What to Eat: Egg Salad Snack!

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What to Eat: Gussy Up That Egg Salad Snack

Egg salad with baby carrots, radishes and gluten free pretzels in an oval dish

Do you often ask yourself, “What Can I Eat?” Then this column is for you. Here we bring you ideas for dinners, lunches, breakfasts and snacks, such as this entry. Egg salad is for more than a sandwich! Check out our non-recipe below.

This idea is perfect to satisfy hunger cravings – while keeping your FODMAP intake in check.

What To Eat Non-Recipe

I make egg salad with a little mayo, Dijon, salt and pepper and occasionally some chopped cucumber for crunch, in lieu of celery. Add some dill or tarragon, if you like. Here I paired it with some “baby” carrots, radishes and gluten-free pretzels for an easy snack. A larger portion would work well for lunch.

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