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Lighten Up Low FODMAP Recipe Roundup for 2019

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A Recipe Roundup of Lighter Fare for All

Welcome to 2019! Looking back, 2018 was a huge year for us. It was the first full year for FODMAP Everyday®, we have met so many FODMAP friends, from product manufacturers, to RDNs to followers of the diet (both virtually and in real life) – and those thinking about trying the diet.

This Lighten Up Low FODMAP Recipe Roundup for 2019 is for ALL of you.

The new year often brings thoughts of starting afresh – and thinking of eating better very often comes to mind. Perhaps that means embarking on the low FODMAP diet. Or maybe you want to lose some weight, or just eat more clean and lean. You can do both!

We know we bombarded you with many rich holiday foods, but we also have fabulous lighter fare – as do many of our favorite low FODMAP dietitians and bloggers.

We will start with a few of our recipes!

Our Summer Rolls are always a hit and make a great take-to-work lunch, light dinner or even as an activity to make with friends (go see how much fun Dédé had with her good friend, Ngoc).

Or try our Fennel, Kale & Parsley Salad, Smoked Trout Nicoise, Winter Rainbow Slaw, our Summer Garden Vegetable Soup (that can be made year-round), our hearty beef Pho, Zoodles with Tofu & Garlicky Peanut Sauce, Salmon Burgers or Mussels with Tomatoes, White Wine and Garlic Toasts.

And you can always find the perfect light recipe by using our Recipe Filter! 

LIghten Up Low FODMAP Recipe Roundup 2019
This post may include affiliate links. Please see our complete disclosure here.

Now, let’s get to what our friends have shared with us!

Turkey-Lentil-Wraps from EA Stewart-1

EA Stewart, aka The Spicy RD – Healthy Lentil Turkey Lettuce Wraps

These flavor and protein-packed wraps are easy to make and everyone loves them. You CAN have lentils on the low FODMAP diet! Just follow the directions and portion sizes. We are always inspired by EA’s images and recipes. She is that awesome trifecta of an RD as well as someone who is living with dietary issues AND an incredible photographer! Oh yeah, and she is incredibly generous and friendly and we wish we lived closer so that we could cook with her! You can also learn more about her here in our interview with her! 

Mollie from FitFabFODMAP - baked zucchini chipsMollie from FitFabFODMAP – Baked Zucchini Chips

Mollie is our gal pal. She and Dédé both have IBS, follow the diet and trade notes on the trials and tribulations of this sometimes crazy-making lifestyle. Mollie has come up with a simple snack of baked zucchini chips that we absolutely adore.

Follow her sage advice about using a mandolin – carefully! – to quickly and easily make super thin, evenly sized slices.

Be sure to read our interview with Mollie that we did early on. She’s so committed to helping newbies get started on this diet! And check out her low FODMAP cookbook The Low-FODMAP Diet for Beginners: A 7-Day Plan to Beat Bloat and Soothe Your Gut with Recipes for Fast IBS Relief

Avocado Spring Rolls from Patsy Catsos

Patsy Catsos MS RD LD from IBS-Free At Last! – Salmon Avocado  Spring Rolls

Patsy shows us how to make delicious low FODMAP food and these light rolls are a perfect example. With just a few ingredients you can make these spring rolls for a hearty snack, lunch or a light dinner and Patsy even has a great tip as to how to keep the rolls fresh and moist.

Remember, you CAN have small amounts of avocado on the low FODMAP diet and this is a great use of it – with portion control, of course.

Want to know more about Patsy? We caught up with this busy RD in our interview here. 

lemony spinach pesto from emma hatcherEmma Hatcher, from She Can’t Eat What?! – Lemony Spinach Pesto with Zoodles

Emma Hatcher from the UK is a FODMAP Friendly Accredited Recipe Developer and author of the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen – a celebrated low FODMAP cookbook –  shares her low FODMAP recipes and life experience on her blog, She Can’t Eat What?!

This raw pesto is light and luscious and works well with raw or cooked veggies. If you have a spiralizer, you can make zoodles! With this pesto in the fridge, you will have instant flavor to add to your low FODMAP meals.

larch brook spinach salad with strawberries

Larah Brook, from – Baby Spinach Salad with Strawberries

If you are a podcast listener you have to check out Larah’s IBS and FODMAP diet podcast. She hosts everyone from FODMAP-focused RDNs to folks like our friend Steven Singer of Fody Foods, to talking about hypnotherapy for IBS symptom management and more.

And you will find recipes on her site such as this simple, light salad which is lovely year round. Add some simple roasted chicken (or other protein) to make a main meal.

citrus and shaved cucumber salad with halloumiGeorgia McDermott, aka Georgeats  – Citrus and Shaved Cucumber Salad with Halloumi

If you do not follow Georgeats on Instagram, we encourage you to do so!

You will find some of the most beautiful (yes, gorgeous – or should we say Georgous!) photos of low FODMAP food that taste as good as they look. This fresh salad even has a vegan option. Color, texture, flavor and IBS friendly! Easy to make, too.

If you like this recipe then you will love her new low FODMAP cookbook: FODMAP Friendly  (AU/NZ Amazon only – soon for the US!)

Beckey Excell Low FODMAP and gluten free spring rollsBecky Excell aka A Gluten Free Cuppa Tea – Gluten Free & Low FODMAP Vegetable Spring Rolls

Becky is a beloved blogger from the “free-from” community in the UK. She started her blog focusing on all things gluten-free but as she learned more about her own IBS related issues and found the low FODMAP diet she has been bringing her readers tons of encouragement,  low FODMAP supermarket finds, inspiration and delicious low FODMAP, gluten-free takes on some UK favorites. We also love her videos on Youtube and her Instagram feed. She’s got a totally open and honest personality that clearly has inspired lots of her readers to not feel alone in this often challenging journey.

This recipe jumped out at us as we love a crispy Spring roll! Especially one that is light and crunchy, filled with veggies and dipped in a low FODMAP dipping sauce.

the fodmap doctor's superfood smoothieKristen Bentson, aka TheFODMAP Doctor  – Low FODMAP Superfood Smoothie

Smoothies can be problematic – if you do not follow serving size amounts. Note that this recipe does serve 4! That’s because it combines several low FODMAP ingredients, but they are stacked together in one drink. This beverage is perfect to get you up and going in the morning or for a midday pick-me-up. Think green smoothies aren’t your thing? Check this one out – it combines kale and pineapple, strawberries and carrots, chia, cucumber and more! So tasty and so refreshing.

And a great learning lesson! Did you know that carrots, cucumbers and strawberries have no detectable FODMAPs in their Green Light serving sizes? Let’s rejoice in the foods that we CAN eat!

vermicelli soup from Stephanie ClairmontStephanie Clairmont RD – Thai Vermicelli Soup

Stephanie, hailing from Canada,  runs her Clairity Digestive Program for those with IBS and blogs about current research, creates original articles and easy recipes, such as this warming soup.

Stephanie has lived with IBS herself, including dealing with managing IBS through preganancies and she is a RD, so she approaches everything she does with an empathetic energy that we so appreciate. And you will love this super simple soup that is quick enough to make on a weeknight.!


Amy Agur aka FODMAP Formula – Quinoa and Tuna Salad 

Amy lives with IBS herself, discovered the low FODMAP diet and poured herself into creating a resource for others, focusing on FODMAPs. She’s a self proclaimed science nerd and loves to deep dive into the whys and whatfors of this diet. All in a very supportive and positive manner!

This salad combines quinoa and tuna – both high in protein with no FODMAPs in sight – and combines them with tomatoes, cucumbers and…drum roll…chickpeas! Yes, you can have a small amount of canned, drained chickpeas and they are perfect in this salad – which we suggest as a portable lunch,

bok choy salad from Tamara Duker FreumanTamara Duker Freuman MS RD CDN aka The Bloated Belly Whisperer – Bok Choy Salad with Peanut Vinaigrette

Tamara has become a great friend of ours and if you are dealing with a bloated belly you HAVE to get her book, The Bloated Belly Whisperer.

Not only does she have a way at explaining bloat, but the recipes were developed by none other than Dédé’s editor from Bon Appetit, so we know the recipes are FAB. This bok choy salad is light, crunchy, low FODMAP and great for lunch or as a side at dinnertime.

We also have a fun interview here with Tamara and stay tuned for her quarterly articles she’s publishing here this year. Starting with this one: What Conventional Wisdom Gets Wrong About Bloating 

grilled fish in foil packets

Julie O’Hara akaThe Calm Belly Kitchen  – Lemon-Caper Fish & Veggies Grilled in Foil Packets

If you have never cooked in foil or parchment packets, you have a treat in store! It allows the foods enclosed to cook in their own juices, concentrating flavor and moisture.

It is perfectly suited to preparing fish and veggies and this dish happens to be low FODMAP and Julie O’Hara from the Calm Belly Kitchen shows us how! Low fat and healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste!

Low FODMAP Japanese Sushi Balls from Alana ScottAlana Scott, A Little Bit Yummy – Japanese Sushi Balls

Alana and her site, A Little Bit Yummy, is a fantastic FODMAP resource. She has been bringing those with IBS the info they need for years and this recipe is a perfect example of her global approach. If you haven’t been to her site lately go take a look. She’s knocking it out of the ballpark!

Canned salmon gets put to great use here inside these easy-to-make rice balls. Canned fish is an underrated low FODMAP, high protein pantry staple and Alana will convince you that you needs some cans on hand at all times.

low-fodmap-vegan-quinoa-cakesLauren Renlund MPH, RD – Vegan Quinoa Cakes

We hear from vegans all the time and know that you need delicious low FODMAP options. These Vegan Quinoa Cakes are a great main dish for you!

Lauren is a Canadian RD who follows the low FODMAP diet herself and has been helping low FODMAPers for years successfully navigate this diet. These protein-packed cakes are easy to make and will satisfy. By the way, you can use any color quinoa you like. The red, as seen here, looks particularly tempting.

low-fodmap-skinny-blt-salad-colleen francioliColleen Francioli CNC from FODMAP Life – Low FODMAP Skinny BLT Salad

Colleen had a busy 2018, too! She continues to bring us all kinds of low FODMAP content AND she welcomed a new son. Colleen is also the author of the Everything Low FODMAP Diet Cookbook. 

This take on the classic BLT sandwich gets a salad and low FODMAP makeover. If you think low FODMAP means boring, you have to try this! Pile it up in a mason jar for lunch with the dressing packaged separately.

Carrot-Pumpkin-Soup from Strands of my lifeSuzanne Perazzini from Strands of My Life – Pumpkin and Carrot Vegetarian Soup

Suzanne lives with IBS herself and is also trained on the low FODMAP diet by Monash University. She is dedicated to helping those of us who are also navigating the low FODMAP diet with recipes such as this Pumpkin Carrot Soup, which is also perfect for vegetarians. If you wanted to make it vegan, you could use an alt milk and skip the feta.

We caught up with Suzanne here in this interview. 

Do you have a favorite low FODMAP lighter meal you can share with the rest of us?

Be sure to check out our Lighten Up Low FODMAP Recipe Roundup from last year for even more ideas!

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