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Low FODMAP Fast Food Options

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Can you eat fast food while following the low FODMAP diet? Can you get anything low FODMAP at McDonald’s, Chipotle, Sonic, Taco Bell, Dominos, In-N-Out Burger, or Panera, to name just a few? This article, Low FODMAP Fast Food Options, covers several of your favorite fast food restaurants and offers guidance – because the answer is YES!

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Unfortunately, many high FODMAP ingredients such as garlic, onion and large amounts of wheat and high fructose corn syrup lurk in fast foods meals, sides, and beverages – but we have uncovered quite a bit that you can eat!

In this series of articles, Low FODMAP Fast Food Options, Low FODMAP Chain Restaurants (article to come), and Low FODMAP Options At Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts, we will explore low FODMAP meal options at popular fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, and coffee shops so you can enjoy restaurant meals while still adhering to your low FODMAP diet and keeping IBS symptoms under control.

Quick Overview About Fast Foods

It is hard to find a more convenient, quick meal than at a fast food restaurant. Fast food consumption is a popular dining option for many people in the United States. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, over 36.6% of adults consumed fast food on any given day. Whether you are traveling, too busy to cook, or you really just want a break from the kitchen, a quick meal at your favorite fast food restaurant can make life a little bit easier.

Fortunately, fast food restaurants use standardized recipes within the U.S. meaning all the ingredients are the same, so that McDonalds hamburger in California is the exact same as the McDonald’s hamburger in Florida. So, once you discover your favorite low FODMAP meal you can be confident that it will be the same exact recipe. 

Canada & Abroad

Our research is based upon U.S. offerings. Where applicable, we have made mention of what is suitable for order in Canada, as well. Some corporations did not answer our queries, and not all chains are in Canada, so if there is no mention, it is because they did not provide the information or it is not applicable.

International fast foods beyond north America are a different story, so it would be best to do a little more research if you are traveling abroad. The majority of fast food companies have to disclose their nutritional facts, and this often includes ingredients making low FODMAP detective work a little bit easier. Unfortunately, not all fast food restaurants are transparent with their ingredients and some declined to provide this information when contacted (we’re looking at you, Sonic; more below).

What Menu Items We Chose To List

Fast food menus are large and evolving, and many have seasonal items. We have focused on the more popular basic items from the main menus, as well as some seasonal favorites. 

The options presented as low FODMAP have been researched thoroughly. We are not declaring that these are the only low FODMAP options available at each restaurant. Please use our articles on How to Read Food Labels for the Low FODMAP Diet with Confidence and Understanding FDA Nutrition Panels to help you make decisions about additional options.

Determining FODMAPs

Please note that we spent countless hours corresponding with corporate offices in regard to the ingredients in these menu items. Our recommendations are based on what was stated to be fact at the time. Formulas can change, and also always remember that just because something is low FODMAP does not guarantee that you will not have a negative digestive reaction.

Please read our article, Ask The Right Question: Is It Low FODMAP vs. Will I Tolerate This?

Fat, Sugar & Sodium

A lot of fast food is very high in fat, and while fat is not a FODMAP issue, it can be a gut irritant. Fast foods can also be very high in sodium (salt) and sugar, and again, while not a FODMAP issue, can have negative effects for some. Know your limits and always eat to your tolerance. 

Oftentimes, with fast food, it is the serving size (often copious) that is the issue for us FODMAPers. Watch your serving sizes.

Serving Sizes & FODMAPs

Hopefully by now you know that serving sizes are everything when it comes to the low FODMAP diet. The menu items we have listed here are considered to be low FODMAP, but the tolerated serving sizes will vary person to person. You might be able to eat a whole burger, while another FODMAPer might only be able to tolerate half. Please read our article, What Is A Low FODMAP Serving Size?

Flavorings, Spices & FODMAPs

We have inquired about and researched the items listed below, but if you are looking into fast food offerings on your own, you have to be an expert label reader and understand what ingredients are. 

In the U.S. garlic and onion cannot be “hidden” within “spices”, but can be hidden within “natural flavors/flavorings”. Other countries handle this labeling differently and, by the way, artificial flavors are never an issue. Please read our article, How To Decipher “Natural Flavors” & “Spices” on Food Labels for the Low FODMAP Diet, which discusses the U.S., Canada, Australia and European labeling.

For instance, it would be typical for there to be natural flavorings in pickles and condiments – and garlic could be lurking within. Oftentimes the amount is small enough to not be a trigger, but sensitivities differ.

A Note About Gluten & Dairy

The low FODMAP diet is neither gluten-free nor dairy free. Therefore, small amounts of wheat, for instance, are low FODMAP, and since the diet is lower in lactose (but not dairy-free) many cheeses are low FODMAP as well. This opens up choices for us in general, and when it comes to fast food choices.

If you eat gluten-free or dairy-free, use your personal guidelines to make decisions about the following recommendations. Most of these companies have guidelines on their websites that detail what is gluten-free, and sometimes what is dairy-free as well.

Please read our articles, The Low FODMAP Diet Is Not Gluten-Free and also Lactose, Dairy & The Low FODMAP Diet.

Cross-Contamination Is Not Always A Problem

The term “cross-contamination” is typically used when discussing true allergies, such as with celiac disease, and it is imperative that those gluten-free foods required by someone with this medical condition are not cross contaminated during processing with ingredients that they need to steer clear of. 

When it comes to FODMAPs, there are situations that might pop up that you do not have to worry about. Let’s say you ask for a burger with no onion, but you peek under your bun and there it is – chopped onion pieces or rings. Simply discard the onion and chow down. Of course, sensitivities vary, but in general this would not cause a FODMAP digestive issue. 

And, BTW, we always do peek under the bun! And yes, we sometimes find that the way we ordered our food is not the way it was made – so take a look! And don’t be shy about asking for it to be made again, if you have the time.

Basic Low FODMAP Fast Food Tips

Before we get into specific restaurant details, here are a few helpful tips, including information on condiments. You can also read more in our article The Ultimate Guide to Low FODMAP Condiments.

  • When ordering a sandwich or burger, skip the bun and opt for a lettuce wrap, if available, or maybe pack your own low FODMAP, gluten-free hamburger bun such, as Udi’s Gluten Free Classic Hamburger Buns
  • You can also eat just half the bun to keep the wheat intake on the low end and within a low FODMAP serving size.
  • A conservative approach would be to avoid sauces, salad dressings, and most condiments as these often contain garlic, onion, high fructose corn syrup, and/or fructose. However, remember the diet is “low” FODMAP and not “no” FODMAP and the garlic and onion that might be present in a small amount of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise will be tolerated by most.
  • For instance, a Monash University low FODMAP serving of conventional ketchup, with or without high fructose corn syrup, is 13 g. The presence of the high fructose corn syrup makes no difference at these small portions. The packets/sachets found at most fast food joints is approx. 9 g, by the way.
  • Or consider packing your own low FODMAP condiments. Check out our Shopping Lists for many examples. And we love these tiny leakproof containers that make taking condiments along a breeze.
  • Hold the pickle and onion with your orders as these seem to be common garnishes on many fast food sandwiches. While many pickles do not list garlic or onion in the ingredients, the majority contain natural flavors, which may contain garlic or onion.
  • Lettuce, tomato and American cheese – and many other cheeses – are low FODMAP and can be included in your order. Review our article, Is Cheese Low FODMAP? to learn how to tell if any cheese is low FODMAP.
  • Be careful with gluten-free offerings; they are not always low FODMAP (like ShakeShack’s gluten-free bun).
  • Also be careful with vegetarian offerings; they are not always low FODMAP (like ShakeShack’s ‘Shroom Burger).
  • Try to keep all your other meals and snacks that day low FODMAP to help keep that FODMAP bucket low in case a small amount of high FODMAP ingredients are consumed when choices are limited. Oftentimes small doses of high FODMAP foods on occasion are not enough to trigger an IBS symptom. Reviewing our article on What Is FODMAP Stacking? would be helpful at this time.
Close up of coke with Fast Food Beverages

Low FODMAP Fast Food Beverage Options

There is a lot of overlap when it comes to beverage offerings at fast food joints, so we made a quick bulleted guide to drinks which you will come across often and that are low FODMAP. More unusual beverage offerings will be listed within the individual restaurant sections. Note that caffeine and carbonated beverages can be an IBS trigger for some. Drink to your tolerances. 

The reason why so many diet beverages are listed below is because their conventional versions typically contain high fructose corn syrup, which is high FODMAP in large portions – and beverages are often large servings.

  • Black Coffee: Both regular and decaf are low FODMAP – and note that 15 g or about 1 tablespoon of cow’s milk is low FODMAP, so you can add that if you like.
  • Black Tea 
  • Diet Coke
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Coca Cola Zero Sugar
  • Diet Coke Caffeine Free
  • Diet Mt. Dew
  • Sprite Zero
  • Diet Barq’s Root Beer
  • Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade
  • Gatorade
  • Water is sometimes free (sometimes not) and always low FODMAP.

Can You Eat At Sonic? Who Knows?

Sonic gets special mention first, but that doesn’t mean it’s good news.

We had intended to bring you information on Sonic’s menu, however, their corporate response left us cold. We wrote to them to ask for information on ingredients as they pertain to the low FODMAP diet, as the information available on-line was not sufficient. You can find third-party information online, but that isn’t good enough for us. Here is their response:

“Thank you for contacting Sonic Drive-In. Sonic recipes are proprietary information, and by law, this prevents us from sharing them. Thank you.

Sincerely, Sonic, America’s Drive-In Customer Experience Team”

We won’t be eating there.

Fast Food Meals

How To Find Your Favorite Low FODMAP Fast Food

For McDonald’s, Subway, Steak & Shake, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Shake Shack, Panera and Arby’s, which have quite long lists, you can review below, or also download the individual files – or all of them, so you are ready to choose what to eat when hunger strikes!

With no further ado, let’s dive in.

Low FODMAP Options at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is synonymous with fast food. For many Americans it was their first fast food experience and remains a favorite. Now that you are eating low FODMAP, what can you have? Turns out that you can have quite a bit! As with any low FODMAP eating, watch your portions and remember, these meals tend to be high fat, sugar and/or sodium, which can be a digestive issue for some.

Here are our low FODMAP recommendations for McDonald’s.

Low FODMAP Main Menu at McDonald’s

  • 100% Beef Patty – hold the bun, pickle and onion
  • Lettuce (lettuce wraps are not an option) 
  • Tomato
  • Mayonnaise
  • Side salad – hold the onion; no dressing
  • World Famous Fries
  • Pasteurized Processed American Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken (contains natural flavor; see Notes below)

Low FODMAP McDonald’s Breakfast Options

  • Canadian bacon
  • Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Sausage patty (contains natural flavor; see Notes below)
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Folded egg (these contain nonfat milk, however it is not enough lactose to trigger IBS symptoms)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Hot cake syrup
  • EggMcMuffin (egg, cheese, and Canadian Bacon) – hold the bread or just eat half the bread to keep the wheat portion to an acceptable low FODMAP serving size.
  • Oatmeal – hold the diced apples and light cream, and keep the dried cranberry/raisin blend to just 1 tablespoon.

Low FODMAP Notes For McDonald’s

Unfortunately all the salad dressing contains either garlic, onion, and/or fructose making them high FODMAP. Bring your own low FODMAP salad dressing if you want to order a side salad. 

Per email communications with corporate, the fajita chicken used in the caesar salad contains both garlic and onion. They did not answer questions about the natural flavors in the Grilled Chicken or Sausage Patty, so proceed with caution.

Also, dairy and wheat derivatives are found in McDonald’s fries and hash browns. While these derivatives will unlikely trigger an IBS flare, it is of concern if you have celiac disease or a milk allergy. The reason why we included fries but not the hash browns in our recommendations is because the hash browns have additional natural flavors that may contain onion and/or garlic.

Low FODMAP Options at Burger King

Burger King, also known as BK, has always been known for their flame-broiled burgers and their signature “Whopper”, but the absolute origins are a bit disputed. According to the company, Burger King was started in 1954 by James W. McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami. Other sources, however, trace Burger King back to Insta-Burger King, a venture founded in Jacksonville, Florida, by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns in 1953. As of 2022, 11 million people visit Burger King every day. 

Burger King U.S. and Canadian ingredients can differ.

If you are following the low FODMAP diet, here are our suggestions for ordering.

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Burger King

  • Hamburger patty – hold the bun, pickle and onion
  • Lettuce and tomato – ask for your burger to be prepared in a lettuce wrap
  • Cheese slice
  • French fries
  • Bacon
  • Egg
  • Ham
  • Sausage
  • Side Salad – not available at all locations; hold the croutons and dressings 

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Nestea Iced Tea
  • MinuteMaid Orange Juice

Low FODMAP Notes For Burger King

Best to avoid the hash browns as they contain wheat flour and sweet whey.

Low FODMAP Options at Wendy’s

Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio at 257 East Broad Street in 1969 – featuring their signature square burgers. In no time, the quick-service chain became known for its square beef patties, made from fresh beef. Wendy’s introduced the first modern drive through to the world; what Dave Thomas coined the “Pick-Up Window”. 

Here is what you can order if you are a FODMAPer at Wendy’s.

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Wendy’s

  • Hamburger patty – hold the bun, pickle and onion
  • Lettuce – ask for your burger to be prepared in a lettuce wrap
  • Tomato
  • American Cheese Slice
  • Plain Baked Potato
  • Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato (limit portion to 2 tablespoons)
  • Cheese Baked Potato – skip the cheddar cheese sauce since it contains whey and onion juice concentrate
  • Bacon Cheese Baked Potato – skip the cheddar cheese sauce since it contains whey and onion juice concentrate
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon 
  • French Fries
  • Side of Strawberries
  • Sausage patty
  • Egg
  • Bacon

Low FODMAP Notes For Wendy’s

We are sad to report that all the salads at Wendy’s are a no go (Parmesan Caesar, Southwest Avocado, Apple Pecan Salad) as they include grilled chicken, which contains both garlic and onions – and is hard to pick out. The Taco Salad features chili and salsa that contain garlic and/or onion.

Low FODMAP Options at Subway

Subway is known for sandwiches and there are choices for those following the low FODMAP diet. With more than 21,000 franchisees in over 100 countries, chances are there is a Subway near you. The first location was opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, CT. They have over 40,000 locations today, making them the world’s largest restaurant chain – yes, even eclipsing McDonald’s. 

We dove into the Subway menu to determine what items are best for a FODMAPer to order. 

Bread Options

  • Gluten-Free Bread

Low FODMAP Proteins

  • Bacon
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Roast Beef
  • Tuna Salad – surprisingly there is no garlic or natural flavorings 
  • Turkey Ham (found in the cold cut combo)
  • Cheese – choose any cheese 

Proteins To Consider

Why are these proteins ones to consider? Because these proteins contain the sneaky ingredient “natural flavors” or “flavors”, however they are present in quantities 2% or less which are unlikely to trigger IBS symptoms in most individuals. These are what we call “unlikely to trigger IBS” ingredients, but not guaranteed low FODMAP.

  • Egg Omelet Patty
  • Egg White Omelet Patty
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Turkey Bologna (found in the cold cut combo) 
  • Turkey Salami (found in the cold cut combo)
  • Pepperoni
  • Turkey Breast , oven roasted

Low FODMAP Vegetables

  • Banana peppers
  • Black Olives
  • Cucumbers
  • Green bell peppers
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes

Low FODMAP Condiments

  • Mayonnaise – Regular and Light
  • Oil Blend
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Deli Brown Mustard

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Hubert’s Lemonade
  • Fuze Unsweetened Iced Tea (not the sweetened)

Low FODMAP Notes For Subway

 Avoid the following: “Chicken Patty” contains both onion and garlic powder; “Chicken Teriyaki” contains dehydrated green onion and garlic; “Rotisserie-Style Chicken” contains onion.

Low FODMAP Options at Chipotle

Properly called Chipotle Mexican Grill, it was founded in 1993 by Steve Ellis in Denver, CO as a healthier alternative to traditional fast food. The chain is known for tacos and burritos and it is said that the majority of food is prepared in each restaurant. Some exceptions are the beans and carnitas, which are prepared at a central kitchen in Chicago, Illinois, and apparently none of the restaurants have freezers, microwave ovens, or can openers. There are now more than 2000 locations worldwide, with outposts now in the UK, Canada, Germany and France, in addition to the U.S. 

Chipotle corporate states that their U.S. and Canadian ingredients are the same. Caveat: From what we know about the fast food industry and supply chains, we seriously question this. Proceed with caution.

Here is what you can order food at Chipotle, even during the Elimination Phase of the low FODMAP diet.

  • Burrito Bowl made with Carnitas and Cilantro – Lime White Rice or Brown Rice. Top with Monterey Jack Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, and/or up to 2 tablespoons of Sour Cream
  • Lifestyle Bowl made with Super Green Lettuce Blend, Carnitas, and Cilantro-Lime White Rice or Brown Rice. Top with Monterey Jack Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, and/or up to 2 tablespoons of Sour Cream
  • Crispy Corn Tacos made with Carnitas and Cilantro-Lime White Rice. Top with Monterey Jack Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, and/or up to 2 tablespoons of Sour Cream

Low FODMAP Sides

Low FODMAP Notes For Chipotle

There are off-the-menu items that we want to bring to your attention. You can order nachos! start by asking for a bowl with chips as the base. Then, add low FODMAP toppings; why not throw carnitas on there, cheese, lettuce and sour cream? Also, you can ask for doubles of many toppings, free of charge, like lettuce and tomato.

Low FODMAP Options at Taco Bell

Ah, Taco Bell! This chain has its devotees. In 1951, Glen Bell created a crunchy taco, but it wasn’t until 1954 that he started Bell’s Drive-In and Taco Tia in San Bernardino, CA. The chain is known for its fast-food approach to Mexican-inspired food. There are over 6,000 locations, in every state in the U.S., and they are in 26 countries total.

There are very few items that are low FODMAP, and it will be a challenge to cobble together a meal. The Grilled Chicken contains natural flavors, which are undisclosed, but this might be worth trying if you are stable. Please see Notes below.

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Taco Bell

  • Bacon
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Jalapeno peppers (pickled)
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce – this exceeds low FODMAP threshold for lactose so approach with caution, or limit to half a serving
  • Nacho chips
  • Reduced fat sour cream (limit portion to 2 tablespoons)
  • Taco shells
  • Three cheese blend
  • Tomatoes
  • Tostada shells
  • White corns shells

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Gatorade G2

Low FODMAP Notes For Taco Bell

All the Border Sauces (Mild, Hot, Fire and Diablo), Breakfast Salsa, Chili, Creamy Chipotle Sauce, Creamy Jalapeño Sauce, Green Sauce, Guacamole, Mexican Pizza Sauce, Potato Bites, Red Chili Sauce, Seasoned Beef, Seasoned Fries, Seasoned Rice, Spicy Ranch, Steak, contain garlic and onion and should be avoided.

The great majority of drinks contain a large proportion of high fructose corn syrup and are not recommended.

Low FODMAP Options at Five Guys (US and Canada)

Five Guys founder Jerry Murrell’s mother always told him, “If you can give a good haircut or if you can serve a good drink at a bar or if you can serve a good hamburger, you can always make money in America.” We happen to think their burgers are pretty damn good, so Thank You Jerry’s Mom! Five Guys has been serving burgers and really awesome fries since 1986. And yes, there are five guys – the Murrell brothers. There are now more than 1,700 locations across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Note that when you order the regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers, they come with two patties. You can order a “Little Burger”, which just has one patty; we often do this as it is still plenty of food. A great choice if you are monitoring portions (fat, calories, etc.)

And BTW, we happen to LOVE 5 Guys fries. Love, love, love: simply potatoes, oil and salt. AND they offer small packets of malt vinegar, which contains no FODMAPs.

Here’s what we suggest that you order at 5 Guys for a low FODMAP meal:

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Five Guys

  • Hamburger Patty
  • Lettuce – ask for your burger to be prepared in a lettuce wrap or as a burger bowl
  • Tomato
  • Bacon
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Green Peppers
  • Fries – Five Guys Style (do not order them Cajun Style and avoid the Fry Sauce)
  • Bulk Peanuts
  • Eggs

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Simply Lemonade

Low FODMAP Notes For Five Guys

Please note that Five Guys pickles contain natural flavors and we were not able to determine the content of that ingredient. Also, their mayonnaise and mustard contains small amounts of glucose-fructose and their mustard also contains garlic powder; proceed with caution and eat to your tolerances.

Low FODMAP Options at In-N-Out Burger

In-and-Out is a favorite fast-food restaurant for many in the western part of the U.S.; you can find them in Arizona, Washington, Utah and Colorado and over 250 locations in CA. The brand debuted in 1948 when Harry and Esther Snyder opened a 10 square foot joint in Baldwin Park, CA. Today In-N-Out Burger is run by their granddaughter, Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellingson. The chain is known for their burgers and their special sauce, which is believed to be a combination of mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, sugar and vinegar. They refer to the sauce as their “spread”.

While all of those supposed sauce ingredients do have low FODMAP serving sizes, the mayo, ketchup and relish could all contain high FODMAP ingredients, and stacking them all together could create a digestive issue. We suggest leaving the sauce off of your order. We are unclear on their pickle ingredients, so leave those out, too.

Some community members who have access to In-N-Out have told us that at the locations they frequent, when asked, the employees have said the sauce does contain onion.

Their burger meat is 100% fresh beef with no additives, preservatives or fillers. Their food is never frozen or microwaved.

Any burger can be ordered “Protein Style”, from what they call their Not So Secret Menu – which leaves out the bun and wraps the burger in lettuce. Skip the “Animal Style”, which loads on grilled onions and extra sauce, among other ingredients.

They also have burgers called the 3×3 and the 4×4, which are basically their burger with 3 patties or 4. That is a lot of food. Perhaps stick with the regular burgers and cheeseburgers, or maybe the Double-Double, if you feel you can handle it.

Low FODMAP Menu at In-N-Out Burger

  • Hamburger – hold the bun, onions and spread
  • Cheeseburger – hold the bun, onions and spread
  • Double-Double Burger – hold the bun, onions and spread
  • French Fries

Low FODMAP Options at Steak & Shake

Steak & Shake was founded in 1934, pioneering the concept of burgers and an icy cold shake on the side. The “steak” in the name stood for “steak burger”, as in all-beef. 

While the shakes are not low FODMAP, there are menu choices that are low FODMAP diet compliant.

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Steak & Shake

  • Steakburger Patty
  • All Beef Steak Franks 
  • Sugar Creek Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Grilled Pork Belly Slices
  • French Fries, Thin ‘n Crispy
  • Cheese – American, Grated Parmesan Romano, Colby Jack, Monterrey Jack, Swiss, and Wisconsin Cheddar
  • Garden Fresh Salad – hold the croutons; skip their salad dressing and bring your own
  • Saltine Crackers – limit portion to 5 crackers

Low FODMAP Condiments

  • Sour Cream (limit portion to 2 tablespoons)
  • Fresh Leaf Lettuce and Iceberg Lettuce 
  • Fresh Tomato Slices
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard

Low FODMAP Breakfast Options

  • Hash Brown, Crispy Patty
  • Hash Browns, Shredded
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Scrambled Egg Whites
  • Sausage Patty

Low FODMAP Notes For Steak & Shake

The hot dog at Steak & Shake contains flavorings and sorbitol but they are less than 2%. Proceed with caution and eat to your tolerances.

Low FODMAP Options at Pizza Hut

In 1958, two brothers borrowed $600 from their mom to open a pizza place in Wichita, Kansas. They named it Pizza Hut, because their sign only had room for eight letters. 

Pizza is hugely popular and luckily for us, there are options at Pizza Hut that are low FODMAP. It all starts with a gluten-free crust!


  • Gluten Free Cheese Pizza with Buffalo Pizza Sauce
  • Gluten Free Pizza Crust – ask for the crust to be brushed with just olive oil

Low FODMAP Salads & Sides

  • BLT Salad – hold the croutons and salad dressing
  • Caesar salad – hold the crouton and salad dressing; pass on the grilled chicken as it has both garlic and onion
  • Garden Salad – hold the croutons and onion
  • Zesty Italian Salad – hold the croutons and red onions
  • Fries – there is a small amount of wheat flour in Pizza Hut fries which is unlikely to trigger an IBS symptom, however should be avoided if you have celiac or non celiac gluten sensitivities
  • Lay’s Classic Potato Chips

Low FODMAP Pizza Toppings

  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Diced Roma Tomatoes
  • Fresh Green Bell Peppers
  • Mediterranean Black Olive
  • Sliced Banana Peppers
  • Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
  • Slow Roasted Ham
  • Sweet Pineapple

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Hot coffee with Coconut milk
  • Hot coffee with Oat Milk

Low FODMAP Notes For Pizza Hut

Based on personal communications with Pizza Hut there is garlic and/or onion in the natural flavors in their pepperoni.

Avoid both the marinara sauce and BBQ sauce as they contain garlic and onion.

Pizza Hut uses Udi’s Gluten Free pizza crusts, which are low FODMAP. 

You may want to ask for vinegar and oil if you want a low FODMAP salad dressing.

Low FODMAP Options at Domino’s

Domino’s started out in 1960 with just one store in Ypsilanti, Michigan and now has over 15,000 stores around the world in over 40 countries. Known for their pizza, over the years they have innovated to bring the world hand-tossed, pan pizza, crunchy thin crust and more. 

For those of us following the low FODMAP diet, we suggest looking to the gluten-free crust. Check out our list to see what else you can order that us low FODMAP from Domino’s.

Their basic sauce is not low FODMAP.


  • Gluten-Free Crust

Low FODMAP Toppings

  • American Cheese
  • Anchovies
  • Baby spinach
  • Bacon
  • Banana pepper
  • Butter flavored oil
  • Baby carrots
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Cinnamon Sugar Shake On
  • Corn Meal
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • Green Chili Peppers
  • Green Peppers
  • Ham
  • Olives
  • Oregano Shake On
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Parsley
  • Pepperoncini
  • Pizza Cheese
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Shrimp
  • Tomatoes
  • Feta Cheese

Low FODMAP Notes For Domino’s

Their garlic oil blend contains dehydrated garlic, so we do not consider this to be a low FODMAP garlic infused oil.

Low FODMAP Options at Shake Shack

Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in NYC in 2001. It is now more known for its burgers and “ShackSauce”, which debuted in 2004 – and the fact that they serve wine and beer. There are almost 400 locations in the U.S. and abroad.

The ShackSauce is a closely guarded secret recipe. The company does disclose that it contains milk, wheat, egg, soy, and gluten. Some copycat recipes guess that it contains mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic powder, pickle juice and paprika and/or possibly cayenne. Due to the fact that the garlic powder is present, and that there might be additional garlic powder or other FODMAPs in the pickle juice, we suggest leaving it out of your order.

Here are your low FODMAP options: 

Low FODMAP Main Menu at Shake Shack

  • ShackBurger – 100% Beef Patty – hold the bun and ShackSauce; comes with American cheese, which you can ask to be left off, but it is low FODMAP
  • Avocado Bacon Burger – 100% Beef Patty with cheese, avocado and bacon; hold the bun and ShackSauce
  • SmokeShack – 100% Beef Patty with cheese, applewood smoked bacon. Contains chopped cherry peppers that may or may not contain FODMAPs; use your judgement. Hold the bun and ShackSauce
  • Hamburger – 100% Beef Patty – hold the bun and ShackSauce.
  • Cheeseburger – hold the bun and ShackSauce.
  • Hot Dog – hold the bun (can wrap in lettuce)
  • Skip the gluten-free bun; it contains bean flour and fibers that could be a FODMAP issue
  • Lettuce – Any burger can be served in a lettuce wrap.
  • Fries

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Shack-Made Lemonade – uses real sugar.
  • Organic Iced Tea
  • Fifty-Fifty (half lemonade and half iced tea)
  • Wine
  • Beer

Low FODMAP Notes For Shake Shack

FYI the fries are not gluten-free. The oils in their fryers are filtered through the same equipment as the ‘Shroom Burgers, which contain wheat-based breadcrumbs.

Low FODMAP Options at Panera Bread

Panera Bread Company, the very popular American chain store of bakery-café fast casual restaurants, has over 2,000 locations, all of which are in the United States and Canada. They allow you to customize orders, so it is possible to have a low FODMAP meal, although since their main focus is bread and baked goods, you do have limited options.

Here are your low FODMAP choices: 

  • Breakfast Sandwiches: There are several breakfast sandwiches. Skip the bread. You can order the scrambled eggs or the egg white. Add low FODMAP options such as cheese, tomatoes, spinach, bacon, pork sausage and/or low FODMAP amounts of avocado.
  • Steel Cut Oats with Strawberries & Pecans
  • Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad with Chicken – Hold the grilled chicken and dressing.
  • Citrus Asian Crunch Salad with Chicken – Hold the chicken, crispy carrots, pickled onion, and teriyaki sauce and tangerine dressing.
  • Green Goddess Cob Salad with Chicken – Hold the chicken, pickled onions and dressing. Monitor your avocado intake.
  • Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken – Hold the chicken, apple chips, red onion and vinaigrette.
  • Caesar Salad – Hold the dressing and croutons
  • Caesar Salad with Chicken – Hold the chicken, dressing and croutons
  • Greek Salad – Hold the onion and dressing
  • Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken – Hold the chicken, wontons and dressing
  • Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Bowl – Hold the chicken and teriyaki sauce
  • Baja Bowl with Chicken – Hold the chicken, bean corn salsa, pickled onions and salsa verde
  • Mediterranean Bowl with Chicken – Hold the chicken, hummus, lemon tahini dressing, and monitor Greek yogurt intake.
  • Baja Bowl – Hold the bean corn salsa, salsa verde and monitor avocado and Greek yogurt intake
  • Potato chips
  • Banana
  • Hard Boiled Egg
  • Cream Cheese (up to 2 tablespoons)
  • Summer Fruit Cup

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Hazelnut Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee

Low FODMAP Options at Arby’s

Arby’s is knowns for its roast beef, but is it low FODMAP? And what else might be on the menu for us FODMAPers?

Arby’s, unlike many other fast food brands, does have their ingredients readily available to the consumer, which we greatly appreciate. They list their products individually, so that is how we have listed them here. 

Here is what you can order at Arby’s:

  • American Cheese
  • Au Jus
  • Bacon
  • Banana Peppers
  • Breakfast Bacon
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Cage Free Egg Patty
  • Cheddar Cheese sauce
  • Cheddar Cheese: slice and shredded
  • Classic Lemonade
  • Corned Beef
  • Crinkle Fries
  • Homestyle Fries
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Mild Cheddar Cheese
  • Mild Creamy Dijon
  • Pit Smoked Ham
  • Potato Cakes (natural flavors have not been disclosed)
  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Chicken Breast (natural flavors have not been disclosed)
  • Roast Turkey
  • Sauerkraut
  • Sausage Patty
  • Smoked Brisket
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Swiss Cheese: natural and processed slices
  • Wagyu Burger

Low FODMAP Notes For Arby’s

As you can see, a couple of items contain natural flavors that may or may not contain FODMAPs. Proceed with caution.

Please note that Arby’s corporate has stated that their fries are not guaranteed gluten-free, for those who are interested. They also state: “Nutrition information is based on standard product formulations. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, product assembly at the restaurant level, and/or season of the year.”

Low FODMAP Options at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, a 65-year-old entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. Sanders identified the potential of the restaurant franchising concept and the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise opened in Utah in 1952, using his $105 monthly Social Security check as funding. A U.S. success story!

Today we have more than 25,000 KFC restaurants in over 145 countries and territories around the world. 

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is very little for us FODMAPers to have at KFC. All of their chicken items are a no-go.

Here is what you can have that is low FODMAP at KFC.

  • Corn on the cob – half cobb
  • Colonel’s Buttery Spread
  • Mashed Potatoes (see notes below)

Low FODMAP Notes For Kentucky Fried Chicken

We found that some locations offer salad, but some do not. Where they are offered, you could try the House Salad, but hold the croutons, dressing and any onion, if present. All of the locations offer coleslaw, but corporate would not answer questions about natural flavors. The mashed potatoes contain natural flavors, which the company would also not address, and they also contain whey, but the serving size only contains 1 g of sugars, so you could try a portion.

Low FODMAP Options at Chik-fil-A

In 1946, Truett Cathy opened a tiny diner called the Dwarf Grill in Hapeville, Georgia, where she developed what would become the signature Original Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-A has over 2700 locations, primarily in the United States (some in UK and Canada). The chain has locations in 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

While KFC offered very few low FODMAP options, there are many more at Chik-fil-A, although none of them are chicken! Here is what we suggest:

  • Hash Brown Scramble Bowl with Sausage – hold the salsa
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – hold the biscuit, or eat a very small portion if you know your wheat tolerance
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – hold the biscuit, or eat a very small portion if you know your wheat tolerance
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin – hold the muffin, or eat a very small portion if you know your wheat tolerance
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin – hold the muffin, or eat a very small portion if you know your wheat tolerance
  • Egg white (see notes below)
  • Egg (see notes below)
  • Fruit Cup – hold or remove apples
  • Hash Browns
  • Waffle Potato Chips
  • Waffle Potato Fries
  • Kale Crunch Salad – hold the Apple Dijon salad dressing as it contains apple juice concentrate

Low FODMAP Beverages

  • Chick-fil-A® Lemonade (just lemon juice, water and sugar)
  • Chick-fil-A® Diet Lemonade (just lemon juice, water and Splenda)
  • Sunjoy (half tea and half lemonade)

Low FODMAP Notes For Chik-fil-A

In personal correspondence with corporate, they assured us that they egg whites and egg are pure egg, with no seasonings. They use a form to create the square/rectangular shape during cooking.

The Takeaway

There are low FODMAP fast food options out there, from burgers and fries to Mexican food, breakfast options and more.

As with any food we consume while following the low FODMAP diet, there are no guarantees that you will not trigger your IBS when eating at a fast food restaurant. In particular we suggest that you pay attention to serving size; smaller is definitely more prudent.

Also, bear in mind that a lot of fast food is high is fat, sugar and sodium, and while these are not FODMAP issues, then can irritate your digestive system; always eat and drink to your personal tolerances.

This article Low FODMAP Fast Food Options was originally published on FODMAP Everyday.

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