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What To Eat Chicken, Tofu, Pesto, Potatoes & Carrots

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One-Pan Easiness

Eat This chicken, tofu, pesto, carrots, potatoes

One-pan dinners are my favorite ways to get food on the table during a weeknight. This dish combines poultry and tofu, so there’s protein variety for everyone in the family.

The potatoes provide a starchy carb and the rainbow “baby” carrots add color, crunch and nutrition. If you keep our Low FODMAP Basil Pesto around, this will come together in no time.

What To Eat Non-Recipe

Chicken pieces (skin on, bone in) and slabs of tofu in roasting pan. Scatter diced Yukon Gold or similar potatoes around pan along with “baby” carrots. Season with salt and pepper. Dollop pesto here and there. Roast at 375°F/190°C until chicken is done.

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