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Garlic-Infused Oil Certified Low FODMAP by Monash University


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How to Make Garlic-Infused Oil

A life without garlic would be a less flavorful life, but have no fear. Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Oil is not only flavorful, it is even allowed during the Elimination Phase of the low FODMAP diet and our recipe has gone through The Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program for Recipes! (Cue the trumpets playing and angels singing).

Monash University Certified Low FODMAP Recipe for Garlic-Infused Oil from FODMAP Everyday
You can use any shaped bottle to store your garlic infused oil in as long as it has an air tight seal top.

When we first learned that garlic was packed with fructans and was a significant digestive disruptor for many we have to admit, it didn’t surprise us. All of our lives we have come across friends and family who would state that garlic and onions (fructan rich also) didn’t “agree” with them. Who knows how many of those people were actually reacting to the FODMAPs but just didn’t know it? They could have been enjoying Garlic Infused Oil all along because the offending fructans are not oil soluble. This means that all that garlic flavor can be infused into the oil with no negative effects for those avoiding FODMAPs.

While garlic itself is not allowed during the Elimination Phase maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and realize during your Challenge Phase that fructans and garlic don’t upset your digestive system. Lucky you! You will be able to eat out at Italian and Mexican restaurants with abandon.

Plump and firm garlic clove heads in front of bottles of garlic infused oil. Monash University Certified Low FODMAP Recipe

Get Your Garlic Fix!

For the rest of us, we have to be a bit more creative in how we can get garlic into our lives. Garlic Infused Oil is our number one way of doing so. While you can buy Garlic-Infused Oil (see Shop) we recommend that you first read our article titled Know What’s In Your Garlic Oil. If you want to make it, the recipe is here below.

Note that the finished, cooled oil should be refrigerated in an airtight container and used within 3 days, per the FDA’s recommendation. There is a risk of botulism growth if you do not heed this warning. But don’t worry, if you follow our lead there is no problem. Simply bring to room temperature before using, or use a measuring spoon to scoop out what you need. Olive oil will solidify and turn cloudy in the fridge; it might look odd but it is still okay to use.

The more garlic you add to the oil, the stronger the garlic flavor will be. Make a batch, taste and assess whether you want more or less garlic flavor the next time around. The amount of garlic we recommend below is for a moderate garlic flavor; not too faint and not too bold. For recipes where garlic is the focus, such as in our Basil Pesto, we recommend doubling the amount of garlic.

And Be Safe!

While you could double this recipe, we have kept it at this amount as we do recommend that you use it up within 3 days.

If you do not want to make your own Garlic-Infused Oil we have some of our favorites available for purchase through our Shop. Also check out our article reviewing some of our favorite low FODMAP garlic-infused oils!

Plump and firm garlic clove heads in front of bottles of garlic infused oil. Monash University Certified Low FODMAP Recipe for Garlic-Infused Oil

Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Oil

“One serve of a meal made in accordance with this recipe is low in FODMAPs and can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP diet™."

Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Oil is the easiest way to get garlic flavor into your low FODMAP foods. 

Makes 2 cups (480 ml); servings size is 4 U.S. teaspoons (20 ml)


  • 2 cups (480 ml) extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil or vegetable oil such as canola, grapeseed, rice bran, safflower or sunflower
  • 6 large cloves of fresh garlic, peeled, whole or halved


  1. Have ready a glass storage bottle, container or jar with an airtight lid. Rinse with boiling water and dry thoroughly; set aside.
  2. Pour oil in a small sized non-reactive pot and heat over low heat just until just warm to the touch, then remove from heat. It is important not to overheat the oil as its flavor and integrity will degrade. No need to use a thermometer, just go by touch and only heat the oil until it is warm, not hot.
  3. For a more subtle garlic flavor, leave the cloves whole; for more potent garlic flavor halve the cloves Add garlic to oil, off the heat, and allow to sit for about 2 hours. Strain into the clean jar, making sure to remove all of the garlic pieces; we like to line a fine wire-meshed strainer with cheesecloth to catch any garlic pieces. Seal jars and store in refrigerator, using within 3 days for safety.


  • You may use whatever kind of oil that you like. Our recipes will specify whether we are calling for Garlic-Infused Oil made with olive oil or a more neutral carrier oil, such as sunflower, canola, rice bran or the like.
  • Think about how you will be using the oil. If you are planning to make pesto or about to cook some Italian foods, then use olive oil as your base. If you want to cook Mexican or know that you do not want the flavor that olive brings to a dish, then choose a more subtle flavored oil, such as the ones listed above.