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The Best Kid Products You Can Get At Aldi’s Right Now!

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We hope by now you have discovered that Aldi’s can be a shopper’s best friend, whether you are looking for food or home goods. These are items we have recently seen that are perfect for households with kids, from infants to older school age. Aldi’s has fantastic organic baby items, BTW. Check these out.

Little Journey Organic Baby Food Purée

Photo credit: Aldi.

Little Journey is the Aldi house brand of organic baby products – and there is quite a selection. Just look at this variety of purées! Vegetables, fruits, blends – some with whole grains or yogurt – all in convenient portable packaging.

Little Journey Yogurt Bites

Photo credit: Aldi.

These yogurt bites are another Aldi Little Journey product; compare them with Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts. They are made with real fruit and yogurt with no preservatives, and contain live and active cultures. Help your child learn to self-feed. They are the perfect size for little fingers to pick up, and they dissolve easily once they make it into their mouths. Flavors like Banana, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry are hits with the little ones.

Baby Needs Diapers!

Photo credit: Aldi.

Babies have diaper needs – and you can find a variety of sizes at Aldis. Diapers can be a very personal choice – we like what we like – and some brands work for your baby better than others. We get that, but at this price point, why not give these a try? Consumers have weighed in and love these Little Journey Diapers!

Photo credit: Aldi.

Got to remember to pick up Baby Wipes when you get your diapers. The Little Journey Thick Quilted Baby Wipes get the job done.

Little Journey Baby Wash

Aldis baby wash.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Sometimes baby needs more than a wipe! Aldis also makes a Baby Wash, tear free, that comes in a handy pump bottle. This is another popular Little Journey product.

Little Journey Infant Formula

Photo credit: Aldi.

Looking for a more economical milk-based infant formula, similar to Enfamil? Aldis has their Little Journey brand in a convenient airtight package, complete with scoop that makes it easy to measure out.

Little Journey Puffs

Aldis Puffs.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Little Journey Puffs are geared towards children 9 months and older. These whole grain snacks make perfect little crunchy snacks to eat by hand. Babies can easily hold them in their little fingers.

Photo credit: Aldi.

As your babies get older, and their diet expands, Aldis has loads of snack options for all the growth stages. These Little Munchers are baked, whole grain, portable and come in flavors they love.

PB & J Sandwich

Aldis bread and PB.
Photo credit: Aldi.

You and your young child can take a break together with a whole grain, whole wheat peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There are many jellies and jams to choose from, but here we are focused on their Simply Nature Organic Peanut Butter and soft whole wheat bread. Have you ever made a PB&J with toast? Try it! The peanut butter melts a little into the warm bread, and the contrast of crunch from the toast with the smooth PB is extra-tasty.

Aldis juices.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Time to wash down that sandwich and those snacks! Aldis has many juices to choose from. These are some of our tried and true favorites that we go back to again and again. Some are 100% juice. Read your labels to make sure you get what you want.

Happy Farms Cheese Sticks

Aldis cheese sticks.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Calcium-rich cheese sticks are a favorite snack – for kids and adults alike. Mild mozzarella is always a hit, but do try the Colby/Monterey jack combo sticks. We buy extra and keep them in the freezer, so we never run out.

Simply Nature Organic Macaroni & Cheese

Aldis mac n cheese.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Having boxed macaroni and cheese in the pantry means dinner is never more than mere minutes away – really just the time it takes to boil the pasta. Aldis has an organic version under their Simply Nature house brand. Stock up!

Aldis Has What You Need if You Are Eating Gluten-Free

Aldis GF mixes.
Photo credit: Aldi.

Whether you need a birthday cake, celebration cupcakes, want to make pancakes, or make a simple wrap for lunch, you will want to get to know the Aldi brand of LiveGFree products. The yellow cake mix is super versatile, the pancake mix makes great waffles, too, and the wraps are ready for your choice of fillings.

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